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How did Harshini Pathak Crack NMIMS at Borderline Score of 210

Ok hi guys today we have Harshini Pathak with us here from NMIMS Mumbai, how does it feel to come back to CATKing its always a pleasure to come back here this is the place where i actually started my journey for MBA and its great to comeback here, i get to learn everything everytime i come here could you tell us how was your MBA journey? before NMIMS, i was working with Accenture that was my campus recruit through Thakur college i worked with Accenture for 25 months and i left as an application development analyst i always knew i had to pursue my further studies and i was sure its going to be MBA but i couldnt decide when to do it i heard about CATKing and i decided to join and i also did not want to leave my job because im good at multi tasking and i always live by it so it was a hectic schedule for me, travelling from malad to vikhroli everyday an hour and a half travel one way so what i did was, verbal being my weak area, i read word power made easy while i travelled so this is one way i saved time and prepared my self too it wasnt easy, good things wont come easily to you, you’ll have to put efforts how did you balance, apart from travelling, where did you study rest of the things how did you utilize your weekends well i made sure i carried verbal, quant, lr di, basic books in my bag wherever i go and accenture had this library, i spent some time over there and prepare my basic books so i made sure im firm on my basics if at all i got stuck in advanced questions, all of you were there to solve the doubt at any given time of the year theyre actually great they were always there for any kind of help needed you also mentioned youre from accenture, an engineer one of the most cliche profiles an engineer working in accenture coming for an MBA that too at 210 which was NMATs cutoff so what did you think made you that cut i was always an average student and never will be a topper and its okay its honestly okay to be an average student i come from a very cliche background so i had to make sure what stands out for me is my profile, there are a lot of extra curricular things that ive done like my dance and my sports and this is what has worked for me because i did both simultaneously and in the interviews the panelists used to always get surprised with how i managed both of these together that was my plus point and i made sure i brought this point up in my interviews so again mentioning about the SOP which we had to make for NMIMS i made sure my story revolves around how i imbibed my learnings from the days where ive practised dance and sports and how im utilizing them now aswell so when it comes to multitasking its still helping me in my journey through MBA what would you say, when did you start a serious preparation, you started classes about a year back almost so when was it full throttling like now i have to only crack the exams i think it was around april 2016 when i joined CATKing and that was the time i decided if i do it, if ive put my own money into this then i will do it this time because i knew i did not want to waste another year behind this i wanted to crack any exam i give in the first attempt and make it through what do you suggest students for next 3-4months for NMAT what should they do, you mentioned verbal was your weak area so what should they do for their areas being weak for the preparation id say give many mocks i think ive given a total of 30-40 mocks initially i used to give 2 mocks in a day one mock in the morning, analyze it for 3-4hours take a break, give another and analyze it and then take a break gradually i reduced the frequency, like 1 mock per day to one mock per few days and i kept working on my weaknesses its okay to not know a topic, you can always work on it but mocks is something that always helps how about your preparation for the verbal aspects apart from word power made easy what did you focus on that book and i followed rahul sirs tips that was solve 1 RC and DI everyday so that worked well for me because that were the 2 areas that was the most stressful i followed this, they were more than enough to crack NMAT and in 2months people can easily score about 220 its just me who score 210 and that absolutely fine the next question is at 210 what can you get worked at NMIMS what would you say since youre inside already 210 is just a score it doesnt speak of what you are as a person so when you make your SOP because what happens is your SOP will go to the interviewer before you enter so it will speak volumes about yourself so make sure you put all in that which you want to be known for thats one of the key id like to share how was your overall CDPI experience case discussion and interview, how did that go so for both of that i was with CATKing only, there was a lot of and there were alot of seniors from NMIMS also and other colleges too who came to train us so we had proper GDs followed by PIs that is where i came to know how many entries to give where to start what to speak, theres a particular way which you need to folllow like if theres a case discussion then dont jump to a conclusion start with finding what the actual problem is so CATKing actually guided me through this, id not have known this on my own so the overall CDPI went smoothly it was just another day for me would you be happy to come down and help the future CATKing students ofcourse id be ready anytime good so we shall definitely have you back

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  1. Giving mocks is good but 2 mocks a day is not very productive. I'd instead suggest that students give a lot of CAT mocks and a few NMAT Mocks (~10). Utilise your time studying, Mocks are only good to improve question selection, time management and identifying weak areas.

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