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Hongbin cracks a raw egg on N’s forehead. LOL [Battle Trip/2018.06.03]

(Tuhi Trip, day 1 in Pai) (Natural hot spring) (8 minutes from cafe to hot spring) Ta-da. We’re now at a hot spring that is loved by the locals as well. It’s a natural hot spring. What if it’s dried up like the bamboo bridge earlier? What we need to remember is the ground… And then the swing. Now there’s the valley? The ground and the water? I see. Isn’t it interesting that the people go to hot springs even though it’s hot? You can fight heat with heat. Look. The people are in the hot spring. Wow… They’re just… Wow… It seems like you can just go in there. – It’s just on the street. / – What is that? Isn’t that just a pond? – Come on. A pond? / – The water there is so warm. – It’s warm? / – It’s a hot spring. That’s fascinating. It’s a natural hot spring. – It’s 36℃? / – Yes. How is the water so warm? The higher you go, the warmer the water becomes. (The entrance fee is $10.40 per person) – Shall we go? / – Yes. Everyone puts their bags down. Let’s put the bags here. Take the socks off too. Hey, it’s hot. It’s hotter here. It’s like a bath. It looks just like a valley from the outside, right? But it’s really hot inside. It’s very hot. – It looks cold though. / – I know. From here it does. (The temperature of the water is about 36℃) It’s just like a hot bath. I didn’t know it could be this hot. This is interesting. I think this place is where you can just relax. Should we go in further? There are many places like this. It’s hot. It’s so hot. (N and Hongbin enjoy the leisurely bath) That must feel good. It’s really nice there. This is my first time being in a natural hot spring. I haven’t been to a public hot spring like this. This place is very famous. I heard you must visit this place when you’re in Pai. I wasn’t sure if you could enjoy it in this hot weather but it’s actually quite nice. It’s hot but nice. It’s not as hot as I imagined. (Just sitting here makes them feel comfortable) (It’s where everybody takes a rest) (What are you doing now?) Hey! Push me! You can’t fall forward. Since we’re not doing anything. Let’s play the pushing game and it’s an automatic penalty if you lose. It’s automatic. Are you sure you can beat me? I’m older than you. Of course. I’m the leader, you know. (That’s how it began) (Hongbin) (N) (The pushing game) Don’t fall toward me! Don’t fall this way! – Fall that way! / – I didn’t fall. 1, 2, 3. (Danger) (Saves himself) You are sly. You can’t be so sly in this place of healing. They have great teamwork. 1, 2, 3. (This one clap will decide everything) – That was a strong push. / – He’s falling. (Hongbin’s good at getting his balance) Hongbin is in danger. 1, 2, 3. (Hongbin’s good at getting his balance) (Hongbin’s bad at getting his balance) (A big splash for Hongbin) That’s what we did. What is this? You can eat it. I think we can splash the water. Hey! It’s hot! (His revenge was successful) (His revenge failed) (Since they’re soaked anyway, they go nuts) The water tastes like something. You can taste the water? Drink then! My bleached hair… Should we play one more game? The loser… They sell a special food here. The loser goes and buys it. (Feigned laughter) One more time? My hair is bleached so my roots look terrible. (They cheer for each other) Let’s cheer for ourselves with a clap. 1, 2, 3. (Again?) Oh, no. He’s sly. – He’s so sly. / – He’s so sly. Isn’t this healing? Is it killing? – That looked like killing. / – Okay. Let’s cheer for each other. 1, 2, 3. – Hey. / – I learned it from you. It’s normal to learn from your elders. 1, 2, 3. I hope Hongbin wins this time. Die. (Hongbin loses the game again) Did you tell me to die? That’s why you won. You played to kill me. That’s why you won. Die. (Hongbin loses the game again) Go on. He lost again. Just buy it for him. I can’t believe I played against such a sly guy. (Regret) I don’t think this is a healing trip. I feel like… Are we getting closer? Oh, that? Sawadikap. Oh, egg. – Egg? / – Egg. – They sell eggs there too? / – Yes. That’s fascinating. The upper stream temperature is over 100℃. So you can cook it up there. Thank you. It’s an egg. Is it cooked? Are they not cooked? This egg live? No? (You can go up there) Self? (Go there and put the basket in the water) I put the whole basket in the water. I see. I’ll tell N they’re cooked already. I’ll tell him to try them. I’m happy. Why do you look so happy? I was so happy. – Did you buy it? / – Yes. They sell boiled eggs. I heard there’s a place where we can boil the eggs. – There’s a place? / – Yes. So you buy them… You could boil them here if it was hot enough. So there’s another place to boil the eggs. – It’s up there? / – Yes. She said these were boiled eggs. So we can eat them just like that? I thought he knew it. I could see him flustered They usually sell raw eggs. People usually buy raw eggs and cook them up there. Rock, paper, scissors and loser cracks it on his head? Rock, paper, scissors and loser cracks it on his head? I realized I’d dug a hole for myself. – If you don’t play, you lose… / – Wait, wait, wait. I’ve got it. You’ve lost. You just can’t win this. If you don’t play, you lose. Rock, paper, scissors. Oh, no. You just do it. I feel bad. It’s okay. It’s a game. I think it’s better if you just crack it. – Why? / – I feel bad. – Are you trying to make me look bad? / – Why? Earlier you… It’s okay. I lost twice. It’s really okay. No, no. – Are you sure? / – I really had no idea. Look at his face. He feels really bad. Count to three before you hit me. – N, this is a variety show, right? / – Yes. 1, 2, 3. What is