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So what do we have going on today? I just have horrible lower back pain all the time. What happened? Nothing really happened. Just one day I went to like lean down to take off my shoes Like I was coming home. I wanted to take off my shoes. The pain just like went from my lower back it shot like on top of my butt and I just fell on the floor and I was like oh this is bad. And so I took some time off. But then like no matter what I can lay in bed and I lean up to get out of bed No pressure on my back and it’s still hurts like crazy. Knees as well. Okay. Um Actually, let me have you stand up first. I want to go through some range of motion and I’ll go back So I want you to bend forward at the waist for me. Okay. What do you feel? Like as soon as I go to start moving it gets really tight it just starts to hurt and then I come all the way down then since to come back up, it’s like it makes it really hard. Gotcha. Yeah, it makes it to where I don’t want to move. Is the pain staying here? Does it never travel down the legs? Most of the time it stays in the back But sometimes it will travel like top of my butt Sometimes that’s not a lot. And if you were to bend back. Yeah, if I bend back it’s not that bad it’s like there’s a lot of pressure down there The pains different. It feels like a lot of pressure. All right, what about to the sides? That’s fine. What about rotation? It’s fine. Okay, let me get you the lay face down on the table All right, so we’re going to start off we’re going to scan the body we’re going to go from Cervical spine all the way down checking the leg length and I’ll check the symmetry from the right side to the left side. Okay Let me know if you have any pain or tenderness when I do this Okay So and I just bring the boots up checking the leg length. Yeah that right leg pulls short so It’s a good amount. Yeah, so I will work on this we’ll get this back balanced. Um Okay. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to use the device, relax everything, and then we’ll start with the adjustment So we’re going to start up top here. Deep breath in and out. Deep breath in and out. Ah that felt good. Okay, let me get you to sit up on the table and then straddle the table so one leg on the either side. Bring the other arm up and over here keep your thighs to the table First rotating like this look over the shoulder for me. Lay faced down for me, please Okay, so the right side is still pulling short Now we’re going to drop down to the sacrum here I’m gonna stabilize right here. I want you to raise your right leg up for me Any pain with that? Not really Relax Raise the left leg up Now, how does the left side feel compared to the right? That one feels hard. Yeah this one Yeah, I felt like that was pulling on my back more Okay, so I want you to cross that left foot over the right foot good Uncross and I’m gonna have you bend that knee. Good. Okay, raise that left leg up again for me, how does that feel? Like it’s pulling on my back. Getting better still pulling a little bit, let me have you lay on your side. Face me this way, please. Okay flip to the other side Flat on your back Come forward for me a little bit Yeah deep breath in and out Relax Yeah, yeah, I really want this done because Whenever as soon as I lay on the floor I can put my feet underneath it and I can lend my upper body on it and I can physically feel my lower back at the very bottom spreading apart but then it’s like it’s a wall it spreads apart and it feels like it needs to be yanked Yeah, and it needs that extra something and then I saw this and I was like I need to try this out. I hear ya, I hear ya Okay, did you play football in college? I did not I was uh, I really didn’t have the time I was doing engineering I mean I guess I could have Pretty big guy Oh, yeah, especially like going to Alabama like all the time. Relax right there deep breath in and out for me We’ll sit you up use that massager And we might have to do it one more time with that but we’ll check in a moment. Yeah I felt it from here up. I didn’t feel anything down here Yeah. Yeah, when I do it the second time I go in a little bit different angle I get a lot of lower, but you’ll see you won’t really notice But yeah, I get a lot lower and then we’ll do one more time. Usually, I’ll get just deeper in We’re gonna use that massage on everything. Okay? Yeah, like I stretch the muscles out so it doesn’t feel really tight Does that make sense? Oh, yeah, it does. If I push in here any pressure? No. If I push in here Um let me have you stand up Go through how we did in the beginning forward, backwards When I come forward it’s a little better. If I come back there’s still pressure down there. It’s at the very bottom, like it sounds weird, but I can lean and push right here I can’t do it right now but Yeah, and then I relieve some pressure like 30 minutes, but it starts again But uh, yeah, I mean when I lean forward it feels better it’s not stiff Side to side feel good. This feels more freed up And the back still a little bit of pressure when I lean back. Okay I want to do a few things. Lay face down for me. Actually, let me have you dropped down. Perfect right there. Oh that felt good. Sometimes just gotta do a little bit of different techniques, especially I mean like for you like you’re a big guy. So yeah I always have a lot pressure on my back. Direct pushing, that’s helping a lot. Come on up. How’s that feel? Oh that feels so much better. See not everyone follows like I always do the same kind of routine because I check like the same way like when I observe the body and I go through and I make the adjustments but as you can tell I mean at times you need some people need a little bit more. You did the Y-Strap it felt great from like here up It’s felt wonderful but I didn’t feel down below. That’s why I said when I lean back and push. As soon as you started doing the pushing I could feel that’s what felt really good. It happens. But it felt good yeah.

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  1. So I have scoliosis. My spinal curve is 30° which isn't bad to the point where I need a back brace but I still get HORRIBLE lower back pain. I'm not sure if a visit to a chiropractor would help at all, but I've been trying different stretches to relieve the pain but it doesn't seem to help that much. Any thoughts?

  2. I have really bad pain in my back mostly mid to lower. It's so hard for me to bend down or pick up something heavy. I know I have some bad habits that may have caused it but I've been trying to fix it and no luck. The pain just gets worse and even when I take long walks to try and fix it it doesn't help. Is this something I'd need a chiropractor for or is it something I can fix on my own?

  3. I hate how gross these comments are. Like seriously. I hate it when men to this crap to women but if you didn’t know it’s awful to do this to men too.

  4. Guys calling females thirsty thots in the comment section when they all comment about beating off at the females getting aligned in other chiropractic videos??

  5. Lol that’s an xxl shirt and it looks like it’s a shmedium. That dude makes dr cip look like an Oompa Loompa 🤣

  6. I just simply wanted to hear the relief of back cracking jesus christ we are gonna need a fuckin ocean to quench the thirst of these thotties in the comment section.

  7. I spend 10 mins with my chiro. He does about a third of this and I had severe right lean and about an inch uneven in my hips. If he had done this much I’d have been a cripple walking out. Think a lot of this is for show for sure.

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