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Hot Fuzz (2007) – Olivia Colman’s Sexual Jokes

Frank: And this is one Doris Thatcher! Danny: She’s our only policewoman. Angel: She’s not a policewoman. Danny: Yes she is, I’ve seen her bra! Angel: She’s a police officer, being a woman
has nothing to do with it. Doris: Oh I dunno, comes in handy every so
often. I could have given you the tour…*I’ve been
around the station a few times.* Angel: …and what’s upstairs? Tony: Must’ve hit the sign at some speed…took
the old top off! Doris: I’ve had my top off in this lay-by! Bob: …titz… Dr. Robin Hatcher: *chuckles* Told him several
times, you shouldn’t eat late at night! Doris: Oh I dunno, quite like a little midnight
gobble! Bob: …cockz… Doris: That’s me after a coupla pints! Wainwright: Nice one Doris! Doris: Nothing like a bit of girl on girl! HAHAHA! Angel: You don’t mind a bit of MANpower do
you Doris? Doris: Oh! Dirty bastard! HAHAHA!!

100 thoughts on “Hot Fuzz (2007) – Olivia Colman’s Sexual Jokes

  1. Hard to believe she is now an Oscar winner. I need to watch this film again sometime, I liked her character lol.

  2. LOL. It's been a few years since I saw this movie 🙂 That's the same actress from the series "Peep Show," which I just watched in its entirety a few months ago 🙂

  3. Of the two lead women from Broadchurch, Olivia Colman and Jodie Whitaker, Olivia would have made a MUCH better choice as the new Doctor… :'(

  4. She is now the Empress of Colmanian Intergalactic Empire…………hang on, this isn´t the year 2050. It´s 2019?!? Shit, you´re not supposed to know this stuff. Forget what I said. delete DELETE

  5. Damn Doris!!! Freakin savage as she smashed that crazy bitch with a wet floor sign at 0:44. DAAAAAYYYYUMMM!!!

  6. I thought the last one would have been funnier if everyone else had laughed, but Doris had jut sat there silently… looking at her desk… trying not to show the pain…

  7. Today this film would be considered Nazi, since sexual jokes apparently have something to do with it according to some people.

  8. I love how her jokes become less subtle and her laugh becomes more pronounced each time.

    Its like she becomes Flanderized throughout the course of the film, lol.

  9. I love all their cackles after. It's such a distinct kind of laugh and it gets me every dang time.

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