Laughter is the Best Medicine

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Vitthal! Vitthal!
Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal!
Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal!
Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal!
Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal!
Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal!
Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal! Let me always chant the
name of Govind, Gopal. Let me always chant the
name of Govind, Gopal. Lets sing the praise of Lord Hari. Let’s sing the praise of Lord Hari. Sing the praise.. Sing the praise.. Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal!
Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal!
Vitthal! Vitthal! We are ordinary devotees of Vitthal. But Lord is always
concerned about his devotees. We are ordinary devotees
of Vitthal. But Lord is always
concerned about his devotees. He is the saviour of this earth,
why should we worry? The Lord is the benevolent one. He is the saviour of this earth,
why should we worry? The Lord is the benevolent one. He is the benevolent one. We will wear the holy
thread around our neck. We will wear the holy
thread around our neck. Let’s sing the praise of Lord Hari. Sing the praise.. Sing the praise.. Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal!
Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal!
Vitthal! Vitthal! Listen..
– Yes. Do not keep fuming from within. Father has already
ruined his own son’s life. He is still a bachelor. Now he is out to ruin
my son’s life as well. Why don’t you think
about Nanda’s wedding? Hello. Aba!
– Yes, coming. The guests have arrived. Please come. Please come. Hello!
– Hello. Hello.
– Hello. Hello. – Please come. The thing is according to the
tradition, the boys family.. ..has to go to the girl’s house.
– Yes. But I thought that does a boy have
to live in a girl’s house? – Yes. Or does a girl have to
live in the boy’s house? So, the girl has to live in the
boy’s house. – Yes. -You are right. So, does not the girl have
to see the house where.. ..she is going to stay?
– Yes. Shouldn’t she know the boy’s family?
– Yes. That is why we have called you here. Absolutely right. Our Aba always says the right thing. Who is he? He is my younger brother Tukaram. Correct. Hello.
– Hello. Yes! Who has come? She is my grandmother.
She is a hundred years old. But still she is very healthy. Pandurang. Pandurang. He is my father. Hello.
– Hello.. Father, this is Mr. Chandrakant Mane. He has a big factory
where they make boxes. Is that so?
– Yes! – very good! very nice! It is not nice to keep the
girl waiting for long. – Yes. Please sit. Sit.
– Yes. Please sit. Hey!
– Yes! Call the groom.
– Yes! Nandya! Mother!
– Yes! I hope tomorrow Aba
does not shout at me.. ..and tell me,
Give birth to a son! You rogue. Go ahead, come on. He is the boy. Yes, keep it. Keep it. I take your blessings.
I take your blessings. I take your blessings.
– Okay. Okay. Have you explained to him properly?
– Yes. Grandfather!
– Yes. Is my future wife beautiful? But why are you
feeling shy? Look up at her. No. I do not have any
guarantee on Aba’s choice. Is that so? You feel that I should see?
– Yes, look at her. Look at her. What happened? What happened? Do you want to ask
the girl any questions? No! She is nice. The girl is very sweet.
The girl is very sweet. Okay. Can the girl sing? That is not important. First, let me know
whether she knows how to cook. Tell me, do you know how to cook? What is her educational
qualification? Correct. Why are you concerned
about her education? After all, she has to do
all the household chores. Sister-in-law, you too are right. Grandfather! Does the girl know
anything about farming? Correct. Nowadays,
where do we find labourers? Doesn’t matter if
Sister-in-law does not know anything. But she should know how to gossip.
– Keep quiet. I have educated my son
not to get him married.. some illiterate girl. Then? Absolutely right.
– Yes. First tell me whether
you know how to cook. But I have to get married.
– Keep quiet. Sitaram!
– Yes! Will someone listen to me? Mother, now, what
have you got to say? Ask her if she can
hear and see properly. Why is that now? Why is that now? Just
because I cannot see.. ..and hear properly, that is why. She can hear but she has
a problem with her sight. She is squint-eyed. See like this.
– Correct. What correct? Don’t talk rubbish. What correct? No, it is not correct.
– Cooking. – Singing.. Singing. -Gossiping.
– Cooking.. No, cooking.
– Gossiping.. Hey! The girl ran away! Priest!
– Yes! Another girl!
– What? Nandya!
– This side. I take your blessings.
– Okay. Nandya!
– Hey you! Why are you sitting down? Grandfather, I do not
want anyone like this. Is she qualified?
– Does she know farming? Does she know to cook?
– Can she gossip? Do you know how to sing?
– Yes. Sitaram, ask whether she
can hear and see properly. Grandfather, she is
wearing glasses and she herself.. ..doesn’t know where she looks. And you expect me to
marry such a girl? She is wearing glasses?
– Bespectacled! Do you know how to sing? You know how to gossip? You know how to cook well? You know farming? No, no, singing. – No, no,
farming. Gossiping. – Cooking. Oh! Great! She too vanished! Good! Priest! Immediately bring
another girl. – Correct. Do you know farming?
– Education? Do you know farming?
– Education? Do you know farming? Do you know farming? Cooking!
– Gossiping. – Do you know farming? What?
– What? Oh! He wants a beautiful girl.
A beautiful girl. Have you ever seen
your face in the mirror? Aba, you are right. Have you
ever seen your face in the mirror? He isjust like his father.
– What? Then what?
– Will you keep quiet now? If you want a beautiful girl,
you too should be worthy of her. What are you doing? Nothing. Someday, sometime,
I will do something. Should I remarry then? You are back answering me? Don’t you dare touch my son. Aba, you are wrong. You are wrong.
– You are wrong. And how is that?
– How? How? Grandfather has
introduced him to singing. And when you sent him to the
city college for his studies.. ..he has now become
crazy after the city girls. What short dresses they wear. How they style their hair? How they paint their faces. Now, if such girls flaunt
themselves in front of him.. ..why will my son marry
a village belle, I say. Am I not right? That means I made a
mistake by educating him? No, how can Aba commit any mistake? So, that means I am
making a mistake, is it? Where did I say that? Have I committed a mistake then?
– No. Okay. All of you blame me. Grandpa has arrived. Children, listen
carefully to what I say. I have selected a girl for Nandya. Grandpa! That girl and her parents
are coming here tomorrow. So none of you should
question her in any way. Grandpa. Because.. I have selected her. Have you understood? Grandpa!
– Yes! How is the girl? How is she?
– Yes! Just like Asha Parekh. Is she so old? My dear child, Asha Parekh.
When she was young.. – Yes. My dear son, I know your choice. She is very beautiful. Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you. Grandpa. – Yes. But your condition about
knowing devotional songs? My dear child, I have no conditions.. front of your selection. Yes. Grandpa! So, my dear, do you like the girl? Yes. Okay. Does anyone wish to
ask any questions to the girl? My dear..
– Do you know.. Wait! Father, now that you have decided,
what can we say? Yes. And whatever the
daughter-in-law cooks, we will eat. Yes.
– You must eat. You must. Yes. Okay, my dear. Sing a
nice devotional song.. ..on this happy occasion. What?
– What? What? – What? That means grandpa, you
have deceived us, isn’t it? We should not ask anything? Now even we will ask her questions. Do you know farming?
– Gossip.. – Father-in-law.. Quiet! Quiet! Quiet! Quiet! Now this marriage is
fixed meaning it’s finalised. What do you say?
– Yes, come on. Correct! Colour the design properly.
Do it properly. Oh!
– What are you doing? Take this. You and here? The
wedding is in the evening. Hey. Have you not seen a
groom and the bride ever? Come on, go, come in the evening.
Go. Bye. – Bye. Come. Please come. I wanted to speak to you. Tell me. I do not know where to start from. Start from anywhere but
the end should be sweet. I am doing all the work. Yes. Come. All of you come. Daughter-in-law, a little behind. Get the flowers. Flowers.
– Yes. Yes, nice, nice. Hey, Aba! Grandpa.
– Yes. Have you heard the joke?
– Which one? Your grand
daughter-in-law cannot sing. Is that so? Never mind.
You liked the girl, isn’t it? I have liked the girl but
I feel sad for Mother and Aba. And why is that? They have not liked the girl. And to get married
against their wishes.. ..I feel guilty. Is that so?
– Yes. Never mind. But you have
liked the girl, isn’t it? Yes.
– Then? That day she was looking
just like Asha Parekh. Look here, I am your father’s father. I have raised you up since
the time you were an infant. I know you very well. My dear, tell me, what
are you hiding from me? Hey! – Grandpa! This
marriage should not take place. But.. but why? I cannot stay without Rahul. I love him very much. I know that there are
two more sisters after me. My father’s health.. But I cannot stay without Rahul. And if this marriage is solemnised.. ..then I will commit suicide. Grandpa, you tell me.
I am in a dilemma. If I marry her she
will commit suicide. And if I stay here Aba
will get me married. Great, my dear, great! You have said this very bravely. Too much.. my child,
you have grown up. We were fools to
think you to be small. Tell me, what is in your heart? Grandpa, no one knows what
is written in your fate. I will go, I will see what your
God has written in my destiny. But what will I tell
your parents here? Vitthal! Vitthal!
Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal! Tell them, he was in love
with some girl, he eloped. Vitthal! Vitthal!
Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal! Okay. But where will you go? Vitthal! Vitthal!
Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal! Where everyone goes
to test their fate. What do you mean?
– In the city. My dear child.. And my child.. trv and
find a girl.. who knows.. How to sing. Yes, my dear child.
The one who knows devotional songs. The one who can sing
devotional songs. Father-in-law! Be calm! Be calm! Listen to me.. our Nandya.. Our Nandya is dead! Tomorrow, I will go to the cemeterv.. ..and perform his final rites. Hey! Hey, Aba! Hey!
– Hey! Hey! What happened?
– What happened? What happened?. Stop this!
– Stop this! What happened?
– What happened? There is some problem. Leave me. Forget it. Forget it. Don’t fight.
