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Hood Adjacent with James Davis – Side-Chick and Side-Dude Humor

I headed to Stevie’s Creole Caféto chop it up
with Karlous Miller,
Amanda Seales,
Bomani Jones,
and Emmanuel Hudson.If Black Twitter was a club,they’d all have
their own VIP sections.
What is it about
side chick, side dude humor that is so enticing? – Nothing is funnier
than a bad idea, man. All right?
Like, these–these stories do not ever end positively. They tend to always end in ruin. – Black folks love drama. And we love comedy. And so any time
that there’s errors, there’s gonna be comedy. – I’m pretty sure I’ve
been a–a side dude. – You didn’t know though?
– It wasn’t confirmed. But you get a feeling
in your heart. – In your gut. – I ain’t
never had no side chick. I ain’t ever been a side dude… – All right.
– To my–to my knowledge. – I dated rappers,
so the odds of me being a side chick
at some point are very high. – Why are jokes about
side chicks and side dudes more popular in
the black community than in other communities? – Our ability to
always take everything and turn it into positive
is something that black folks have been
forced to do, and so it’s just one of
the next things that we do. – What’s she’s saying is that
Black Twitter is gumbo, right? – Mmm, yes. – And the scraps
are the things that maybe the mainstream
doesn’t deal with, like side chick humor.
– Yes. – But we done thrown that
in the roux. And we over here
feasting on some. – We cooking.
– And we cooking. – I think it’s more taboo
to white people. ‘Cause we know
white people get down. A white–like a white dude
have a side chick, and plan to kill his whole
family so he can be with her. – On Black Twitter, it’s really
about the side chick. – Yes. – Now, is that a misogynist
kind of situation? – Yes.
I think it’s misogynistic because it never
ends up being about the fact that you shouldn’t
have a side chick in the first place. – The side chick is practice. How am I gonna know
how to treat you and what nice places to take you…
– [laughs] – If I–I can’t
be in a relationship just freestyling, Amanda. My girl Amanda like seafood. Me and my side chick
need to come here on a Thursday afternoon and
see what Stevie’s talking about. I’m not about to bring
my baby to Stevie’s and the gumbo
not the way she like it. – You listening to a [BLEEP]
with sunglasses on inside. – Okay–[laughs]But that [BLEEP]
with the sunglasses
is something like
a Black Twitter pioneer.
– So I made this meme that says “I might not be
the man crush Monday,but I smashed on
side [BLEEP] Sunday.”
– You may talk about side chicks
Monday through Saturday,
but thanks to Karlous,Sunday is the day
to appreciate the side dude.
Are these memes–
is this humor normalizing adultery
within our generation? – Of course, it normalizes it. – It ain’t normalizing it. It’s what it’s been
forever and ever and… – But it used to
have shame attached to it. And now it don’t.
– Ahh, mm. – Yeah, but Bill–Bill Clinton
almost got impeached, but we knew how Bill Clinton got
down a long time before that. And we made him the president. – For women, it’s never
been a look to be a side chick. – Yeah–
– Now, hoes be winning.– You know who’s also winning?
Kermit the Frog.
He’s pretty much the mayor
of Side Chick Town.
“That moment you see
an old side chick
and she’s walking with a kid.”Let’s talk about Kermit. Kermit is from Muppets. He’s not supposed
to be representing smashing thangs on the side. – Kermit the Frog
got side chicks. He drinking Hennessy. Somebody photoshopped
a cigarette on him. Like, the places
that I’ve seen Kermit the Frog, I was like, “Shit, Kermit,
me too, I relate.” – I think it’s
also funny ’cause it just represents
a loss of innocence. – Yeah. – It’s like when your parents
get divorced or when you find out your grandpa
cheated on your grandma once. And Kermit is here
to be like, “Hey, “your innocence is over and real stuff is happening.”
– [laughs] – Sip that tea. I want you guys to give me some commitment humor memesfor this picture right here.– When you find
the perfect neighborhood
to raise your family in.[buzzer sounds]With your wife.
[buzzer sounds]
Because you’re faithful.
[buzzer sounds]
And you don’t cheat on her.
[buzzer sounds]
– When you and your wife bought your first home together.
[buzzer sounds]
– Damn, that ain’t funny.The next meme is Barack kissing Michellein front of an Easter bunny.– I got one. “When he went to ‘Carrots.'” [laughs]
[buzzer sounds]
– What?
– You stupid, man. – You–you failed.
– I–I can’t. – Only thing that I can think of
is like, “When it’s a threesome
and you waiting on your turn.” That’s–that’s the only–
[laughter] That’s all I see right there. – That was funny.

35 thoughts on “Hood Adjacent with James Davis – Side-Chick and Side-Dude Humor

  1. She said that black ppl try to make everything into a positive thing, nah black ppl are just hoe ppl lol 😂

  2. Can you imagine the backlash if they were all white having the same conversation opposite about white people then saying bad things about black people. SMH

  3. I think the problem with white side pieces is they want you to leave the wife which could mean losing everything you worked for in life that's why white dudes plot to kill the whole family instead.

  4. Black people have comedy about side pieces because it's more common and accepted amongst their peers. It's wrong to cheat on someone. I don't know a single white person at this moment that is cheating on their loved one. However nearly every black dude I have met has or is cheating.

  5. Well, if White men cheats and will kill the whole family for the mistress, they forgot to mention the Black men will kill you slowly by giving you AIDS from all the side chicks, and HIS side sexual activities! 😉

    So take your pick! 😁

  6. Man! I love My Brother and Me… hence the girl in the video is from that show that came out in the late 90s on Nickelodeon.

  7. This is just gonna be something for white people to use/appropriate thinking it's a "how-to guide to black people." 90% of CC audience is white.

  8. Claiming every black show on comedy Central "trying to be Chapelle show" is ignorant and racist. The layout isn't even the same… This has its own modern twist to everything black culture. The only thing Davis has in common with Chapelle is that they're both black

  9. I don't know what the fuck they talkin about I'm white as fuck and I think side chick humor is funnier than a bitch

  10. So pretty much everything a black person does good or bad is because of white people? Must be nice to have zero accountability your whole life that's some priviledge right there

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