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100 thoughts on “House Impeachment Inquiry Hearing – Volker & Morrison Testimony

  1. funny how democrat spies want to influence policy well trump is the president and he does what he does and those crying kids run to congress to whine who he`s not listening to them

  2. That chick in the background blinkedddd a lot!!!! I made a video about how many times!!

  3. they should just rename this one to "Nixon Online" lol.

    none of this is funny though.. it's either one side or the other.

    the united states has become soo polarized politically and i have NO DOUBT

    that technology is ALL behind this.

    i miss the early '90s. tech was a wonder of what can be,

    and the economic times were a Golden Paved Road compared to what

    is going on now.


    thomas 🙂

  4. If the Ukraine president thought it was appropriate, they would have started the investigation that Trump wanted. The only way the aid was put through ultimately was due to the stupidgate being exposed two days prior.

  5. 9:57 Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) opens the fourth hearing.
    10:27 Rep. Schiff briefly introduces the minority’s first two witnesses, Ambassador Kurt Volker (State Department Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations) and Tim Morrison (former Senior Director for European Affairs.)
    11:00 Rep. Schiff’s opening statement
    17:42 Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) opening statement
    24:06 Rep. Schiff introduces the two witnesses and provides professional backgrounds.
    26:04 Rep. Schiff swears in the witnesses.
    26:39 Mr. Timothy Morrison’s opening statements. Morrison is here by subpoena. He feared how the July 25 phone call would play out given the political climate. “I left the NSC of my own volition.”
    29:36 Ambassador Volker came in voluntarily. He is a “career foreign policy professional” who has served under Reagan, H.W. Bush, Clinton, W. Bush, and Obama. He felt his services could help Ukraine from its legacy of corruption. Volker was not on “the call” and was not aware of it until the transcript was released on September 25, 2019. He was part of the “official channel.” Volker recommended Bill Taylor as the replacement for Marie Yovanovitch.
    53:56 Rep. Schiff recognizes himself for the first round of questions.
    59:54 Democratic Counsel, Daniel Goldman
    1:39:58 Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA)
    1:41:14 Republican Counsel, Steve Castor
    2:25:10 Rep. Schiff calls for recess
    2:45:53 Rep. Schiff calls committee to order
    2:46:06 Mr. Goldman
    3:01:18 Rep. Nunes
    3:03:29 Mr. Castor
    3:07:22 Rep. Nunes
    3:07:35 Rep. Schiff
    3:14:55 Rep. Nunes
    3:15:04 Rep. Michael Turner (R-OH)
    3:22:14 Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT)
    3:27:23 Rep. Mike Conaway (R-TX)
    3:32:27 Rep. Schiff
    3:32:43 Rep. Terri Sewell (D-AL)
    3:37:43 Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH)
    3:42:43 Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN)
    3:47:36 Rep. Brad Wenstrup (R-OH)
    3:52:52 Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA)
    3:58:34 Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT)
    4:02:16 Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL)
    4:06:13 Rep. Schiff
    4:08:26 Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY)
    4:12:46 Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA)
    4:18:26 Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX)
    4:23:16 Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX)
    4:28:11 Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX)
    4:33:33 Rep. Denny Heck (D-WA)
    4:38:33 Rep. Jordan
    4:43:04 Rep. Turner
    4:43:30 Rep. Peter Welch (D-VT)
    4:48:36 Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY)
    4:53:42 Rep. Val Demings (D-FL)
    4:57:16 Rep. Schiff
    4:58:48 Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-IL)
    5:03:41 Rep. Nunes, closing statements
    5:06:24 Rep. Schiff, closing comments

  6. This impeachment is a joke !!!
    Both sides are Equally corrupt !!
    But if I choose I think I’ll vote trump
    Cuz I ffnknn hate liberals!!

  7. Turner claims he’s taken apart the whole case by getting Volker to say neither the president or the Ukrainians told him, Volker, of the president’s intentions or conditions. But Volker is hardly the only person involved, and he’s contradicted by Sondland, who will testify tomorrow.

  8. The level of subsurface good ole boy shenanigans going on here is undeniable and stinks. These guys should also have to wear their white sheets.

  9. Even if Trump did the alleged act ( which is not a crime by the way) it's still a distraction from the crime Biden/Ukraine corruption. Dems moto 'best defense is offense' make it all about Trump even tho it ain't.

  10. The Russians aren't crossing our borders.13 Chinese Caught at U.S.-Mexico Border. Africans, Brazilians, and Pakistanis Caught, Too. Smugglers Arrested.