– Leave me. Leave me. Wait. Wait. Don’t fight. You go there! And you go there. What is this? Why are you fighting? You are educated boys
and from good families. And you are fighting
on the road like this? But you are not in the wrong. This is what goes on everywhere. Everyone fights. Brothers,
neighbours, caste, religion.. ..countrv, state and the world..
but there is only one world. One more world should
form to fight with this one. I don’t know what is going to happen. Everyone is fighting here. Oh! I am talking alone. Anyway, at least the fight
stopped because of my talking. I feel so nice now. On this happy occasion,
I should eat my food. I am standing at the right spot. The hotel isjust in front of me. Waiter!
– Hey! My name is not waiter. He calls me anything he wants to. Hey you!
– Oh! You should call me by my name.
Don’t you know my name? Are you Amitabh Bachchan
or the president of India.. ..that I should know your name? What are you talking of a president.. ..I am not even anyone’s husband. Tell me, what is your name? Sada Atmaram Pavle.
– You have lost it.. What?
– No, I came to know your name. What is my name? Pavle, isn’t it?
– Correct. Okay, now, I know your name. Will you tell me what
you have here to eat? So, ask me, Mr. Pavle,
what is there to eat? Mr. Pavle!
– Tell me. Can I get something to eat? You can get potato dumplings,
mixed fried snacks.. ..onion-rice, onion dumplings,
chili dumplings.. ..steamed rice cake,
lentil, semolina pancake.. ..ginger, coriander,
chillies, covers, utensils.. ..pressure cooker, shirt, pant..
– Enough. Enough. What have I got to do with that? I just want potato dumplings,
onion-rice.. ..onion dumplings and special tea. Bill. What did I tell you? You must say..
Mr. Pavle, bill please. Pavlya..
– What? Mr. Pavle!
– Yes. Please give me the bill.
– Yes. Take this. Rs.70. Only Rs.70?
– Yes. The rates here are quite low. Our satisfaction lies in
satisfying the customer. Great! Nice.
– Give him water. Give him water. Clean that side. Yes. What are you searching for?
That same customer. Yes. Where is the place
to clean the utensils? Rs.60.00 The place to clean the utensils.. Rs.40.00 Even then the place to
clean the utensils.. Now, I cannot reduce
the amount any more. The utensils.. Shall I send
bread-butter and special tea? What now?
– Nothing. Then go. You are a waiter,
remember your status. Bharat! Nice.. that girl. What is the use?
– Why? I am a waiter after all. So what? Doesn’t make
any difference in love. From my side there is no problem. But from her side
there is a lot of problems. I will see.
– Sit. Sit. As it is you are broke.. ..then why are you acting smart? Even then.. one chance. Excuse me!
– Yes! May I..
– Sure. I will only take only
half a minute of yours. Tell me. Fixed, isn’t it?
– Fixed! Oh, my God! I am leaving. Sir, I will pay his bill. And send a cup of tea.
Not ordinarv but special. No, no.
– What no? Sit. Sit. She is very happy about me,
isn’t it? I thought as much.
My personality is such. What did you tell her?
What did you tell her? I told her..
– What? This year..
– Yes. In Sada’s house.. Will you come for
Raksha Bandhan (festival)? The bishop is defeated. Brother! Brother, what is going on? What do you mean what is going on? I am playing chess. Are you going to think
about Sonal’s wedding? Or are you going to
make a mockery out of it? As soon as the right boy is
found I will get her married. Brother, it is nearly a year
that Sister-in-law passed away. If you do not get her
married within this year.. ..then we cannot get her
married for the next two years. Now, are you going to sit
back and relax like this? Will you not make any efforts? Bye, Dad!
– Where are you going now? Aunt, how many times
I have told you.. ..not to ask me
questions when I am going out? I don’t like it. Once you are married
then wander around.. much as you like. No
one will stop you. Understood? I don’t want to get married.
– Why? Then all your life do
you wish to fight for.. ..women’s empowerment and dance? Shouldn’t I get a boy of my choice? Look here, my dear Sonal. Where there is a will,
there is a way. Brother, am I right? Dad! Sonal, we will do this. Before getting you married,
we will get your aunt married. Brother, now you too jeer at me. What they say is right.
Widows have no place in society. But.. Sister.. Dad, what is this?
– My dear, what can I say? I just made fun. How long will she
stay alone like this. I will have to get
her married somewhere. Hey you, where is your house? House?
– Yes! There in front of you! Wow! Such a big bungalow?
– Yes. It is beautiful. There are two big bedrooms.
There are two big bedrooms. There is a big hall. A big kitchen is attached to it. And a small garage is
also attached to it. There I stay on rental basis. You are staying on rental basis? Come here. Come here. Why is he walking like this?
Listen.. See this! See my beautiful flat. You can sleep anywhere here. My place is big..
– What happened? We are in trouble.. Because my.. Who is he?
– He is Rambhau. Not me, who is this
one who is greeting? Rambhau is the one who is greeting. Not me, who is the one who has
kept a hand on the shoulder? Rambhau has kept his
hand on the shoulder. Not me. Who is this one
who has gone near the window? Rambhau has gone near the window. Not me.. who is the
one who hasjust left? The bulb is working,
it has not fused out. Oh, my God. It is not like that.
– Then? Who was that one who
just left from here? Who has gone there?
Has anyone gone there? Who is there? This is mine. Rambhau!
– Yes! Do you want some liquor? Sada, what are you saying?
– Then? Who was the one who
went out in a blue shirt? The one in blue shirt was Sada. Not you. Who was the
one who just went out? Whose bag is this?
– Yours. Whose bag is this?
– Yours. How can it be my bag?
I came with a shawl. When did I bring this bag? Where is the bag? They are my hands. Here it is. Are you
trving to drive me crazy? Are you trving to drive me crazy? Some spirit has possessed you.
– Hey! You always speak of ghosts. You stay alone and
you frighten me too. Hey!
– Why did you come? Look, he has come here again. He has come again. He
has come here again. Who is there? Who is there? What do you mean who is there?
– Who has come again? Do you want some liquor?
– No. You.. then? Now, whose four hands are these? Where are there four hands?
– Here they are! Where are there four
hands I have only two, see. Are you trving to drive me crazy? Why will I drive you crazy?
– Then who are these two people? Go, some spirit has possessed you. Sada, your voice has changed. Go, some spirit has possessed you. Hey, you, old man! Why do you keep frightening us? Go!
– Go! Who asked you to act smart.. When you told me to go out,
I did go. But I don’t know how
I returned from this door. What is all this? What shall I tell you?
I have to do this drama everyday. This old man..
– Yes. He is scared of spirits. Taking advantage of that, I
keep doing new dramas everyday. I hope he will not come back. If he comes we will do another drama.
– First class. Okay, now, are we supposed
to do this? What happened?
– It is time now.. – To drink water? To drink milk? Liquor?
– Yes! You too have it.
– Pandurang! Pandurang! Listen to me, you too don’t drink. Will you listen to me?
– Yes. Pick up your luggage and
go straight to your house. No. No. You can have it. I will start drinking now. You can go to sleep.
You can sleep now. Yes! Oh, my God! He is too much. Wow! Sada Atmaram Pavle! Is out to blurt the truth. Ghost! Ghost! Ghost! Oh, my God! It is not a ghost!
– Then? It is me.
– I was scared. Sada Atmaram Pavle.
– Yes! Is out to blurt the truth. Rambhau!
– Yes! Tell me one thing.
– What? Why does a man drink? To hell with you. You
woke me up from my sleep.. ..just to tell me this? I will tell you why he drinks.
– Why? What?
– Sorry. Sorry. I will tell you why he drinks.
– Why? Why? After drinks, a man
always speaks the truth. Now, look at me.
– Yes. The entire day I am lying.
– Correct. After drinking, I speak the truth.
– Yes. I will tell you the truth.
– What? I swear on my liquor.
– Tell me. I swear on you.
– Yes, tell me. I swear on myself.
– Yes, tell me. I will tell you.
– Yes, tell me. No, I forgot. I am going. Tell me. I am frightened. I will tell you. I will tell you. The thing is..
– Yes. The one in the blue shirt..
– Is he coming up? No! – Then?
– How will he come up? – Then? He is not any ghost.
– He is not a ghost? He is Nandya! Nandya! That means he frightened me? I will.. He is staying in your
garage without your permission. Is that so? – But you know I
don’t like to tell lies. – Yes. That is why I told you the truth. Wake him up now.
– Will I spare him now? Come on. – Come on. I
will teach him a lesson now. Come.
– Come. You want the person with the
blue shirt? Here he is. See. Hey you! Get up! Get up! You? Ghost! Ghost! The
ghost with the blue shirt.. ..went this way. He went here. No from there.. He was standing here.
No, he was standing here. Look, the ghost has
four hands. Look.. Look, the ghost
speaks in Sada’s voice. Speak, please. Please, speak up. I will slap you.
You are trving to fool me? He told me everything truthfully. I do not like to tell lies. Who are you?
Where have you come fro,? Where? – Where from
means which is your village? I will tell you from where. You keep quiet. You
should not utter a word. Everyday you meet someone,
you show sympathy to him.. ..and get him here. Is this a charitable home?
– No. This is a garage. I am speaking the truth. Uncle! Uncle, please save me. There were floods in my village. I lost everything. He is lying.
– Why? Why? I have the habit of
speaking the truth. Why? Why? Uncle.. Uncle,
our entire village perished.. those floods. My grandparents, Uncle.. my
Uncle used to look just like you. He too passed away in that flood. That is why I say,
Uncle, please save me. He is speaking utter lies. Uncle, forget about my village
but I have no one in this city. He is speaking the truth. Someone pick pocketed me. He is speaking the truth. I do not have any money.
I have nothing to eat. I do not have a place to stay. Then I met him and
he brought me here. He is speaking the truth
and putting me in a fix. I did the drama of that
ghost because of him.. Suppose if your son
would have been in my place.. ..would you have
thrown him on the road? Tell me. Be calm. Don’t cry. I too will feel like crying. Just because he was my old
friend I allowed him to stay here. I will pay the rent. You gave and I took it. Let it be. Let it be. Shall I stay here?
– Stay. But remember one thing.
