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Homeless:  Interview With A Homeless Man Addicted To Crack

You wake up every morning you wash your
face you brush your teeth you start smoking crack you don’t shower for three, four days things just don’t matter anymore because the only thing you’re focused on
is the getting and using of crack cocain,
that’s the bottom line My name is Jason Downtown they call me “Snake” after Jake the Snake Roberts, the wrestler and I’v been on the streets almost 20 years now like off and on, from crack house to crack house. I used to sleep on
the roof of the church, the stairway at the hotel, up here a lot of people down here they know me, a lot of people and then say, Snake man there’s something different about you what it is that I have a spiritual
connection to the higher power I was the only child until I was 8 then I had a brother born in 1981, March 11th he’s been dead 26 years twenty seven almost twenty eight, probably and he got hit by a car when was eleven years old, my brother was three and a half because as my parents kinda sorta blamed eachother they were all worried about their own stuff I needed counseling but they didn’t see that three days later the day of the funeral
some of the older guys in the neighbourhood they somked me on a joint of gold seal hash I slept all night, I slept good I didn’t feel no pain It was the day of my brothers funeral and I, didn’t hurt so that was it, that was the gateway right there, hash the weed, then alcohol at forteen, and acid and crack at eighteen and heroin at ninteen, for ten years I did heroin. Back then I was about 250 pounds I had hair down to my waist. I was pretty. I didn;t have any scars on my face.
If you see now, I forget where it is this is one dealer I tried to rob another dealer with a exacto this was a piece of glass this was a gun Just couple of weeks ago, at Isbella over there and the gun went off and it went between my head and ear, and took some of my hair off I ws never so scared in my life. the number one reason for people
becoming homeless, I believe is addiction some type of addiction either to money to drugs, to sex. I had these different problems growing up Which I believe lead me to the point of frustration as a, as a
child. So then I started using drugs and acid and actors, there is no way back. Just go ask Alice (Alice in Wonderland), right ? when i tried drugs I didn’t feel that frutration that anger that paint anymore. that void, I didn’t feel it. I found a friend and it had me right there it just becomes a whirlwind like the Tasmanian Devil. your life willrun right through a brick wall and you don’t even understand what just
happened to you because little by little each line that you cross, that you say you never do there are just certain things you don’t do I’v across those boundaries and spiritually I believe that
when the devil gets you to cross one boundry the next one is easier and easier and the next thing you know it’s so common ground for you now this is just the way you think it’s
the way you live it’s the way you act the drugs come from first they just they take over your whole mind my plans for the future are to get the F*ck out of out of the situation I’m in anyway I can because I believe if I dwell on
things I’ll consume them If you wake up every day and all you want
is to make money, that’s all you gonna do If you want crack, that’s all you gonna get well you know what I want life that’s all I can say man Thanks for listening I choose life.

100 thoughts on “Homeless: Interview With A Homeless Man Addicted To Crack

  1. This guy is so intelligent it's scary. Yeah he is a drug addict but he doesn't blame anyone for it. I hope he is in a better spot now.

  2. Amazing video. Amazing human being. Everyone who has something negative to say about this heart warming video is bitter and should take this mans wise words.. Enrich yourself with life, who are you? That makes you better?

  3. A highly intelligent individual with a lot of problems, when he says he has a spiritual difference he is attempting to construct an identity that makes him feel good no less than anyone else who is on the street – we need to eradicate judgment on every level and help these people – that's where I come out

  4. My obese brother managed to make the most incredible pole dancer I’ve seen in my life fall in love with him as he used the Cupid Love System (Google it). It’s bad but I wish I became excited for him but I wish a phenomenal person would fall in love with me. I’m incredibly envious. Does that make me a terrible person?

  5. WHat The Fuck is he :TELLI G US??? THAt douche Can not be taken cause of chat he is consuminderen because he is a Pib!!
    His translation1 of showering f9r a week !
    He lost his hygiëne and blaming on crack, cocaïne on is useless human , a , worthless. Good for nottinb peace snakeshitit . Take that useless worms. To the international crackpig

  6. Only good high is a natrual one, but it's not easily earned, you have to work for it, it means straightening yourself up, getting an education, going to work, working out 2-3 times a week, eating the right foods, befriending like minded people, unfriending those who drag you down, and don't ever dare look back

  7. Recovery from addiction is possible. Check out our channel. At Hope361 we inspire hope and aid in your recovery from addiction and help you get your life back.

