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Horizontal line test for one to one function

you ready you ready you ready what are we doing we're testing for one two oneness with the horizontal line test but first we need a definition a function is a one-to-one function if for each second element range there corresponds exactly one first element domain okay so for each horizontal line I can draw if it touches I got at most Dada Dada let's go and show if it touches at most one spot then it is a one-to-one function moreover if we're looking at something like the exponential for every for every for every horizontal line it touches at at most one spot so is this one to one this is one to one now that's the abbreviation for once a warm at least it's one definition of it like if you're doing page two through 72 it would be written like two through 72 this is written 1 to 100 boy let's go up then let's look over hair absolutely something like the absolute value now I can draw a horizontal line that touches at more than one spot so is that one to one it is not one to one why because this second element and that second elements yeah yeah okay for each it it touches them one on much why it doesn't pass the horizontal line test that is not one-to-one oh boy nope up here okay so this whoa that's good it's good one spot yep one spot yeah one spot oh look at all those quads it touches awkward so that is not one-to-one down here oh yeah a little sideways parabola look it only touches in one spot and only touches in one spot it only touches it one spot is it once or one whoa wait curveball why cuz it doesn't pass the vertical line test it's not a function in the definition it must first be a function before it can be a one-to-one function and I'm just out here trying to function

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