You must stay in this garage. You must not come up to my house. You must not touch anything. Understood? Look here, he is speaking the truth. But why are you sad now? You have got a place
to stay now. Be happy. Yes, but I said that
I will pay the rent. I don’t have any money. Shouldn’t I have a job? Why do you worry about
yourjob? I am there. When I give my word, I fulfil it. Look here, I never speak lies
under the influence of liquor. Yes, I know that. When did you know that? Forget it.
– What forget it? Okay, tell me one thing.
What do you know? I am a graduate. There are many graduates around. Tell me what can you do? What do you know? Do
you know printing? Typewriting? To wash clothes?
– No. No! To wash the utensils? To shave?
– No! Your own?
– Yes. Great! My child is so smart. You don’t know anything.
Then what do you know? I can only sing. You can sing?
– Yes. You can sing?
– Yes. Enough! I will give you
a job in some good hotel. I know quite a few people here. If you sing well you
will become very famous. You will then have a bungalow,
a car.. will have a lot of money. very good. Now sing. Brother, I don’t think this
girl is treading the right path. I think now I will only have
to seriously do something.. ..about her marriage. Brother!
– Yes. I have called my
Brother-in-law’s son here. We will not find a
better boy than him. What am I saying?
– What? Will do.
– Will do? Horse! What is the use of crying? Women should become strong. By law he cannot throw
you out of the house. Okay. Who all are there in the house? No one. Only the two of us. Then with the help of your
friends you must make him understand. We did that but he
does not listen to anyone. Where can I meet him?
– Home. Why did you come in? Come on,
go out. First go out. But..
– Yesterday itself I had warned you.. ..not to cross the threshold. I am going for an interview. If I pass in the test, my
job will be fixed for sure. Besides my grandpa told
me that whenever you go.. ..for some good work
you must always take.. ..the blessings of the elders. Then take my blessings from
here and go away from here. Don’t even stop in front of me. Do you know?
– Yes, I know. Are we going on the right address?
– Yes, Madam. What? Speak something. Yes, we are going to
the right address. He is the one. He is the one. Garage? That is here. Catch him. Why are you catching me?
I’m not a mechanic. Listen to me. What are you doing? We don’t want the garage,
but we want you. Me? For everybody? That is why my Mother used to say.. ..that people from
the city are very bad. You want to take a divorce?
– Hers? Are you taking a divorce?
– From whom? Come to the police station.
– No. No. – Then you will know. Okay. That one.. But I did not break it, she broke it. Then how did she come to
us with the complaint? She came to you with the complaint? There is some problem. Grandpa! What I will do is.. I will go and stand in that corner. I will think for a while
and then in the evening.. ..I will meet you near this car,
with the same ladies.. ..and at this time, okay?
– I am going now. – Okay. Catch him! Do not allow him to run
away. Where are you running away? Tell me. Tell me.
– I am telling you the truth. Please listen to me.
– Catch him. What?
– No, your ear. That girl..
– Yes. She was in love with some other boy. His name is Rahul. You are accusing her.
You are accusing her? I swear on my Mother.
I swear on my grandpa. I always speak the truth. Will you quietly come with me
or shall I show you my power? Here! Take him with us. Sir, arrest him. Tell me!
– What? You are acting smart, is it? Sir.
– No. No. I look fat but I am thin. Thin?
– Yes! If you trv and do a drama I
will teach you a good lesson. Drama? No. I don’t do
a drama, I just sing. It’s my first day of singing
in Manas Restaurant today. My job depends on that.
– But Sir.. But these ladies beat
me and brought me here. You are doing a drama?
You are doing a drama? Then why do you do
this drama at home? Sir!
– Constable! Sir!
– Put him in the lock up. Sir, he is not my husband.
– What? How is this possible? I brought him from the
address that you gave me. I don’t know that. But
he is not my husband. But you should have said that. But you never allowed me to speak. When I tried to speak these
ladies too started beating me. They have spoilt my clothes as well. If I do not sing properly today,
I may not get the job. Just go ahead! What are you saying? Do you know what is going to happen? Now all of you just
pray to Goddess Amba.. ..that my song is a hit. That’s all. Hail Mother Goddess Amba! Ambe! Ambe! Ambe! Hail, hail, hail, Ambe! Hail, hail, hail, Ambe! The one who forgets his parents.. The one who forgets his
parents can never achieve success.. The one who forgets his
parents can never achieve success.. He can never be successful. You are the
children of this holy land. Uphold the Marathi pride. You are the
children of this holy land. Uphold the Marathi pride. Uphold the Marathi pride. Uphold the Marathi pride. Uphold the Marathi pride. Uphold the Marathi pride. You are the
children of this holy land. Uphold the Marathi pride. You are the
children of this holy land. Uphold the Marathi pride. Ambe! Ambe! Ambe! People became arrogant. They stopped being
kind to each other. People became arrogant. They stopped being
kind to each other. Wealth became the
most important thing. That drove people crazy. Wealth became the
most important thing. That drove people crazy. Hail, hail, hail, Ambe! Hail, hail, hail. Everyone thinks himself
to be great. But try and value yourself. Everyone thinks himself
to be great. But try and value yourself. Up hold the Marathi pride,
my dear man. Up hold the Marathi pride. Up hold the Marathi pride,
my dear man. Up hold the Marathi pride. The one who forgets his
parents can never achieve success.. The one who forgets his
parents can never achieve success.. He can never be successful. You are the
children of this holy land. Uphold the Marathi pride. You are the
children of this holy land. Uphold the Marathi pride. Uphold the Marathi pride. Uphold the Marathi pride. Uphold the Marathi pride. Uphold the Marathi pride. You are the
children of this holy land. Uphold the Marathi pride. You are the children of
this holy land. – Ambe! Uphold the Marathi pride. Ambe! Ambe! Ambe! Nandu! – Now, please do not take
me to the police station again. At least listen to me. What a voice! You are great,
Nandu. You are great. The way you sang that song
in raga (tune) Bhairavi.. ..the entire picture
came in front of my eyes. I am impressed. I am impressed. And.. I am sorry.
– What for? Because I took you to the
police station, that is why. That is okay. But I will once again take you
to the police station. – Why? If you do not come
to my house for tea. But.. that means..
– Will you come? I will prepare the tea myself. This.. this is my address. You will definitely come, isn’t it? I will wait for you. Definite? Bye. Bye. ‘Beat it!’ Let it be. Let the bag be here.
– Okay. Brother! Brother! Brother!
– Yes! Just see who has come. Who has come? Sandy!
– Hi! Why is this man
standing with his back to me? Take your hair back.
– I am sorry. Hi, Dad! I am Sandy. Oh! That means he is facing me. Brother, both of
you can sit and chat. I will go and see where Sonal is.
– Okay. Don’t shake. Don’t shake.
Sit here. Sit here. – Okay. Can you play chess? Chess? Of course. I love chess. No. Love is fine but can you play? Of course, Dad!
– Okay, play. My dear, the thing is all the
animals are there in this chess.. ..except a donkey. Oh! Nice joke, Dad! Nice joke.
I like it. – Yes? Yes. What are you searching for? I am searching for the donkey. Ghost! Ghost! Ghost! Hey, Nandya, go out from here. Go out! First, get out. Get out. Get out. I will never tolerate you coming up. I am in love!
– Get out! Hey! Leave me. Grandpa! Grandpa! Grandpa! Grandpa!
– My Dear, it is you? Grandpa, I am in love. You are in love? With whom? With a girl. What is her name?
– Sonal. Sonal! Her name is so nice. Grandpa, she too is very beautiful. That is why I fell in love with her. But does she love you as well? I think so.. but.. it
is still not confirmed. Not yet confirmed? Go.
Just now go to her house.. ..and confirm it. Shall I directly go to her house? Will they beat me? Why will she beat you? Lord Pandurang helps
the one who is brave. Go. Go and tell her father
that you are the grandson.. ..of the Sitaram Patil
from Patpadi. Grandson. I want to marry your daughter.
Marriage. – But.. I hope there won’t be any problem. Problem? If there is any problem,
your Grandpa.. there to solve it. Shut up! Today, you have
called but if you ever dial.. ..this wrong number, then I
will complain to the police. Yes. Don’t take Aba Patil for granted. He is not weak. Do you wish to speak to him? Do you want to speak? Wrong number. Wrong number.
Wrong number. Even when I take Vitthal’s name,
I tend to get wrong numbers. What to do? Rubbish! Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal! Vitthal! My dear Sonal, your mother
wanted to see you married. Now, you will have to
give me the opportunity.. that I can fulfil
my promise made to her. Okay. If you do not want to
marry that Sandy, don’t marry. But then.. but then
do you like someone? If you love someone then tell me so. But yes, he should
be well disciplined. He should be from a
cultured family. That’s all. Sister!
– I will see. Good girl. Hey!
– Did you recognise me? You were going to
offer me tea made by you.. Yes. Yes. You have
come at the right time. Please come. Come. Come. Dad! Dad! Dad!
– Oh! Just see who has come.
– Who is he? He is Mr. Nandu!
From Nasik. The singer. Oh!
– He is my Dad! Greetings!
– Wow! Nice. Sit. Yes, sit. Dad!
– Yes! Weren’t you saying..
in a years time.. He is the one.
– Son-in-law! Not Bapu, but Patil. Nandu Patil.
– Yes. Sister! Sister!
– Who? Sister means my younger sister. Brother, what is it? You
don’t allow me to do anything. What is it now?
– Greetings. Have you seen who has come? Who is he?
– Bapu (Son-in-law) Bapu?
– Yes, yes. I mean.. Not Bapu, Patil. Nandu Patil. That.. Sonal..
– What? That means Sonal! Are you
having an affair with this man? Aunt! He is not a man.
He is a young boy. – Yes. But so what?
I do not have any affair. My grandpa told me to
directly go and meet. – Grandpa? I could not directly
speak so I was quiet. My family is not of that type. Nandu Patil, she means to say love. We know that you both love
each other. – What? Really? I also came to know just now. Grandpa! Pandurang! Pandurang, you have done a miracle. Why are you jumping? Be calm. Who all are there in your family? There is master, servants and me.