this? That was for real. That wasn’t fake. I’ve never seen N glare like that. What is this? I told you to do it yourself. (Can’t stop laughing) Done? Is it out? Okay, then. I’m completely satisfied with this trip now. Rock, paper, scissors and crack it again. There’s a place where we can cook the eggs up there. Cook them for real? Yes, for real. Let’s go cook them for real, Hongbin. – You almost froze me. / – His eyes have changed. – Let’s hurry. / – Go, go, go. (Let’s go cook the eggs) (After 5 minutes of walking, they reach the spot) It’s there. (Tha Pai Hot Spring) – That’s fascinating. / – Because it’s hot. It’s 80℃. (Rain seeps into the ground and becomes heated) (It comes back up to the surface to form the hot spring) (He hangs the egg basket on the bamboo stick) (Then places it in the hot spring) Me too. You leave it in the hot spring. The hottest place. You must be running a business here. 15 minutes would be perfect. You can’t go into that hot spring. It’s too hot. – You could really get hurt. / – Take it out. Want to crack it on your own head this time? No, I’ll crack it on your head. What if it’s not cooked? It’s cooked. Soft-boiled eggs are the best. – That looks tasty. / – Hot, hot. (2 precious eggs are left after missing 1 egg) Should we eat them now? – Be careful. It’s hot. / – It must be hot. It’s so hot. Hang on. It’s cooked. It’s really hot. I can’t believe it can be this hot. When it’s too hot, do this. Since my shirt is wet. – If you peel this… / – This is good. I was hungry. Today’s product is an egg iron. It irons clothes very well. It straightens creases with ease. It’s round in shape, so you can iron anywhere. Like this. It’s cooled now. I played along nicely, right? – Wasn’t it natural? / – Yes, very natural. Did I seem young? – Shall we? On your head? / – No. – What are you on about? / – Okay, okay. (When they crack open the pudding-like eggs) It peels so easily. Those who like soft-boiled eggs would love this. (It’s hot) (He gives it to Hongbin first) It’s delicious. Soft-boiled. It tasted like pudding. How good would it be after the hot spring? It looks so delicious. Delicious. The yolk is good. Right? Now that we’ve had fun here, we’re going to the last spot. We must visit there. We’ve been to rather small and cozy places so far. But this place is very open. You’ll feel refreshed there. Is it broad there? Broad? Broad? It’s just a very big place. It’s broad and big. It’s a good place to wrap up your day. – Let’s go there right away. / – Let’s go. (What you see when you search for Pai online) Is this the place? This is the place. You’re finally going there. It’s unique. (Pai Canyon is a famous photo spot) (Tuhi Trip, day 1 in Pai) (Pai Canyon) This is the main place in Pai. – It’s not so far either. / – Yes, it’s nearby. It would be so much fun to travel by bike… – With your significant other. / – It’d be so nice. – So much fun. / – We must hurry. – Because… / – The sun’s going down. – We can’t miss the sunset. / – It’s going down. We can’t miss this. Run. You’re going to see the sunset. We couldn’t miss this. It’s the final destination. Goodness. This is exhausting. They have to climb up before the sun sets. This is where you see the sunset. Oh, no. The sun is going down. This is so exhausting. In Thailand, the sun sets at 6:30 p.m. in April. So we had to hurry to see the sunset. Entrance is free. We’re here. We’re here. If you miss this, you can’t say you visited Pai. (I agree but I can’t answer because I’m out of breath) (Pai Canyon is finally before their eyes) (Pai Canyon) (The famous attraction that captivates many travelers) It looks quite high. It looks very unique. – It’s very high. / – It looks interesting. (You can witness the vastness of nature) You have to take a photo in this spot. I checked out a lot of pictures. But you have to be very careful here. – You have to be careful. / – What is this? This is it. It’s a great spot. I’m not moving. What is that? – That’s scary. / – It was really scary. Wow. (You must take a photo on the edge of the cliff) I don’t think I can stand there. There are people who are good at it though. There are. But the bottom was a little… – It’s so scary from here. / – Don’t go. The bottom is dug out. So it’s a little safe. – It looks so scary. / – Just seeing it is scary. It’s so scary. So this is what you do. So this is what you do. Wait, wait. Why are they showing this now? (His charisma is back on the cliff) It makes you want to try and take that photo. (Looking hot at Pai Canyon) It’s no joke. It’s so pretty here. There are no fences here to keep it as natural as possible. Be careful. That looks scary. He runs back. – Be careful. / – So scary. It’s scary. Yeah, be careful. How does it feel there? The right looks really scary and the left looks safe. If you compare. (Hongbin bravely took a picture on the cliff as well) The photos look amazing. (Another reason why the canyon is famous) (The sunset you can watch from the cliff) It’s pretty. You can’t think of anything else when you watch a sunset. Yeah. Right? The sun sets faster than I thought. Still, we saw the end of sunset. There’s a reason why I wanted to see this. We don’t get many chances to see sunrises and sunsets. We’re always busy getting ready in the morning. On New Year’s Day… On New Year’s Day, we were all on a stage together. We have to attend award shows. Here, today is New Year’s Day. It’s like January 1st. So you can start your diet in April. Since the New Year starts in April. Here, today is New Year’s Day. That’s why I didn’t want to miss this. I love places like this. I love it here.

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