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How army veteran and comedian Dion Flynn finds humor in life | Veterans Coming Home

You know, maybe some of you are wondering I don’t know what the hell you’re wondering. I don’t even care. You know why? You know why I don’t care? Because January 17th, 2017 I am getting the hell out of here. (laughter) And that’s it. People say, “You know, what are you doing? You going to stay?” Yeah. Some of you, you’re applauding for different reasons right now. (laughter) (clapping) Well, you know a lot of people they see me and they think I’m the president of the United States. But actually I’m not. I’m Dion Flynn. I’m a comedian. I play Barack Obama on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. But, really I’m a verteran who is a performer and a comedian and an actor. Alright, thank you. Thank you, PJ. You’re thinking, “Wow, you know… President of the United States, he looks a lot different in real life than he does on the TV. A lot of you are thinking “You know, he looks more in real life like if Barack Obama had a baby with the Grinch. (laughter) I was stationed at Camp Greaves on the border between North Korea and South Korea. And, it’s just like M*A*S*H My favorite show growing up was comedy in the middle of death and blood. I just, I think that’s life. That’s life itself is to find the humor in the middle of something that’s otherwise tragic. Because what people laugh at is always the truth. I get all kinds of card and letters. You know, people want to know. They’re like, “Well how does the president, the most powerful and sexiest man in the world (laughter) how does he ask for sex from his wife?” It goes a little something like this Uhhhhh And that’s just the door to the Lincoln Bedroom to reveal me fully nude, fully naked. That’s how I roll. Thanks everybody That’s my time. God bless you. God bless America. (clapping)

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