– What? Master. Servant.. I mean Master..
the servant.. I call him as the
waiter and I am there.. No, I did not understand. They too still don’t know. Listen, Dad is asking
about your parents. – Yes. Okay. You are
talking about my parents? Yes. Yes.
– I do have. I have a Mother, Aba.. Aba means my Father.
– Yes. I also have a grandfather. My grandpa is a very noble person. I also have an Uncle. He is a little bald but he
is very clever. – Is that so? I also have a sister, Yami.
She talks a lot. But she is very good at heart. And I also have a great grandmother.
– Oh! She is a little old but it is
her wish to see get married. Great! Ajoint family.
I liked it. I liked it. I will come to meet them. Whatever it is but we are from
the bride’s side. – Brother. Will you go to my village?
– Why? Don’t you have a house here? Yes! He does have! I have seen it. He has a bungalow bigger than us. No, no! That bungalow..
– Call them. The bungalow?
– No. He has a good excuse. What I wish to say is you
call your parents here.. your house.
– Yes. The thing is we will have
to somehow get her married.. ..till December. Is it necessarv to call
my parents here? – What? I must call them!
– Yes. How can that be? I have to call them.
– Yes. You are the girl’s family.
And it is the question.. ..of the girl’s life.
– Absolutely correct. Okay!
– Yes! Then.. – Look here, we will
not give away our daughter.. ..till we see the house,
family and your parents. So, I will come to meet your parents.
Day after tomorrow. Day after tomorrow?
– What? You are coming?
– Yes. – Day after tomorrow? – Yes. I will fool my parents..
– What? Means I will call them.
– Yes. I am very naughty.
– Yes. I was taking this with me.
I am keeping this here. Let it be. Let it be.
– I will call my parents. – Yes. Yes. Can you please come out with me? I am going.
– Yes. – I will just come. – Go. Go. Yes. Go after them. The king and.. Bye! I am extremely sorry. I mean, whatever
happened was so sudden. I had to forcibly do it. That means your father calling
me his son-in-law was all false? No. That was not a lie. I mean..
I don’t know about Dad.. But from my side it is true. And I do not even know about you. Actually, I am also not
hundred percent sure.. But I am one thousand percent sure.
– What? Really?
– Yes! Hello.
– Hello. Yes, Grandpa. Hello.
– Hello. Yes, hello.. Grandpa.. Hello. Grandpa.
– Hello. Yes, speak to me.
– Hello. Hello. Oh, no. Hello. Hello!
– Yes, hello. Grandpa. My dear, you? Hey you!
– What happened? Hello. Hello. Hello. Disconnect the line.
It is a wrong number. Do you wish to speak? No. Hello. Hello.
– Hello. Yes, hello!
– Hello. Yes, Grandpa!
– Go out first. Go out. I wanted to make an urgent call. Shall I use your phone? I wanted to tell my
Grandpa something important. How many times I told you I
do not like anyone stepping.. ..inside my house? Oh, my God! Okay. Okay. I am not coming in but
can you get your phone out? Please. Please.
Please have mercy on me. What if your son would
have been in my place.. ..and he would request you like this? Then would you have
thrown him out like this? Maybe he too must have wanted
to tell you something important. Yes.
– You will have to pay Rs.2. Have they fallen down? If they fall,
I will immediately pick it up. Charge. Charge. Rent. Do you charge for this as well?
Okay. Fine. No problem. Excuse me.
– What? Why are you standing at
the door? Go out. – Hey you! Wait! Now I will speak.
– But.. You chant the Lord’s name.
– But.. Hello.
– Hello. Grandpa! How are you? I am fine thank you. Who is speaking? Grandpa, what is
wrong with your voice? I am not grandpa but your
Father speaking. – What? Aba!
– One minute! Don’t disconnect the line. You stupid fellow, why did
you behave like this with us? Why did you tarnish
our name like this? Till today, no one
dared to look up at me. But today, I feel
ashamed to walk on the road. I have already
performed your last rites. You are dead to us and
we are dead to you. – Aba! Your grandpa, mother,
father, all are dead for you. No, Aba, no! Great! Nandu, you are really great. Whatever you had to go through.. After hearing about
the sacrifice that.. have done for that girl.. My love has changed to admiration. I wanted a husband like you.
– Really? Just like you. Then shall we tell the truth to Dad? No.
– Why? Till my dad does not
meet your parents.. ..he will never
agree to this marriage. Mother and Aba?
– Yes. They are not ready to come here. Then we will go to your village. We will go.
– Yes. Then my Aba will throw me
as well as your Father out. But I have to get
married in this year. My Aunt also.. Shall I tell you one more thing? What? That bungalow..
– Yes. That big bungalow..
two bedrooms here.. ..and two bedrooms there..
– Yes. The hall in the centre. What about that? That bungalow does not belong to me.
– What? The man who roams around in a
half pant in the house.. – Yes. The one I said was the servant..
– Yes. He is the real owner.
– What? I am dead! I am surely dead! If Aunt comes to know about this.. ..she will marry me
off to that specimen. There is a possibility.
– What? We should do something. But what to do? What are you doing? There is.. there is a way. Now I know everything properly.
– Yes. This should be only
between the two of us. – Yes. No one outside should know. Yes. You must keep that in mind. Yes. I have kept it in mind. I have properly kept it in my mind.
– very good. What was that noise?
What was that noise? What was that noise?
– Noise? Yes.
– There was no noise. I heard the noise coming from here.
– What noise? I heard the noise from here.
– There was.. There is nothing here.
– I heard something break. What has broken here?
– Bottle. No. What.. what are you saying? I am telling you, I
heard the noise from here. Nothing has broken here. What
noise are you talking about? Then how did I hear it?
I heard with my own ears. Listen, he has heard it.
– I too have heard it. Not heard it!
– Then? – What? What? No. No. No. I heard
the noise from here. Look here, can you see anything here? Then from where did the noise come? Where?
– Where did the noise come from? No. No.
– From above! – Above! How will it come from above? The noise was heard from above.
– How can the noise come from top? No, no, you have again
started hallucinating. Tell him he hallucinates. Even I heard.
– No! How can the noise come from top? Listen to me, you are hallucinating. You be calm. Be calm. Be calm. You will trouble your self. Be calm. There was no noise here.
– Then? You go and sleep peacefully. Go. See how much you are perspiring. Okay, I am going.
– Yes. Great! Sada Atmaram Pavle!
– Yes! I am out to blurt out the truth. Sir, the noise came from here.
– No. The noise came from here.
– See. He has conspired something..
– No! What is it? He has told his future
father-in-law.. – Yes. That this bungalow belongs to him.
– What are you saying? And the owner of this
house that means you.. – Yes. Is the servant here.
– I and a servant? I am telling you, I
said don’t do this. But he said that he does
look like a servant. – You.. And I have a higher grade than you.
– Which one? I am the father and you
are the servant. very bad. This is his conspiracy. I cannot speak lies that is
why I have told you the truth. Correct. He speaks the truth
only after he drinks. – No. You are calling me a servant? I am a servant? I am a servant?
– No. No. Please listen to me. – First,
you get out. Go away from here. I do not want to hear anything.
– Sir. Sir.. please listen to me. He is lying.
– What is he lying about? Do I ever speak lies after drinks? No, you always speak the truth.
– Sir, Sir, please listen to me. We have to do this
only for a few days. We just have to do a drama.
– You first get out from here. For my would-be father-in-law..
– I am a servant? Am I a servant? Just for a few days.
Please listen to me. Let me get married otherwise
the problems will increase. To hell with your problem. Suppose if your son
would have been in my place.. ..and if he would have
done such a thing then.. I would have kicked
him out of the house. Not one, but kick with both
the feet and throw him out. I will throw both of you out.
– Me too? Yes. Come on. Go out both of you.
– Speaking the truth never helps. My bottle..
– Yes, bottle. – It is finished. Sir.. – I don’t know anything,
just get out. Sir.. Sir, please
listen to me. Sir.. Sir.. You are making me the servant? Immediately get out! Oh, my God! Oh! Why are you both out like this? We were enjoying the full moon night. In the sun like this?
– Yes, our stars are unfavourable. Are you crazy? The owner has thrown
us out of the house.. ..along with our luggage. But why?
– Why? This one my Father!
– Oh, Father! Don’t touch his feet. He is not my real
father but a fake one. He is not a father but a headache. After drinking at night he
went and told him the truth. Sada Atmaram Pavle was
out to blurt the truth. At night he went and
told him everything and.. .. then we were stunned. And still we are experiencing
the after effects. Look at him. This has not affected him at all. See the way he is
sleeping peacefully. Wake up now. Get up. Get up. Where is my bed tea? He wants bed tea now. I will give
him the water from the gutter. If this is the gutter
then where is our garage? Our garage has vanished. Sonal, we cannot get married now.
– What? If you don’t marry me then
I will ruin you, ruin him.. ..and I will ruin everything. Why are you doing this?
I will find a way out. Now that I am totally in my senses.. ..I will definitely
think of a wonderful idea. I will tell such a lie to the owner..
– Sada! I will slap you.. Oh my! Lie how much you want but
I will not take you back.. ..into the house. Is that clear? Now what?
– What? – Why are you scared? I will fool him in a minute. What are you doing? I can only think in the dark.
– Oh, my God. Come here.
– Wait. Ghost! Ghost! Ghost! Ghost! Ghost! Ghost! Ghost! Ghost! Ghost! Ghost! Ghost! Ghost! Ghost! What happened?
– What happened? Oh, my God! – Oh, my God!
There is a ghost in this bungalow. Run! Run! – Run! Run! – No.
Please don’t run away. Wait. Wait. Please
don’t run away from here. What stop? There is a
ghost in the bungalow. Oh, my God! Come on. Wait. Please I beg of you.
Please don’t go away. Why should I wait when there
is a ghost in the bungalow? No. I am very scared. I alone cannot stay
in this vast bungalow. Please forgive me if I have
said anything to you in anger. Please, please don’t go away. I have rented a room to you. That is such a small room. So small? Then do one thing.
