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Hot Rod (6/10) Movie CLIP – Trippin’ Balls (2007) HD

Hey, rod.
Thanks for the ride… (screaming) Hey, buddy, how’s it going? Dave, what happened
to your eye? This?
Yeah. Is it really noticeable?
Yeah. Oh, man,
it’s totally serendipitous. Well, I got off work early.And you know my buddy,
derrick?Well, he was like…“I’ve got this acid,
but I can’t do it.”And I was all like,“well, I’ll do it.”So I did it.And by the time I got on
my banana board, man,
I was…I was tripping
balls pretty hard, man.So, I decided to get
on my bench grinderAnd a piece of metal flew up
and hit me right in the eye.It was pretty awesome.And that brings us to now. Yeah, well,
just try and relax. Can do, man. Can do. I’m gonna be
honest with you, rod. You look like a giant eagle
with fire all around you And you’ve got
a mountain for a face. I’m guessing
that’s the drugs, dave. Yeah, but it’s also
just kind of weird Seeing you
drive this minivan. Yeah, well, it’s my mom’s. Balls, man! Man, we just ran over
a small bus. This really small bus,
we just ran over it. Rod: I didn’t see anything.

100 thoughts on “Hot Rod (6/10) Movie CLIP – Trippin’ Balls (2007) HD

  1. 0:31 is it just me… I don't see anything in his hand. Probably just another subtle detail among so many that make this a great movie.

  2. This shit is funny but it kind of offends me when they misrepresent acid by making it seem that it makes you completely retarded. You're not gonna confuse a trash can for a hospital. You're not gonna think you ran over a small bus.

  3. 1:18 I'm guessing thats the drugs dave, yeah but its also kinda weird seeing you drive this minivan, yeah well…it's my moms.

  4. I'm watching this movie for the first time and dying! "I've got this acid but I can't do it. Well, I'll do it". Hysterical lol.

  5. Such an underrated movie. I wish Bill and Andy were still funny instead of doing bad shows (current season South Park, Brooklyn 99)

  6. Can’t believe this came out 11 years ago crazy… I was 7 years old when it came out and didn’t notice It was the lonely islands movie lol

  7. Bill Hader actually did this scene because this exact scene happened to an old friend of his, and when his friend watched this he said "this actually happened to me" he didn't get that it was based on him.

  8. No joke I’ve been saying quotes from this movie all day than tonight I’m chilling on my couch and lo and behold what do I have in my YouTube recommendations.
    A gazelle being eaten alive by wild dogs and this. It was totally serendipitous.

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