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How I prevent cracks on my ’85 Toyota’s Dashboard

Hey guys thanks for checking in here at
the 6th Gear Garage. Today I’m gonna take you inside my truck and show you what
product I use to keep my dashboard crack-free. This is a 1985 dashboard, original to the truck never been replaced and you wonder why it looks so good when so
many of them look a lot like this. They usually crack one here and one here
sometimes they leave them bubble up like you can see here and my dashboard
actually that’s got a hole in it this is from a parts truck, my dashboard doesn’t have
any of that and that is because I use one simple product ever since I bought
this truck once a year I apply baby oil that’s it simple… it’s all natural, I
mean it’s for babies, so you know it’s good for dashboards one ingredient
mineral oil and fragrance but I’m not concerned with my truck smelling nice, I’m concerned with this dashboard staying crack-free.
Today I’m gonna show you how I do it. baby oil pick your towel or a rag squirt
some on and wipe it down it’s that simple
now this is pretty dry, I haven’t done it in a while but you can see how dry my
dashboard actually was by how shiny it is now and you know I try and do this
once a year that’s probably more than enough. the stuff does not evaporate quickly it
it’ll last a long time make sure even if you get a q-tip you get down in these
areas around in here because you know you don’t want to leave any of these
dry. Especially if you’re parked out in the sun often. If you’re wondering about
this gauge pod here it’s not attached right now I had it velcro-ed on but the
dough for a wore out it’s from me 1985 Tercel and notice it
has the two tilt gauges but it’s missing the altitude gauge in its place it has a
little four wheel drive thing that lights up when you put it in four-wheel
drive I wired it up so it all worked and I had to modify this to fit the dash
little bit but this was on eBay for 50 bucks versus the 300 plus dollars that
the ones for these trucks go for. I bought this dashboard for parts truck
and I’m gonna try and find a way to maybe fiberglass or do some sort of
repair on this and actually bolt this down to it obviously I’m not gonna bolt
this down to an original crack free dash and put any holes in it so if you guys
got any thoughts on that let me know in the comments below if that’s a tutorial
you’ll be interested in seeing me do. Let me know and I can document that as well
so that’s it for today you can see now it’s nice and shiny it’s gonna absorb
all this mineral oil and keep getting dried out and cracking so thanks for
watching guys keep those Toyota’s on the road and keep
your interiors looking good and crack free. Oh one more quick thing all these
door handles they dry out and they just get kind of chalky well once again if
it’s good enough for babies it’s good enough for your Toyota. Check this out…
look at that gets rid of that chalky finish it makes it look like new again

7 thoughts on “How I prevent cracks on my ’85 Toyota’s Dashboard

  1. Ironic, he Add running was for a product called "F11" designed to save dashboards and restore plastic…. 😉 Edit: And oh, cool beans on the twin stick!!

  2. I’ve wondered why the inside door handles get chalky on these ones and only these. I’ve n3ver seen a Camry, Corolla, or the 5th gens do If and they all have the same handle.

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