Come and stay in my bungalow. But please don’t go away. What are you asking us
to stay in the bungalow? You have your rules of
not entering the bungalow. Not to touch the things there. Forget about those rules. Please forget those rules. But you please don’t go
from here. I beg of you. No. Suppose if I stay in this
bungalow and tomorrow if my.. ..father-in-law comes to know
that this is not my bungalow. And you are not my servant then.. What is the use? No, no. I agree to all
your conditions. Please. Now, look what you are saying.. But you stay here. – You
accept all our conditions. – Yes. So suppose my
father-in-law comes here tomorrow.. Then you are the owner
and I am the servant. I am the servant.
– Sure? – Yes, sure. Sure. Later you will go back on your word.
– No. And you should not go
out to wander anywhere. No. No. Sure?
– Yes. Sure. We are ready to bear
this because of you. – Yes. Let us see who that ghost is?
Come on. – Yes, come on. Yes, come on.
– You are the servant, isn’t it? Yes.
– Then you have to sit here. Later come with our bag inside. Come on.
– Come. – Yes. Bungalow.
– We got it ready. The butler.
– He’s ready too. Father.
– He’s ready too. Now what we need is a mother. Mother?
– Mother. What should we do?
– Who’s going to be the mother? Mother.
– Who’s going to be mother? – Who? Mother? Hey, what are you doing to my ear? I let you stay in my bungalow.
Do you want to get.. ..into my ear as well? I found mother.
– You forced a rich man like me.. become a servant, now
you want me to play mother? Get out of here. Get out. You want me to play a mother? How can a mother have a moustache? I fed her.
– Really? – Let’s go then. Not you. You’ll be
shocked to find out. What about me?
– Absolutely not. You’ll start mourning.
– Why? Me then?
– Why not! Let’s go! Darling, I’m a sweet little thing. Sweetheart, come if you
want to, or else I will leave. Take this. Come. Ruksana,
how are you doing? – Fine. Are you standing here to
invite people for a ceremony? Stand like that. Look at her. She’s
sitting so comfortably. Your customer is right here.
Why are you peeping outside? Hey..
– She might get angry. Munni! Munni. Munni, I’m here. Really? Do you think
you are a minister or.. IAS officer
or an a businessman? I’m here for the other business. Get lost. Don’t
waste my time. Get away. I’m here with a proposal. So, you too started
bringing clients for me? Really? Hey, what’s wrong with this guy?
– He’s shocked, he’s feverish.. ..and he’s feeling cold.
All at the same time. He’s entered the brothel
for the first time. – Yes. That’s why. Although I must admit,
he looks quite young. As fresh as they get.
– Why don’t you stop her? There’s something
that.. you can do for me. That’s what people
come here for. Let’s go. Come on.
– Hey. Come on, darling.
– Listen.. Read this for a time being. Listen, he’s not
here as your customer.. ..he wants to get married. With me? Oh no.. He’s chosen a girl. But his would-be father-in-law
insists to meet his parents.. ..otherwise, he’ll have
to forget about the girl. He’ll introduce me as his father. It means his mother is
going to be my wife. Who else is going to
be my wife besides you? Get lost. How could you think that? You won’t find any wife here. Please, I beg of you.
Please don’t refuse me. Come upwards. This is really important
for me. Don’t turn me down. A little more. Please, be my mother.
– A little more. I’m addressing you as my mother. But look what are you doing? Mothers and sisters have
no place in our business. Enjoy the moment and forget it. What’s the charge?
– Charge? She’s asking about the money.
– Yes. How much will you charge?
– Rs.5000 a day. Rs.5000? I won’t get that
even if I sell myself. – Idiot. Would Rs.500 be enough? He’s broke already. Why did
you bring him here? Get lost! Get out. – Wait. Hold it.
Let’s settle down to Rs.3000. Rs.3000? – We got to
maintain our status, lad. I’ll settle to that
only for, you handsome. But, how.. Come. Mother is here.
Mother. Father, please come. Father, please. Slow down. It might come off. The moustache?
– No, I mean mother. I have held onto my
moustache and her too. Mother. Father. Oh, her parents? No. He’s my father. My daddy. Father, he’s Sonal’s father.
My father-in-law. My dear father-in-law. Hello. I’m Madhukarrao. Her mother died last December.., we want to quickly
get over with her marriage. Who is she? Is he having an affair? No, I mean who is she?
– She is.. She’s Sonal’s aunt.
– Hello. – Okay. Who is this tall fellow?
– The groomsman. All right, you must bear him. Hi, I am Sandy. Which chewing gum do
you eat? Please tell me. Whatever. Hello.
– Hey. – Hey. Mother!
– Hey. – Listen. Mother, you must be careful. Sandy.
– sorry. You know what? My
mother is too affectionate.. ..she was overwhelmed. Mother, he’s like your son. Oh, he is so sweet.
– Hey. My mother wanted to say
that he’s such a nice lad. Yes. – Nice lad, isn’t he?
– What’s going on? Is he Gunvant’s son?
– Yes. I tell you his father
would visit me regularly. Hey. Well, actually my
mother wanted to say that.. ..Gunvantrao was like a
brother to her. A distant relative. Yes. He stays afar,
he visits us rarely. So my mother thinks that
he’s her brother’s son. Mother, he is not Gunvant’s son. He is equally nice though.
A good lad. – Yes. That’s what mother wants to say. Mother, here is Sonal.
– Greetings. Great. What a beauty. Will you have some tea?
Really good. A cold drink? Yes.. We’ll have some tea. Tea. Will you have some tea? Go get three cups of tea.
Call the boy! Hey.
– Hey. – Have a seat. Have a seat. Father. My father was..
– What was he doing? My father owns a hotel
at our native place. He’s been there for 35 years. He orders, but also
takes care of the cash. Cash. Got that?
– All right. We’ll have tea. Father, you don’t need to order it.
– We don’t need tea. We have got servants, right? Yes.
– Father, why don’t you sit down? Father, please sit down.
Mother, have a seat. My mother.. she sits like a monarch. She’d stay in our village,
we had this huge mansion. Mother, sit properly. We
don’t live in a village any more. Father, tell her something.
– What? Why don’t you tell her?
– What? Did you like my house? Whose house? Whose house?
– Oh, no. This is my house. Everything’s fine. Ask
him the same question now. Whose house is this? This house belongs to him. Do you want to stay here?
– Yes, I do. Go get some tea then.
– All right. Have you got any sense?
– Yes. Get lost.
– Oh, yes. Get lost. Get lost. It’s all right,
Father. Please calm down. Dad, his parents and the
place he live in doesn’t match. No. Wait, I mean.. our house. I
mean this place is in the city. And they stay in a village. My parents. I mean my father. He stays in the village,
so, he can’t come here often. And once he comes here, he can’t.. All right. He got you.
– Yes. What did I say? Aba, my daughter
wants to marry your son. So, it’s my duty
fulfil her wish as a father. So, what’s the problem then? Let’s
start the wedding preparations. Yes. Dad, what’s there to think about? It was my mother’s wish too, right?
– Yes. That I should get
married within a year? – Yes. Then?
– Have you thought about it? Yes. I mean.. do you suspect a foul play? Dad! All right. It’s decided then. Nandu is getting married finally.
– Yes. Oh, saint Dyaneshwar.
Saint Tukaram. Oh, saint Dyaneshwar.
Saint Tukaram. Oh, saint Dyaneshwar.
Saint Tukaram. Oh, saint Dyaneshwar.
Saint Tukaram. Oh, saint Dyaneshwar.
Saint Tukaram. Oh, saint Dyaneshwar.
Saint Tukaram. Oh, saint Dyaneshwar.
Saint Tukaram. Oh, saint Dyaneshwar.
Saint Tukaram. Leave, we’ll immediately. The Lord awaits us. Meetings the saints,
those pious men. Ambrosia, what your
life will become. Leave, we’ll immediately. The Lord awaits us. Meetings the saints,
those pious men. Ambrosia, what your
life will become. Huddle every
worshipper of Vishnu.. ..towards the river Chandrabhaga. What a memorable sight
the world shall witness. Huddle every
worshipper of Vishnu.. ..towards the river Chandrabhaga. What a memorable sight
the world shall witness. Behold the flag and
march along proudly. Behold the flag and
march along proudly. Sing praises to Lord Vishnu. Sing praises to Lord Vishnu. We pray you Lord Vitthal.
– Oh, Lord Vitthal. We pray to you Lord Vitthal.
– Oh, Lord Vitthal. We pray to you Lord Vitthal.
– Oh, Lord Vitthal. We pray to you Lord Vitthal.
– Oh, Lord Vitthal. We pray to you Lord Vitthal.
– Oh, Lord Vitthal. We pray to you Lord Vitthal.
– Oh, Lord Vitthal. We pray to you Lord Vitthal.
– Oh, Lord Vitthal. Oh, Lord Vitthal. Sitaram, why didn’t you
come to Pandhari this year? Maybe Lord didn’t
wish for me to come. Sir.
– Yes. I hope the Lord isn’t angry with me. No. But he was little sad.
– Why? Sitaram, you shouldn’t push
your grandson to get married. Sir, please be frank.
We’re scared already. Sir, whatever you’ve
predicted has always become true. Yes.
– We beg of you. Please. Don’t hide anything from us.
Tell us the truth. Yes, Sire. Please tell us what my
son’s destiny is. – Yes. This prophecy is not about
your son, it’s about Sitaram. About my father? What about him? Mine? Sire, the
prophecy might not favour me.. ..but I must hear it.
For God’s sake, tell me. If your grandson marries
this year, you will die. Take care of yourself. Don’t think about
Nandu’s marriage this year. Rest is up to the Lord. I couldn’t even watch
the religious procession.. it kept ringing incessantly. Hello!
– Yami, this is your brother. Brother? – Don’t scream.
Put grandpa on the line. Grandpa is here. But brother,
why do you always.. ..ask for grandpa? Did you forget that
I’m your only sister? Don’t you start rambling now. Put grandpa on the line.
– I won’t. Tell me what do you want to say? Yami.. I’m getting married.
