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99 thoughts on “Hotel Prank – Funny Condom in Sheets Surprise

  1. Come on, now, we all know that they had sex last night, that one guy was in on it the whole time and that they just rumpled the bed on the right for good measure. They're sleeping in the same gotdang hotel room!

  2. I thought Kerbal Space Program was acting up for a moment when i heard the song at the beginning LOL. It had me confused

  3. I just learned how to get your hotel stay for free….. Plant a condom and flip the fuck out at the front desk…. Fucking genius.

  4. liked
    for matt getting pissed off we want more matt pissing-off vids pls
    btw that is pretty nasty like no one wants that shit in ur bed and if he did not find out that would be kinda gross

  5. I could not have friends like this. Not that this was too far, but whenever prank wars start, its fun at the beginning and then with the one upsmanship, people go way too far

  6. the line 'where are the cameras' is usually the cue that u been caught dude. next time difuse by laughing when he says where are the cameras, pause (still laughing) till he responds then show the cameras… best reactions happen during the pause i find but pause too long and you get punched in the face… which is… not the best experience

  7. When ever I stay at a motel or hotel I hide used condoms in unsuspecting places. Hopefully the next guest will find it and be surprised.

  8. BS, they're constantly pranking each other, I would've at least asked the other dude, "hey man, did you plant that here?" "it was you nigga…I know it was you", grab it, throw it at him.

  9. wouldn't you have notice that before getting into bed how do they afford that house they live in if they rent bet its quit expensive pls utility , question are they gay not sure could be just friends sharing living expenses , but i think after a while you would get fed up with the pranks then find out your on you tube that would end a friend ship really dont have the answers i live alone i would not appreciate that all the time, I have a Dog that enough to have that kind of aggravation i would have to do something so bad that forgiving would not be in the cards

  10. Matt's iPhone on his bed is my favorite one of all, the iPhone 4/4S, but with iOS 6. Above all the newer iPhones with their new features/iOS versions!

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