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How I Made Over $4,500 Doing  Surveys On Line  ( Part One)

hello everybody this is money mom welcome back to the channel money making Monday let's get started I'm gonna talk to you guys today briefly about how I've made over forty five hundred dollars over the last several years so it's been ten to twelve years doing surveys online in addition to many gift cards as well I know that sometimes surveys online get a bad rap but there are some really good survey sites and I'm gonna tell you four of my favorites this is a part one because I do have other survey sites that I really like but there's been many over the years that maybe a better part of that haven't been a favorite either because a slow payout or because it just takes a really long time to do some of their surveys so I definitely have some favorites one hint that I want to start off with is make sure no matter what site that you decide to join to do your research to make sure that that they pay out fairly then it's not a scam always do your research first before joining any site you want to join a site that has a good reputation that's number one one of the biggest ways that I've made money number two is by getting referrals a lot of times these different opinion websites will have a referral link that you can get give out to your friends and if they sign up and take a few surveys you can earn some extra money for doing that so that is definitely a good way to make some extra money and sometimes they have special programs where they're paying a little extra for referrals that month because they may need fresh faces so that's number two get your referrals number three this is my biggest thing I would not join a lot I know many people that join several different service sites and it just gets overwhelming you get tons of email and they're not consistent with any of them so it takes forever to reach a payout for me I'm only a member of a few I would not want to have like 30 different opinion sites that I'm a member of because it would be hard to keep up with it all and then you're getting a lot of emails so just pick a few with the best tation so those are my kids I'm gonna tell you four of my favorites and the reason why is because the opinion polls that they give you or the surveys that they give you are not long they don't take a really long time and the companies have always paid quickly so let me get started and tell you I'm going to put the links below and you can also email me for more information if you'd like number one paid viewpoint I've been with them since 2011 they do little quick surveys little quick mini polls surveys they don't take more than say three minutes and your money kind of collects and I think that they pay out once you hit fifteen dollars and so I really like them a lot and I've been with them since 2011 and I've made a thousand fifty seven dollars with them doesn't sound like a lot but it doesn't take that long and it's some extra money and they pay by paypal number two and they may pay by other things but I chose PayPal number two this is the site that I've been with the longest and I've made over thirty five hundred with them surveysavvy what I like about them is they have a variety of different surveys and you get emails and they'll tell you about how long the surveys gonna take and what it pays they have an excellent referral program also and they mail you a check I've always gotten paid it usually says four to six weeks but I've always gotten paid and they have you know good customer service and I've been with them like I said a long time number three you gov I love them and they pay buy gift cards but you get different types of choices I've gotten movie cards before and Amazon gift cards which have both come in handy I've used a lot of them as gifts so I really like that number four and all of the first three that I mentioned have referral programs this fourth one does not have a referral program and they're not always looking for people but I really like them it's pinecone research many of you have probably already heard of them because they're very well-known and Abba excellent reputation you get several different ways to choose to get paid which is really good and you get to try out products as a matter of fact they've mailed me things that I can try and then give my opinion that's either been some food it might be a product and so I really like them so depending on how you answer a survey you know you may be able to try something so for example let's say that you love protein bars and you answer their survey on it and protein bars is one of your favorite things you might like a particular brand that they're doing the survey on and a new flavors coming out our new kind of that particular brands coming out they may mail you some of these protein bars for you to try and take a survey plus you earn money in addition to that these are four of my survey sites I'm gonna leave the links below you can let me know if you like any of these survey sites or if you have some survey sites I know they may not make tons of money but guess what guys it's not about making hundreds and hundreds of dollars every 10 15 20 dollars three dollars every little bit we make counts so let me know guys how you're making money today I always love to hear from you this is money mom signing off and as always I love you bye bye

10 thoughts on “How I Made Over $4,500 Doing Surveys On Line ( Part One)

  1. Thank you for sharing what works for you. I signed up for mini Survey, it tracks when you go to a store. I have 14000 plus points. It doesn’t got fast for me because I don’t go a lot of places but it accumulates and the surveys only take like 3 minutes. I am going for the $75 gift card.

  2. I have done User Interviews. 2 hr group on tv ad campaigns, $100 cash.
    I did one a few yrs ago watched 2 tv pilots, discussion while we ate pizza and salads. $50 cash.
    I love these interviews, cash, never more than 2 hrs.
    I do YouGov, too.

  3. Unfortunately they don't seem to have a need for a 64 year old disabled woman in their surveys LOL. The only one that I actually I'm able to participate in is the yougov.

  4. I signed up for yougov and I've been doing surveys on there now. I'm excited to do it for a few minutes each day as a way to get reimbursed with gift cards. I already referred a friend who is doing it now too. It's not a lot of money but it is something to do for a few minutes each day and then receive gift cards after I receive so many points.

  5. Well if I ever loose my job or become disabled I know there are options I can do at home. Great to know.

  6. Yes great idea to do your research – really good point! This is such a great video for people who want to just make some money on the side. I did some after I had my first babies years ago and it was really great..

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