– What? You are getting married? Stop screaming, will you? Calm down and listen to me. Listen to me carefully.
– All right. Note down the
address that I’ll tell you. And give it to grandpa,
don’t let anyone know. No shouting and no talking. Note it down.
– Yes. Father, tomorrow, we’ll
go to Nandu and stop.. ..him from getting married It won’t cause any harm if
he gets married the next year. Yami, give us Nandu’s phone
number as well as his address. Father, he can’t get married
the next year. – Why? – But.. He was telling me that he
should get married before December. His mother-in-law is no more. He must get married
this year or he’ll.. ..have to wait for
the next two years. He thinks he’s too smart, doesn’t
he? Give me the phone number! Hold it! My grandson is getting married. But you won’t let it happen. What’s wrong? He’s
already ruined our reputation. Should I sacrifice
my father for him? How long will I tolerate
for that good-for-nothing? Have you really made
any sacrifices for him? Have you really tried to
know his wish, his thoughts? You kept on harping the same tune. My son is responsible for
calling off this marriage. He ruined our reputation. He ran away. No! He refused to marry only because.. ..that girl was in love
with a boy named Rahul. He ran away only
because they could marry. Getting me? He destroyed himself just
to save your reputation. But you kept on
harping the same tune. He ruined my reputation,
he’s a disgrace. Has he ever disheartened you people? But now you are
hell-bent on giving him a grief. Father, I just don’t
want him to marry this year. That’s what makes it wrong. As per the tradition the girl won’t
get married for the next two years. Who knows what might
happen in the next two years? No. Father, the death
looms large over you. You think you’ll avert my death
by calling off Nandu’s marriage. Father, we can’t put
your life at stake. I have always listened
to you, but not this time. Hold it!
– Father. I warn you to inform
Nandu about the prophecy. This marriage will take place. Father, he can marry
later at any time. But you can’t resurrect the dead. Please don’t stop us now. Why don’t you call him? Dear, this marriage will
take place. – It won’t. It will take place.
– It won’t. Father, I have told you..
– It will be done! Please go and call him up.
– Hold it. – Leave me. This marriage will take place. Call him up! Wait!
– Father! Hold it!
– Father! I’m going to die after
this marriage, right? It’s better if I die right now.
– Father. This will solve all the problems.
– Father. Yes.
– Father. I ask everyone not to cause
any delay in Nandu’s marriage. No one will do this.
– Father. If Nandu realises
that I’m going to die.. ..then I will behead myself. Father.
– I swear. Father.
– Promise me. Father.
– Promise me, my son. Promise me! No. Please don’t compel
me to give such promise. Father, please don’t be a stubborn.
– Father. Even we are eager for
his marriage, right? Father, we always treat
the patients, don’t we? We always try to save
the one who’s dying. I don’t care and I don’t know.
– Father. Worshipper of Lord
Pandurang asks for your promise. Father. I even want a promise from you. Promise me.
– Father. Promise me. Mother.
– Promise me. Grandpa asked me
where would I go when.. ..I was about to leave the house. I said I don’t know. Grandpa cares for me, you know. He loves me a lot. He wants me to achieve
something in my life. That I should
marry a beautiful girl. So? What do you think about me? I have at least
fulfilled one of his dreams. You are exactly like the
husband that I’d dreamed of. Didn’t you sing the song
for everyone the other day? Please sing it for me.
– You mean now? This isn’t the time.
– Oh, come on. It’s the time.. to sing the song. There’s one song that
describes our love storv. Shall I sing it?
– Sure. Yes. Background music? I
didn’t even start singing yet. Mother? Don’t apply the make-up. Don’t sit next to the window,
you’re wrecking havoc. Don’t apply the make-up. Don’t sit next to the window,
you’re wrecking havoc. Oh, dear Mother,
don’t do this to me. Don’t put rouge on your face. Oh, dear Mother,
don’t do this to me. Don’t put rouge on your face. Can’t help it. I’m
losing my patience. My heart aches. Can’t help it. I’m
losing my patience. My heart aches. Can’t afford any losses,
don’t waste my time. Empty your pockets. Can’t afford any losses,
don’t waste my time. Empty your pockets. Feel really bored,
life became humdrum. Wish to hear sound of anklets. My body is cramped,
I feel like dancing. Wish to hear sound of anklets. My body is cramped,
I feel like dancing. Pay me my dues,
don’t make mess of it. Pay me my dues,
don’t make mess of it. Come to me, darling. You’re so nice and obedient. Come to me, darling. You’re so nice and obedient. You’re ruining at all. Please understand my plight. I’m meeting my
father-in-law today. Restrain yourself. You’re ruining at all. Please understand my plight. I’m meeting my
father-in-law today. Restrain yourself. Don’t smile or blush,
don’t throw me down. Don’t smile or blush,
don’t throw me down. Father! Please hide her somewhere. Save me, I won’t get married. Please hide her somewhere. Save me, I won’t get married. Don’t apply the make-up. Don’t sit next to the window,
you’re wrecking havoc. Don’t apply the make-up. Don’t sit next to the window,
you’re wrecking havoc. Oh, dear Mother,
don’t do this to me. Don’t put rouge on your face. Oh, dear Mother,
don’t do this to me. Don’t put rouge on your face. Come to me, darling. You’re so nice and obedient. Please hide her somewhere. Save me, I won’t get married. Come in, have a seat. Please get in.
– I have danced after so many days. Have a seat.
– Sit down. Mother, you’re a
great singer and dancer. And look at you sitting like that. Good.
– Dad? I didn’t notice you coming. Right when, she was dancing
and he was a mute viewers. And you were running
around all the place. Right then. What’s happening here? This.. is Kuchipuddi (dance form).
– Kuchipuddi? Kuchipuddi. This dance form is
quite famous in northern India. It’s good. She dances really well. But does she dance all the time? No way. I do that
only in the evening. In the
evening.. before we pray to God. She’s going to perform a new dance,
she’s just practising. Father, what’s going on here? Remember the popular show?
Dance and fun. – Yes. She wants to have fun all the time. Why are you here?
– Yes? What brings you here? Our daughter is getting married.., I thought we
should come live with you. What?
– Here? You want to live here?
– Yes. Why not. Listen, I don’t want
anyone to crowd in here. Wait, let me ask him. Who owns this house? How dare you ask this?
Of course, I am the owner. How could.. Oh, dear God. He owns this house and he too. What are you doing here then? What?
– Get the bag. – Hey. Get their bags! Get lost! Get going. Go away! My father is furious. He
pampered him too much. Oh, you people are still standing.
Why don’t you sit? Oh, sure.
– Have a seat. Please. – You can still do
that while you’re sitting. You too.-You idiot! No! You idiot! Where are you? Grandpa! Dear. Grandpa!
– My sweet little boy. Don’t be afraid. Have no fear, your grandpa is here. How dare they! Come on. No one shall dare to
delay my grandson’s marriage. How dare they! What about you? Do you?
– No way. Do you? – No.-Grandpa, why
would he delay my marriage? He is my father. Didn’t I tell you about
my fake father? – Oh, yes. No, no. Who is she? Mother. Your daughter-in-law. Is she really?
– Yes. – Got it. Didn’t I tell you over the phone? Yes.-That’s right. So, she is my daughter-in-law,
right? – Yes. What are you waiting for?
Fall at my feet. Fall at my feet, I say.
That’s right. Dunderhead, do you
need an invitation? Fall at my feet. A
traditional greeting. May you have eight
children and a happy life. Who is this guy?
– Madhukar Sawant. My father-in-law. Is that so?
– Yes. – Good. I offer you my respects.
– That’s all right. Bless you. She’s is girl’s aunt.
– Okay. – Come forward. Bless you. Grandpa.
– What’s wrong? – She’s a widow. Oh, Lord Vitthal,
how could I do this? No. Dear, don’t you worry. It’s not me who spoke, but
the Lord spoke through me. It’s up to the Lord now.
Don’t you worry. Son, who’s this dancing doll? Hi, I’m Sandy. Don’t
you ever do that to me. Stop shaking, okay?
– Sure. Just fall at my feet.
– I will. I say, fall at my feet.
– Sure. Do it. – Okay. – Bless him.
Something effective. Sure, go on. Aunt. You idiot, who is this
beautiful and sweet girl? Grandpa.
– I got it. I got it. Stop blushing, will you? Here dawns the realisation. She’s my daughter-in-law.
Dear, come forward. Go.
– Don’t blush. No need to really. Come on. Sweet girl. I must admit.
Oh, fall at my feet. Offer me your respects. Lucky. Bless you. Let me see both of you together. Good. Nice. Beautiful, she stands before me. With an aura of Goddess Rukmai. Get married now. Dear.
– Yes? – Marriage? – Yes. Priest. Where’s the priest? There he is.The poor and downtrodden
as usual. Mr. Ganjale. -anjale? There he is.
– Of course. Yes, yes. So, priest.
– Yes? – Good. Confirm the wedding date
on the day after tomorrow. Wait, day after tomorrow won’t do. Tomorrow? No, even that won’t do. Find an auspicious time for today. So soon? Why?
– Why? Why? I haven’t got much time.
Getting me, dear? I can’t afford to
waste time. I request you. Please do it fast. Won’t you? Yes. Brother, they’re not as
rich as they show they are. Uncle. This is our Sonal we
are talking about. What reward will I get if
my suspicion is confirmed? What do you want? What do you wish? I will marry Sonal.
– Forget it! Brother, I don’t know
how to convince you. Have you got any evidence?
– Yes. Have you?
– Yes. Do you?
– Yes. – Do you? – Yes. If you have
evidence then come to me. Show me the evidence only then I
will.. call off Sonal’s marriage. Go! Oh, Lord Vitthal. I hold this sickle in my
hand against your wishes. I’ve done it for my grandson. He shouldn’t learn
a thing about this. Otherwise, he won’t get married. He loves me a lot. Oh, Lord, I want to
see him getting married. I request you. Then I’m ready to die
whenever you will wish. Please listen to my request,
oh, Lord. Oh, dear God. Grandpa? What’s wrong? Grandpa, I have seen
you since I was a child. You weren’t so mushy
and sentimental then. You know what? Grandpa, it’s about your father.
