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How Batman Begins Should Have Ended

Hruaaah! Ah! *grunts* fffffffffff Raaaaaagh! He easily 200 pounds! How were you able to lift him with just one arm? I don’t know… I think it’s… I think it’s.. BECAUSE I’M BATMAN! How Batman Begins Should Have Ended *train noises* *bat grunting* *screaming* If that train reaches the main hub, it’s all gonna blow! What the!? How did you know? You stole this weapon from my company. Did you think I wouldn’t figure out how to turn it off? You will never learn will … Hang on just one second, I’m in the middle of a call. I’m sorry, what was that? I said, did you find the off switch, Mr. Wayne? I’m Batman! uh…Alright… did you find the off switch Mr. Batman? Yes I did. Thanks Lucius! *brakes screeching* Oh yeah, this is also my dad’s train. so… emergency shut off. Why you! I’ll kill you! Bat net! Ha HA ha ha HA ha HAhahahaa ha! He stole your microwave emitter! hee hee hee! Yep. Heeheeheeeheeehee! And you… *chuckles* And you just turned it off! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Yep! That jerk burnt down my house. Oh man! I needed that. hehe Villains are so stupid! Yes they are. You’re lucky that microwave emitter didn’t vaporize every living thing standing nearby Oh I know! That would have been more realistic, AND terrible! So where are Ra’s Al Ghul and the Scarecrow now? *slurps* Oh they’re locked away in Arkham Asylum. We wont be seeing them again. *Maniacal laughter* So, the two of us broke out… and he still thinks, we’re locked in Arkham! *More Maniacal Laughter* That’s awesome. Heroes are so annoying! Why haven’t we felt any effects? Must be a compound that has to be absorbed through the lungs. That explains why my wife flipped out on spaghetti night! *screams* I came here to break up with you. Were we dating? It’s because of your mask. My bat mask? No. Your face is your mask… and the bat mask is your real face. Because it’s not what’s underneath, but what you do… and what you do now is Batman. So that’s your face. This is really confusing. This IS my face! Just like that is your face WHAT IS HAPPENING!?

100 thoughts on “How Batman Begins Should Have Ended

  1. Is no one gonna comment of the fact that they made Rachel's eyes look down at his crutch when she said "because it's not what's underneath"

  2. I would have been totally fine had they just had Batman let go of Ra's al Ghul on the cliff and cut to the cafe.

    Superman: Wait to let him fall?

    Batman: Well yeah, he weighed like 200 lbs and I only had him by one arm.

    Superman: But you’re BATMAN.

    Batman: Well actually I was Bruce Wayne in a Ninja suit at the time. So it doesn’t really count. Do you know why?

    Superman: Because

    Batman: BECAUSE IM BATMAN!!!

  3. I know I am very late when watching this video, like 3-4 years late. The brick breaking thing that Batman did, not that impressive. I have broken a brick with the palm of my hand. Not bragging just telling you. So yeah

  4. Seems human beings in Gotham are not 75% water as all other human beings, cuz microwaves don't affect people in Gotham but they def affect the water inside the metal pipes only.

  5. 1:32 Superman 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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