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How Long? – Depressing Maths 1 (Animated British Comedy Sketch)

[Awful Music] [Spotlights] [Awful Music] [Awful Music] Errrrrr. The Rev Jim Jones: With a degree of dignity. [End of Awful Music] [Children Talking] Mr Smith: Right kids, listen up I’m going to write a question on the board that you’ll commonly find in the upcoming exam It’s Saturday I leave my house at 8:00 p.m. to catch the 8:24 train to Romford The train is traveling at an average of 65 miles per
hour and it is 35 miles until I’ve reached my destination. Once arriving I
get a taxi at 9:28 to Upminster that travels as an average of 55 kilometers an hour,
and takes 20 minutes. Once arriving at Upminster [Police Sirens/Gunshots]
I visit a swingers club and buy a quarter ounce of cocaine and four viagra for 400
pounds The ticket to get in was £37.50 I then proceeded to have a
wank in the beer garden for six hours By the seventh hour I have done all my gear
and got half an ounce on credit and run a bar tab of £1,250 pounds minus VAT The time is now 2:15 p.m. and I’ve received- -23 missed calls from a man named Barry Now, the question is, how long will it take for Barry to come and break my legs? Girl: Two weeks? Boy: A month? Teacher: No kids, no He’s meeting me behind the
bike shed after school [Cagney & Lacey Theme Song]

11 thoughts on “How Long? – Depressing Maths 1 (Animated British Comedy Sketch)

  1. Please watch these links and continue.

  2. I was prowling youtube for animation types and came across this! Total genius! I love the content! You earned a new fan 🙂

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