Laughter is the Best Medicine

Horror-Comedy Short Film “Death Metal” | Presented by ALTER

Hey, what’s up? You suck. You fucking suck! Fucking suit! You’re gonna fucking talk to me that way? Did you try the whammy bar? Yeah. Ok son, The time has come. Time for you to have this. This thing has been in the family a long time. I think it will help you. Whoa. Yeah. This will make you good. Like crazy good. How? Your great grandpa signed a contract for it. With Satan. Cool. Satan’s cool. Oh and Lars, this gift of the dark lord comes
with some rules. One, you can only play it at night. Two, you can’t use it to make money. And three, don’t do that thing where you pretend
it’s your dick while playing it. Like this… Lars! Hail Satan. Did you hear how good I was? Oh shit. Oh shit! Why? Why are you doing this? Why? Why?! Fuck! Who’s a good baby? My baby! Shit on my fuck. When will this end? Thy will be done. Thine own self be true. No. No! I’m your master!

100 thoughts on “Horror-Comedy Short Film “Death Metal” | Presented by ALTER

  1. Every time I see Alter has posted I get a little excited and really wanna watch it, but I’m usually busy so I forget about them then binge watch them at night 😂

  2. I do little preparation when I'm going to watch a movie like increase phone brightness, switch on the caption button, read introduction if given and watch it on perfect volume. And I do the same thing for Alter shorts.

    Anyway back to the short.
    Comedy: 💯
    Blood: 💯 (That's enough blood for today)
    Horror: Satanic 💯

  3. I just can't imagine how hypertensive those people being hacked by this flying blade. Imagine a blood spurting out in high pressure. It's like a pressurized blood spray. Dracula doesn't need to bite your neck anymore but just open his mouth to catch that hypertensive blood.

  4. Holy shit fuck on the corpse of a satanic nun this video made my balls drop a second time and I can now play Eruption by Van Halen

  5. How gory! Too graphic! Blood blood blood! Even innocent kid and baby got it too! But it's funny tho and i really like this one xD death metal 🤘🎸

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