  8. Snake, I truly hope you can find a way to slay that dragon and find that dignity, peace, and happiness that every human being deserves.

  9. I will disagree with him on that most are enslaved to addictions. I will say about 60% are and the other 40 are just trying to find a job,get training, housing. The JOB is the key, no $$, no self esteem and you rot on the streets and no ONE will help you. You can not even help yourself because everything like building a resume, go to employment office,look for a job,etc is extremely superficial bullshit. I KNOW this because I experienced it. Oh, You live at 325 Huntington Street? Oh, ur lazy,a drunk or a drug addict. I was in none of these categories and for the most part I was treated like I was stupid and lazy. CT Husky shelled out about $40,000 in my health care. Here'a a solution: "Why don't you stupid,uncaring,bureaucratic bastards send us to a 2 year school and house us so we can study and then we pay you back and you save money???  We're off SNAP ($194/mo.) and the health insurance and then we pay our own way in society and contribute.Nah, that's too simple and it would help us so that is not going to work. Instead let's ignore the unemployment problem which is REALLY 25% of the USA population, set up ordinances so homeless people can not occupy a place as they have nothing. YOU think this problem is going to go away?? Keep dreaming as it's only going to get worse. When you rotting in shame and have nothing YOU know what I am talking about but for those who have a roof over their head,job,etc YOU are in a dream world because when really hard times and ONLY then will you sympathize with their plight or for that matter anyone going through a specific thing will you understand. Hearing this guy's story does not make you an expert on homelessness. It is only when you suffer the pain, the nuances and ONLY then do you know because reading about something and being that something is 2 different worlds and as far apart as the Grand Canyon.

  10. Just randomness but I was born on the same day and year as his brother. Started a whole crazy world of thought

  11. I do hope he finds his way. He seems to have a lot of knowledge which
    needs to be put in the right places.

  12. I pray for you Snake! May the Lord deliver you from the devils grip. I love my father God and praise Him for all!

  13. This is a combination of good advice and talk about wanting to be better but never crossing that boundary.

  14. This man knows there's a devil. He's well aware of that. Now he's realized that there is also a God. He may get free now if that is truly what he wants.

  15. Weed was NEVER your gateway drug. Your emotional pain and your reliance on substances was. Also there is no devil and no god. Take responsibility and don't blame "higher powers" for your success or failures

  16. I believe the devil and god are the same thing. The big guy gives us these situations in our lives to test us and whether we learn a lesson from it is purely up to us. Do you really want to hold onto something for 10 years? He said it well, "I want to live.".

  17. This is a touching testimony, but I would like to plant a flag here. We live in a society where if you had a classic education they may have told you something like "drugs are bad, period". This is not good education regarding drugs. All drugs are different, there are some drugs that provoke physical addiction, others that cause psychological addiction, drugs that cause immediate physical damage, others that don't… there are drugs that, when well used, can make you really expand your perspective..drugs that you can use in your benefit. Drugs have been used throughout history by many cultures, and drugs that are plain destructive.
    I think telling children that all drugs are bad is a very dangerous thing. Why? because if you put all drugs in the same bag, then when you try weed for example you will realize that they were lying to you, and you'll make the mistake of thinking that all drugs can't be so bad so you'll try things like crack cocaine or heroine.
    Just as an example, have tried LSD and I loved it. I think I wouldn't be he person I am now if I hadn't tried it because it opened my mind in ways I would have never suspected.
    I am not saying LSD or weed is for everyone though…

  18. Not healthy to have a scapegoat like the devil, take responsibility for your actions. It's you that failed and became a piece of shit not imaginary influences.

  19. The number of idiots in the comments is alarming. This guy is explaining that you shouldn't waste your life on drugs and people are railing on him for being irresponsible. What kind of responsibility would an 11 year old have? Think for maybe half a second before commenting.