– Yes. Your father wanted to
call off this marriage. But your father is my
son after all. Right? I used this. My most potent weapon. Your father was
scurrying off like a child. Dear, I know when to whip
up someone, to reprimand.. cajole and to respect someone. Then Lord Vitthal
takes care of the rest. Grandpa.
– Yes? My parents are still
angry at me, right? Parents can’t remain angry
with their children.. ..all the time, can they? You know, your mother
wanted you to marry a girl.. ..who was her distant relative. Oh, I see.
– Yes. That’s why you are asking
us to rush. – Of course. How long will you
sacrifice your wishes? The wedding must take place soon. They can drop in at anytime. Go. Send the daughter-in-law. But isn’t she in the village? Not her, it’s the other
one whom you asked to pose. Isn’t she going to play
mother at your wedding, right? She too is equally important,
isn’t she? She’s your real mother. Send her to me. I’ll
explain her everything. Your father never treated
me as his daughter-in-law.. ..ever since I’ve
been married to you. He loved me like his own daughter. He’s an ardent
devotee of Lord Vitthal.. ..yet he brings mutton
only because I like to eat. He then sprinkles holy
water upon himself.. ..requests the Lord for forgiveness. But here, we give
more importance to.. ..our son’s marriage than his life. Patil. Patil, how could
you sit and do nothing? Get up. Do you become
powerless outside your village? Aren’t you a man enough? Why don’t you do something? You’re a village-head
only for the namesake. Just to wear fancy
headgear and show off. How can call himself that? Why are you silent now? You don’t want your father to live? Brother, what about you?
Don’t you want your father? That’s all right.
– Really? It’s all right? You spent your life reading books. You always keep on saying
It’s all right all the time. You should do something. Aba, get up. We must
stop this marriage. But our father has
taken a promise from us. What about that? Aba, will you listen to me? Tell me. Don’t let anyone know
that you are coming. Just grab Nandu and come back. We’ll see what’s to be done next. Only then we’ll realise,
whose side the Lord’s on? You? Sitaram or Nandu? It
will all be out in the open. Get up, Aba. Some people taunt me as
man who just likes to.. ..flaunt his headgear. I promise you all that
I’ll stop this marriage.. ..under any circumstances
and father won’t even realise. Dear. Dear. Come.
– Here’s the tea. Oh, Lord. Good. Nice tea. Only she should make tea. Come on, have your tea. Dear, his mother
can’t prepare good tea. Grandpa.
– Shut up. I’m just telling her the truth. Yes. Yes. Where is Aba? Are you surprised?
Where’s your mister? Okay. All right. Aba. -Coming.
– Come. Listen, don’t get angry,
don’t get fumed over anything. Be calm. Who owns this place?
– I own this place. Don’t mess with me. Didn’t I tell you to calm down? Shall I ask the
grandpa to rebuke you? Can’t you see the sickle over there? Oh, let him go. Do one thing.
– What? Go to the market with him. Shop for the wedding. Go with her aunt. Go,dear. The bride’s family
should always be happy. Come here, dunderhead. You do this. Grandpa has asked me
to give you this money. Me? Why? I.. He’s asked you to buy
clothes and jewellery. You’re after all Sitaram
Patil’s daughter-in-law.. ..and not an ordinary woman. I don’t know what do
you address my grandpa. But he thinks of you as his son
and her as the daughter-in-law. My grandpa is a sentimental man. He gets close to people real fast. To tell you the truth,
I’m not used to this. This is all new to me. I’m used to hearing
people call me Munni. No one addressed me as
daughter-in-law and mother. But these words
arouse emotions within me. I want to hear those words.
I crave for them. I’m not used to men
giving me respect. To tell you the truth,
I want to stay here. I want to be a.. mother. If you consider me your son
then you must listen to me. What? Will you accept my father?
He loves you a lot. Your name will feature
in Guinness Book. – Why? You’re the first son who
confirmed his parents’ marriage. Mother.
– Mother. Uncle!
– Wait! Uncle! Sonu, come here. Sonu, do you know
that Nandu’s parents.. ..are not his real parents? Then? His mother is.. courtesan.
– You mean a dancer? She’s not a dancer,
she sings as well. Singer?
– No. She’s.. that kind of woman.
A loose woman. Oh.. I knew it.
– Really? You know? Still
you’re going to marry him? Yes.
– But why? Why? Because I don’t want to
marry a dunderhead like you. Listen to me.
– Nandu, what should we do to him? Him? What should we do? We should immerse him in the water. If we don’t immerse
him in the water then.. ..he’ll ruin our lives. Say everyone in unison! Hail
Lord Pundalik and Lord Vishnu! Grandpa.
– Hail Lord. The cat’s out of the bag. Hail Lord. Hail Lord.. Hail Lord.. Hail Lord.. Hail Lord.. Hail Lord.. Hail Lord.. Nandu, are you sure
grandpa will deal with him? He will for sure. My
father is his son. Hail Lord. Hail Lord. Hail Lord Pundalik..
– And Lord Vishnu! Hail saint
Dyaneshwar and saint Tukaram. What’s going on?
Aren’t we supposed to go.. ..for the shopping? No, I thought one
more wedding place.. ..on the same day. Who’s going to marry? You, of course. Wait. Listen. No, no. No. Look over there! Wait. Wait, what’s going on? Get aside. Get aside. What are you doing? Father, should we take her
to the shopping with us? Why? Let me see how you do that. Aunt. Aunt. Come in. Oh, no. Sit properly. Are you comfortable? Come on. This is where he must be living.
– Maybe on that side. – Wait. Hey. Hey. Aunt? Aunt? I’m feeling dizzy. I might faint. Sonal, you can
leave for the shopping. Bring ‘Paithani’
(a kind of sari) for me. A widow like me can’t wear
anything more fancy than that. I’m leaving. I’m not feeling well. I’ll be back soon. You’re the mother,
father, companion, Oh Lord. You’re the family deity, the
deity we worshipped since long. So, I say that.. – Grandpa,
the trouble’s coming our way. What’s wrong? I just saw my parents,
Yami and uncle. What? Oh, Lord what have you done? Sickle? Where’s my sickle? Grandpa, what are you up to? I’ll be at the door with
the sickle in my hands. I won’t let anyone come in. Your father-in-law.. call him too. No, I can’t threaten
him with the sickle. He’s fond of
playing chess, isn’t he? Yes.
– Get a chessboard for him.. And then we’ll have
that.. what do we.. ..usually do when we play cricket? Fielding?
– Fielding. Right. We’ll surround the area. Yes, we will. Grandpa, will my marriage be
called off if my parents.. ..find out that my
make-believe parents are here too? No, dear.. Someone knows.
– How? When? Where? You’re the mother, father,
companion, Oh Lord. -Aunt? Aunt. Oh, Lord, please save me. Aunt, listen to me!
Aunt, listen to me! Aunt! Brother! Brother!
– Aunt. I beg of you! – Brother! – I’ll
give you gifts. Saris, blouses! Brother!
– Please don’t go inside. Aunt. Please listen to me. I will fall at your feet.
But I can’t see your feet. Please don’t tell
my father-in-law whatever.. ..that you have seen or heard. I really love Sonal.
Everything’s fair in love and war. I want to get married this year. Oh, really? Get aside. Brother!
– Brother! Brother! Father-in-law, what
are you doing here? Are you there? Brother?
– He’s right there. Why did you close the door?
Open the door! Go ahead, any one of you. Are you scared to go? Tukya, why don’t yo go?
– Who’s the elder brother? Of course, it’s me.
– Why don’t you go then? Yami.
– Yes? – Go ahead. Please go.
– Me? No way. Grandpa will kill me. Right. How can Tukya and you be so coward? Remember preening your
moustache and boasting? You were going to
stop Nandu’s marriage. You were going to stop it. Preen your moustache and get ahead. Shut up. Just calm down.
Don’t get excited. He’s after all my father.
– Yes. I must be afraid of him. Weren’t you afraid of your father? He’d taken a promise
from me. My lips are sealed. Otherwise, I’d have
bought this bungalow. I didn’t bring the cheque-book. Shut up! Get ahead.
– Let’s go. – Come on. Come. What’s wrong? Who knows? They were sitting there,
but vanished all of a sudden. Did they?
– Yes. Come on.
– Coming. – Yes. Let’s go upstairs and check out.
– Yes. We’ll grab him the
moment we see him. I know, I have
seen it in the movies. Shush!
– Shut up. – Calm down. I wonder where they are.
– Who are you talking about? Oh, yes. Your queen
is about to die. I won’t let it die. Yes. So, where are your parents?
– Downstairs. No, I mean the other one.
– Oh, I see. He’s sitting in the car,
about to leave for the shopping. Shopping?
– Yes. – Oh, no. Why shouldn’t they shop now? Let’s go downstairs. Let’s go
downstairs. – Why should we? It feels so nice here. We must go downstairs. A wind
can dislodge the chess pieces. A strong wind is about to blow. Here he comes.
– Let’s get in. – Come on. Grandpa, why did you
send him downstairs? Don’t mess with me. Go and search for your father.
I will deal with them. Go.
– All right. – Go. Idiot. There’s a
time for everything. Have some shame. Get inside.
– Here he comes. Come on.
– Come on.. Where is he? Mother. Father.
– Listen. Come on.
– Come here. What’s wrong?
– What? Why don’t you speak out? Grandpa.
– Dear. – Grandpa. Aba. – Yes. – Dear, what
were you two doing in the car? Don’t pay attention to them.
Look over here. Father-in-law.. but
isn’t Aba your name? Yes, that’s correct.
– Oh, God. Calm down.
– Sister-in-law, has anyone died? No one has died. Father-in-law has already
prepared himself to die. Talk softly. Don’t get excited. I might die if he sees me. No..
– Who is it? Who owns this house?
Who owns this house? It’s not mine.
– Who owns this house? Tell him whose house is this? Who owns this house?