  11. This whole impeachment thing feels like when you run out of Pringle’s in a can so you have to scrape at the bottom for crumbs but your hand’s too big so you’re putting in all this effort for absolutely no result

  12. (759) Whistleblowing AGAINST the DNC | Andrii Telizhenko | Ep 55 – YouTube

  13. Well here we are after day 3 and there is still NO evidence from a single witness that the President committed any crime. When asked directly EVERY single witness has had to admit that they have ZERO evidence of any crime. The main thing I learned was that vindman was thought to be untrustworthy by his coworkers and that he was the one that leaked to the whistleblower Eric charm**** . You could tell from his response, his reaction his lawyers reaction and shiftys reaction. Hahaha shifty shiffs circus is falling apart. TIME TO Release the fisa!! Then the dems will start going down, to Gitmo hopefully for Treason for trying to rig an election and when that failed for conspiring with the self serving swamp rats trying to overthrow a duly elected President. That is the very definition of treason. I cant wait to watch the trials. I hope they all hang. THAT is how the swamp will get drained

  14. This isn’t boring at all, I have been riveted the entire day! Like watching an idiot thief run into a glass door in slow motion and knock himself out. GOP is about to hit that glass

  15. Best defense is offense. Biden committed crime Trump wanted him investigated the Democrats want Trump removed when everyone debates impeachment. and Biden like Hillary skates away. Case closed.

  16. I tried watching the impeachment through fox News but it just looked like puppets saying "look away" I got tired of watching sesame Street so I'm here now. Ps excuse my English, I'm England ✌️

  17. What is with Morrison’s shifty eyes? Is he searching for answers or strategy? Could he be providing less than the whole truth?

  18. Vindman is obviously the one that leaked the phonecall to the whistleblower Eric char*^*^*^. Watch vindmans reaction, his lawyers reaction and shiftys reaction when he was asked who he talked to after the phonecall on jul 25. He suddenly refused to answer who he told and shifty and vinmans lawyer stepped in and shut down the questioning. Caught you lying bastard. A discrace to the Uniform and a discrace to every honest American that has served his country. I hope vindman is charged too

  19. If you truly want to trade your future hope and eternity on earth for a few years of politics, I hope it proves to be worth it.
    I hope you first read scriptures like Revelation 21:3,4 first to see what you are giving up and Revelation 16:14….and…Daniel 2:44 to see what the bible promises will happen to all human governments shortly and their supporters!
    In several places the bible expands on Rev.21:3,4 and goes into greater detail about what life on earth will be like for those who obey the bible correctly by not taking part in politics, or supporting human governments as well as many other things….

    It describes how the animals would all be friendly and like loyal pets and cause no harm.
    That we would be able to play with lions and other presently dangerous animals like many do cuddly dogs today.

    To give up that, which is scheduled to happen in our lifetime and supposedly very soon, for failed politics, is what Jesus would maybe call, a very poor choice.

    The number of things false religions teach that are contrary to the bible number in the dozens.

    Jesus was clear that the vast majority of religious people would prove false.
    He even said he would say to them "get away from me, I never knew you"

    The bible holds the logical view that only 1 religion would be the truth and would be able to explain the bible correctly and would do the worldwide preaching work jesus said would happen now at Matthew 24:14.

    So there is only 1 religion going door to door covering every nation and knocking on every door on earth.
    They also refuse to support any human government nor do they take part in politics in any nation.

    They show love to ALL people. They do not show hatred to their enemies, just as Jesus taught.

    On the other hand look at those religious people disobeying the bible and supporting both politics and human governments.
    See how they show not love, but deep hatred towards political enemies.

    So I ask you. If you believe truly in the bible, would it not be wise to listen to it and get away from politics and join the only Christian religion on earth preaching about Gods government everywhere on earth?
    Lastly read Luke chapter 4 verses 5 to 8.
    You will see Satan offer Jesus control over all the humans governments if Jesus would bow down to him.
    Think carefully that the bible says Satan controls all human governments and will shortly destroy them and obedient hymns will enjoy an eternity on earth in perfect health and happiness.
    Why choose immol politics over that?
    All who want to join the truth just need as their creator to send his people and he will swiftly.

  20. This is so ridiculous😂 Liberals are losers…sore losers. You lost in 2016…get over it, it’s been 3 years and you’re still saltier than the Dead Sea.

    Y’all gonna turn to pillars of salt next year when he wins again. If you’re so confident you’re going to win 2020 why are democrats trying so hard to impeach him?

    They’ve literally shat their pants and know it’s there only hope to get him out of the Whitehouse next year. Some people really can’t handle defeat cause they’re so entitled they think they deserve to always win and the way they squirm when they don’t and can’t do anything about it is next level.

  21. Kurt Volker was truly helped by REP. RAJA KRISHNAMOORTHI D-IL to get to the truth. He wasn't part of the crime. Where Mr Morrison was.
    You guys are listening to the hearing and that's what American who loves their country does. 
    Please Note; Rep. Val Demings D-Fl. ask the real question and got the true answer Mr Morrison is a trump yes man.
    Mr Morrison Alter the transcript then classify it so no one could see it. After speaking about it with Attorney. Stating he wasn't concern by Trump called?