  20. Choose a life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a fucking big television. Choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players and electrical tin openers. Choose DSY and wondering who the fuck you are on a Sunday morning. Choose sitting on that couch watching mind-numbing, spirit crushing game shows, stucking junk food into your mouth. Choose rotting away in the end of it all, pishing your last in a miserable home, nothing more than an embarrassment to the selfish, fucked up brats you spawned to replace yourself, choose your future. Choose life

  21. cool video and all that but did you know they have COLOR for cameras now? stop using this over used filter for homeless people. i swear to god all the images and videos i see of homeless people are in black and white and the clarity boosted up to 100%. stop using this cheap overused effect

  22. Although I believe this guy believes what he says, I want to point out a couple of things. The gateway drug myth has been debunked many times. Studies have shown that illegal activities are what lead to more illegal activities, not that drugs lead to harder drugs. For example, in every single country and region where marijuana has been legalized, the use of other illegal substances has significantly dropped. This is likely due to marijuana purchasers not having to buy from people who sell weed, coke, heroin and a bunch of untested designer drugs.

    Also, his jingle, "Acid and smack, there's no way back, just go ask Alice, right?" seems to reiterate my above argument based on the science: LSD and heroin work on completely different hormones, neurotransmitters and body systems; the main link between the two substances are the taboo attitudes towards them; heroin and opioids have been proven to be physically addictive whereas LSD has proven to be the opposite.

  23. Let it be clear that he took drugs because he was in pain. He was filling a void and the hash wasn't a "gateway" to other things like he claimed. That myth needs to stop.

  24. 2:55 "just go ask alice right?" Everyone should read Go Ask Alice. It's not new, but it's a very eye-opening story about teens and drugs.

  25. Damn I forgot the name of the song in the intro. I know the dnb version is quite good. Anyone?
    Edit: Found it: Dj Zinc – Ready Or Not (dnb remix)

  26. ▬▬► Hi friends. If уou оr a loved one nеееeееds hеlp with drugs or alcccohоl addiсtioоооn CALL ►►► 1-888-966-2616 (Toll-Free)
    Don't wait until its tоo late where there is life thereee is hope peacе and blessings!

  27. Queen street east and sherbourne in toronto crack is rampet ive never witnessed such open crack use like their smokin cigeretts

  28. this man been through some shit in life, you can see hes different man than he once was. i truly hope for him moving forward and making a better life for himself. I admire his honesty

  29. I know this guy from when I lived on the streets, he had the hardest knuckles I ever felt. He got stabbed 6 times on his back after trying to rob 4 guys- he showed me the wounds. He’s had bleach poured into his eyes and then they tried to push him off the 14th floor balcony. He escaped but his eyes were destroyed. I still remember when the police pulled me over and I had a warrant he was with me and he took his glasses off to show the cops when they asked us where we were going he’s like “to the hospital” lol. I hope one day you will find your road to recovery like I did

  30. Jake, I spent 1993-2002 doing as much coke as possible(along with many other drugs). It produced divorce, abortions, irs problems, loss of properties…
    My own will could only take me so far, which usually meant the following weekend. Complete and total surrender to Jesus as Lord has given men true life. He is the the way, the truth, and the life. I have eternal life. Guaranteed. I’m living proof of the life changing power of the gospel of Christ. Over ten years now. Not a drop of alcohol or anything else since. Great wife, family, job, all restored. All the glory to God. Fifteen years ago I might be up for three days snorting blow freaked out of my brain drinking straight vodka, a mess. Totally changed. I write this that maybe you or someone feeling like they are in a hole, please know that God cares. You ARE made in His image. Know that God loves you. Read the Gospel of John. With Him all things are possible. He can pull you out from this sinful world.
    Complete surrender to Him, you will win over the grip of the evil one. God bless you friends.

  31. sad to see such a smart guy who seems like a good hearted man dealing with this kind of addiction and lifestyle. i wish him nothing but the best in getting himself turned around.

  32. I always try to help homeless people but i always help the wrong ones n get robbed thats why nobody trust most homeless people im one myself but at least i dont rob people and stay in hotels most these assholes thrive on stealing but some are having a hard time but its hard to tell the difference

  33. Hope u find a place homey i been living in hotels for 3 yrs now it sucks balls theirs even bums here

  34. I've been there…not to the point of being homeless or even getting in trouble…I stopped before it got that far. But nonetheless I did a lot of things I now regret. That was nearly 10 years ago. I didn't care if I lived or died. Today I moved on far from that world and have a beautiful wife and 2 kids and a much more mundane, but pleasant life. There was a saying, I forgot who said it, that went "When one contemplates suicide, rather than go through with it, do something you never dreamed of first, be risky, be bold. For when you decide to live, you will discover things yet unseen. Conversely, the dead are all alike".

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