Laughter is the Best Medicine

38 thoughts on “Horn Ban in Nepal | Stand-up Comedy by Utsab Sapkota

  1. Intellectual joke hoo Dhimant le matra bujyo hola……………..yo nii intellectual joke hoo Dhimant le matra bujyo hola😂😂
    Who loved this line??

  2. It's not comedy it's illicit rubbish, Lacks polish and sophistication. These individuals have got poor understanding of comedy. "Chakko Dari", are you serious? Innovate better expressions man. That's for harmones wrecking teenagers. No offense but I can't ressist to call you a simpleton who is deluded that he's got something.

  3. mukh naxadikana ra dirty joke nabhani kana audience lai hasaunai nasakni soxhxan ki k ko manxe haru le?

  4. If u are good comedian then raise your knowledgeable thought and make ppls smile, mula haru jo pani rough worlds le matra hasne vanne thinking

  5. कमेडी के हो पहिला सिक्न आइजो भाइ ✋ अनि छाडा र अश्लील बोल्दा कोहि हाँस्यो भने राम्रो प्रस्तुति गर्छु नठान हाँस्न त सडकमा नाङ्गै हिड्ने बौलाहा देख्दा नि हास्छ्न।😈😈 पागल पाखे

  6. Utsab :don't offer water to traffic!

    Nepali prank minister: Offering water to traffic 🚥!😂

  7. Madarchod mero Girlfriend Rai ho mah bahun ho yo vdo here dekhi yesto billa haniraxa bhosdi sala vdo delete gar

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