– It’s yours, of course. Yes, this is my house. Good. Good. It’s my house. We are
meeting for the first time. Good.. Here they go.
– Where did they go? – Let’s run. Hey! Who owns this house?
I don’t know. Thief! Who are you?
– Don’t.. Don’t you shout.
– Get aside. Who are you?
– Please don’t shout. Thief.. thief!
– No. Please don’t shout. Listen
to me. I’m not married yet. I’ll be disgraced.
Please don’t do this. Who are you?
– I am Nandu’s.. No, I won’t tell you. It’s a secret. Why are you here?
– To stop. What?
– Yes. I must tell you this. I’m here to stop this marriage. Whose marriage?
– No. Nandu’s of course. Nandu’s? Are you
telling me the truth? Really?
– Yes. It’s the truth. Please speak clearly so
that I can understand. Is that so? Then only Aba
holds that right? – Aba? Yes. ‘So that’s what it is.’ Follow me. Aba.
– Oh, it’s you. I was so scared. Aba, she is Nandu’s would-be
mother-in-law. Girl’s aunt. Greetings.
– Greetings. Greetings. It’s good that we met. I wonder why do you
want to ruin her life? Oh, dear. Bootlegging is our family business.
– What? Gambling, liquor bar, murder.. Four murders. No,
wait, there were eight. Our Nandu has murdered eight people. There’s no use of telling me this. Then? – You should better
tell this to my brother. So, why don’t you tell him?
– Me? How can I? Yes. – It’s better if
you go and tell him. I should tell him?
– Don’t laugh. Are you scared? – No, how will..
No way, why should I be scared? I’m not scared at all.
– Yes. Aba, my brother needs
evidence for everything that I say. Is that so? – He won’t
listen unless there’s evidence. Now what? – Oh, dear. So, you better
rush to him with all the evidence. All right.
– Let’s go. – Let’s go. Come on. Come on. Come. Hey! Madhukar, you
shouldn’t move the knight. Where must be my parents? Where did they go?
– We’ll find them. Sada. Nandu, come here. There’s someone in there.
Who are they? – Who is it? He’s wearing a headgear,
he has a moustache too. He looks like him. There’s a woman with him too. It means my parents are here. You mean my real in-laws? We must calm them
down first otherwise.. ..they’ll stop my marriage. How did they come here?
Who brought them here? Don’t get angrv unnecessarily
Tell me, what are we going to do? What are we waiting for?
Let’s throw them out.. ..and give them a sound beating. How can you? How dare you!
They’re my parents. Good. This is great. Brilliant. He got back his real parents. That’s why they always say
that fake always remains fake. Hey, but.. I didn’t mean to.. Aba.
– Nandu. Nandu has called out to someone.
– Yes. Calm down. Don’t cry. I thought an orphan
finally found a father.. ..a son, a wife and a brother. That I found a family,
my own people. God’s really strange. He
grants you the happiness.. ..but takes it away with other hand. I promise you. Only you shall
act as my father at my wedding. Only you are my father. Aba. How do we stop Nandu’s marriage. I really don’t have any idea. I don’t know how
should we approach.. ..Nandu’s father-in-law,
I’m really going crazy. I say, let’s meet Nandu
and tell him the truth. Why would we be doing all
this if we could do that? Your father-in-law, my father
has taken a promise from me. If we don’t keep this promise,
he’ll definitely behead himself. Things might go worse from bad. The quiet people are
extremely dangerous when provoked. Is this true? Father, can I suggest something? Sure, go on. Grandpa sleeps like a log in
the night. – That’s right. Beat drums, make noise,
it doesn’t matter.. ..he won’t get up
until it’s morning. Shush. Calm down. Dear, you are too smart. That’s right. I
couldn’t think of it. I suggest we should meet
Nandu’s father-in-law.. ..when father sleeps tonight.
– Yes. Hail Lord. Hail Lord. Hail Lord. Hail Lord. Hail Lord. Hail Lord. Hail Lord. Hail Lord, why me? Hail Lord. Slow down. Be careful. Let’s go.
– Hold on. Just a minute. I will tell you the truth.. Sada Aatmaram Pavle and.. Munni,
right? I would’ve called off
this marriage long back. But I’d promised
Ujwala that I won’t.. ..marry her off without her wishes.
– Yes, yes. Every father wants to know about.. ..the family that his
daughter will marry into. I came here and I met
the Lord Vitthal himself. I felt so nice. I was overwhelmed. He’s good lad, this boy.
Aba Patil’s son. Aba Patil is a man
who is eager to help.. ..the villagers when
they face any troubles. This woman looks quarrelsome.. ..but she’s got heart
of gold. Nandu’s mother. This man never disobeys his brother. He is of course Nandu’s uncle. Yami is extremely friendly. Then there’s a great grandma
who holds this family together. How do you know this? Here comes the owner. – So, who owns this house? Oh, come on, Madhukar. We’re childhood friends. Guys, you have no idea
that he’s given a great.. ..sacrifice for you. Forget it, Madhukar. He didn’t allow anyone to
stay in this house, only to.. ..preserve the moments that
his girlfriend had spent here. Have you got any idea? But see what I have got in return? Father. Brother.
Sister-in-law. Two of them. And a son as well
as daughter-in-law. What else do we want? Let’s prepare for the wedding. Grandpa, let the fun begin.
– Of course. You’ve done a lot for them. Hello. Hello.
Welcome, sister-in-law. Please come in.
– Welcome. – Hello. Have a seat. Please call the groom. Grandpa.
– My dear. My dear. Go ahead. Oh, Lord Vitthal. Is everything ready? Let’s distribute the rice. Let’s begin the ceremony. Has everyone got the rice?
– Yes. Is everything ready?
– Yes, she is ready. Please hurry up. Please call the bride. This marriage can’t
take place! Stop it! Please someone stop it! Mother, what’s wrong?
– This marriage can’t take place! Dear!
– I’m going to tell them the truth. I’m going to say it. I won’t listen to you today. You’ve taken a promise
from your son and not from me. Dear, what are you doing? You treat me as your daughter. You made me feel that I’m
your daughter, right? – Yes. Show me a daughter who’ll
rejoice for her son’s marriage.. ..when her father’s about to die? If you want to do this, then you
better burn me alive right here. Please don’t say this. Please look at your son.
See what he is going through. Father, he loves you.
He’ll be shattered. Please absolve him. Please absolve him from
the burden of your promise. Don’t let us commit this sin.
I beg of you. Please. But my grandson’s wedding.. Mother, what’s going on? What are you rambling about?
Tell me the truth. It’s nothing. – What
promise are you talking about? What sin are you referring to?
– It’s nothing. Please keep quiet. Dear.. Oh, God, how do I tell you? Only God knows the truth. If you’re married this year then.. No. Your grandpa will die. What? We’re on the brink of destruction. Please stop this marriage.
– Oh, no. This isjust brilliant, Grandpa. I’ve realised now why were you
so insistent for my marriage. Were you trying to cheat me? No.
– This is what you have taught me? No, dear.
– You think I’m so eager to marry? Well, I don’t! What are you doing, dear? I’m ready to remain
bachelor all my life for you. Please don’t say this. Oh, Lord
Vitthal, your ways are unfathomable. So, you’re chanting Lord’s name? You consider yourself an ardent
devotee of Lord Vitthal, right? But you tried to deceive me. It’s true after all. I
mean nothing to you. Grandpa. I chant your name more
than you chant Lord’s name. Oh, dear.
– But look at you.. Father, I’m asking you a
question for a change. Please answer me. Come on. Why did you hide it from me? Uncle! You keep harping the same
tune every now and then. It’s right. Why did
you make a mistake now? Yami! How could you keep this
secret from your dear brother? Dear.
– Don’t you touch me! Why doesn’t anyone
ask me what I wish for? And I feel that I shouldn’t
get married. – But, dear.. I have been lying to you so far,
but this is for real. Sonal, please forgive me. We have something in our
lives worth dying or living for. For me, it’s my grandpa. Dear. Nandu, our happiness isn’t a
greater issue than grandpa. I’m ready to marry other
guy if my mother wishes so. Nandu, the customs
shouldn’t dictate our lives. Please remember this. Sonal is ready to
wait two years for you. No! I haven’t got that much time. Once I see you getting married,
I’ll happily embrace the death. Otherwise, my death will
be a painful one. – No. Dear, it’s up to you now. Grandpa, this is a great dilemma. Father, this has no end. Why are you trving
to test our patience? Grandpa, my great
grandma won’t live without you. Same with me. I’m being stubborn
for this very reason. Dear, let her see you getting
married, she will die in peace. That’s true, dear. – I ask
you to do me a favour. Please. Grandpa, I promise you
that my daughter shall.. ..only marry Nandu. No one can be sure about the future. What matters is today. My grandson should
get married today. Lord Narsimha had
reincarnated in the past.. ..perhaps if Lord Vitthal does
the same, only then it’s possible. Lord Narsimha? The
half beast and half man? Neither day nor night. Neither in nor out. Uncle, it’s a million dollar idea. Grandpa, I’m getting married. But how’s this possible? Zero hours.
– Zero hours? – Yes. On 31st December, at 12 midnight,
all the clocks.. the world are stopped for
10 odd seconds to adjust the time. Just as they do for the leap years?
– Yes. Month of Februarv
sometimes comprises 28 or 29 days. Right? It’s same as we have
extra month in the Hindu calender. Absolutely. It means this wedding
will neither take place.. this year not in the next year. Right?
– Absolutely. What are you waiting for? Let the marriage begin. Oh, yes, come on. 12am. That’s what
we are waiting for. Dear, can you sing? Can you work in the fields?
– Can you cook? Can you?
– You’re educated, right? I hope she’s not dumb or blind. Yes, guys. She can do everything. Yes! Yes! This is great!
– It’s over! Hail Lord Vitthal. Hail Lord Vitthal. Hail Lord Vitthal. Hail Lord Vitthal. Hail Lord Vitthal. Hail Lord Vitthal. Hail Lord Vitthal. Hail Lord Vitthal.

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