  22. This Ukraine scsndal is a big deal, but there are so many other crimes that Trump is involved in — either directly or indirectly. The House Dems need to expand their investigations into Emoluments violations, money laundering with Russia through the German Deustschebanke, the Trump administration locking immigrant kids in cages at the border, misappropriation of government funds, etc. Poll numbers alone aren't gone to convince Republican Senators to vote this president out of office! They have to go all the way with these hearings.

  23. Funny in the beginning the dems loved these "witnesses" then they realized that they weren't helping there cause they were really helping Trump they take a break then come back and try to discredit their own "witnesses" ! The Country 👀 right through these idiotic Democrats

  24. I wish Jim Jordan and Nunes would just get up from their chairs and take the Chairman seat and kick Shifty Shiff out of the hearing

  25. Can I object to being conscripted in, as a citizen of the tax paying public, anyone's arguments as to how I do and do not want my "hard earned tax dollars" utilized as I have no practical say in how taxes are used?; in the same way I have no practical say in the weight of my independent vote?

  26. Nunes is frustratingly stupid 🤦🏽‍♀️ everytime I hear him call this a show it makes me cringe. Weren't the Republicans crying about making these depositions public?? Can't they ever stay on the same page? Geez.

  27. imagine being remembered in history as defending hitler incarnate, watered down and doesn't even speak german lol no military experience/background either. Ukraine is at war and trump had the nerve to say some weird shit because he wanted to investigate 'joe biden'

  28. America is just a circus anymore or a soap opera and we all have a front row seat to the shit show. I mean how can i take anything serious when the elections r called VOTEGASM? Pathetic anymore

  29. let's be real, the fake republicans are desperate because they rely on trump as their republican presidential nominee. whereas, real republicans would not comply with such retardation.

  30. they kept repeating the same argument of democrats trying to overturn the last election. nah i'm pretty sure they're not trying to overturn the last election. they're defending the constitution by impeaching a fake president who doesn't know any legislation.

  31. Hello, Humans.
    “You are in no position to disagree. I’ve got a loaded .45; you got pimples.”
    Al Pacino -Scent of a Woman (1992)


  32. I loved how one of the Dems pointed out the fact that, "Saudi Arabia is Corrupt. Yet Donald Trump met with their leader. Russia is corrupt. Yet Trump met with Putin"

    The Republicans should have made mention for the record, "Iran is corrupt and considered a terrorist state. Yet Obama gave them $150 billion dollars for nothing. Yet when Russia attacked the Ukraine. Obama gave them blankets. President Donald Trump gave them Javelins "

    By the way … Trump 2020. I was on the fence until I started watching this farce.

  33. And yet when Republicans ask this witness if any crime, bribery or quid pro quo has occurred their answer is NO…. game over!


  35. 1 doesn’t have to follow people to read tweets -i create twitter accounts just to see what people tweet w/out having to follow anyone

  36. These hearings can be summed up in 1 word – boring. When you accept that fact, the outcome of this impeachment is clear – it will fail. A successful inquiry to impeach the president should be filled with outlandish facts, a deep seated motive, a juicy story that keeps getting better. This isn't it. There are no facts, this will fail.

  37. I notce a real difference in the attitude of the Replublican questions towards these witnesses. They were positively hostile towards Ms Willams and Lt Col Vindman who were honorable and correct in all that they had done. Yet these two witnesses knew of the underhand dealings and were part of it but they are being treated with kid gloves…..totallly outrageous!!

  38. Oh right, now the President is concerned about how the Tax payers money is spent??It is a pity he is not that concerned about the tax payers money when they have paid milions to Trump businesses when he goes to play gold for weekends at his resorts…which is pretty often by all accounts.

  39. The only thing Nunes is doing is – trying to full audience believing that the whole hearing is a sham . First day he reads the phone transcript from April 2019 that had nothing to do with the real transcript that happened in July. He knows Trump supporters well

  40. Some of these witnesses should be eternally greatful they are testifying against President Donald J. Trump.
    Had it been against the Clinton Crime Family they would have been suicided before being able to testifying.
    The Justice Department, local police and mainstream media would all affirm you shot yourself twice point blank range with a 45* caliber single action snub nose

  41. OMG, scroll to the end and watch Schiff’s closing statement. It’s straight fire. There’s an epic moment when he says his GOP colleagues don’t care about the president’s misbehavior, they’re only upset he got caught, and they’re mad at the whistleblower for exposing his corruption. The camera pulls back to show the Republicans, and they all look so downcast and ashamed. Even Nunes and Jordan.

  42. Every president from president Trump to president Nixon has withheld aid due too corruption. I mean God, would we not want a president to do his due diligence on behalf of the U.S. citizens?

  43. Morrison looked like he was freaking out. You see how, before today all the other witnesses were calm and just answering yes and no. It's not good to hear them say "I don't recall" to a majority of questions, especially in relation to questions about conversations they had.

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