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How Millennials Are Killing the Diamond Industry

(suspenseful music) (dripping blood) – Oh hi, concerned economy, thanks for meeting me in my lair, sorry about the mess,
I’ve been supes busy, ooh, sorry, manners,
you don’t know who I am, I’m that killer millennial
you keep talking about, you know, the one who’s killing all the super essential industries, that you have now deemed
as able to be living, oh man, are my ears burning, you and the news just
keep talking about me, but no one is asking me my
murderous side of the story, so today I’m gonna tell
you why I’m killing one of your favorite industries,
the diamond industry. Maybe you remember when The Economist caused an uproar on Twitter, when it asked the super relatable and
understandable question, why aren’t millennials
buying diamonds? (laughs) ‘Cause diamonds deserve
to (expletive) die, made ya flinch. (suspenseful music) Hey, diamond industry, I’m
honestly pretty surprised that you even wonder why our generation doesn’t wanna keep playing
into your greedy hands, because you’ve caused mayhem and death with your diamond mines,
you exploit miners and families and put
individuals in danger, not to mention ruining the ecosystem with all of that mining and for what? A rock that you placed
an arbitrary value on, oh right, I forgot to mention, because (suspenseful music) you made up the fact, that
diamonds are worth tons of money by using a clever marketing
scheme to convince people, that they have to buy your
diamonds to get married, in fact, you created a diamond scarcity, so that you could jack up the price, but you can easily make diamonds, so everything you are doing is
for nothing and we know that, but maybe you’re feeling
attacked right now, good! (suspenseful music) The millennial generation
dealt with the toughest economy since the Great Depression, millennials earn 20% less
than the previous generation did at the same point in their lives, which means that we are playing catch up and will likely never achieve
the standard of living, that our prior generation was able to and thanks to all the help our government keeps trying to take
away from us, you know, like how they keep trying
to repeal out healthcare and give tax cuts to the rich, the rich being people like you guys, you know, the diamond industry, we are simply trying to pay
off bills and school debt, 1.3 trillion dollars worth
of national debt in fact, or keep roofs over our
head and food on the table, yet you still wonder why we don’t want your
inedible, ruthless diamonds. (screaming woman) Ah, that’s the next industry
I gotta take care of, I’ll tell you about it next time on A Word From a Killer Millennial, alright, I gotta go, there’s a lot of pointless industries, that we, the new generation get to decide whether we will keep paying for and, oh, sorry, as you say, kill, you know, because you think
businesses are people, they’re alive, they’re people
too, they’re not. (laughs) (scary music)

100 thoughts on “How Millennials Are Killing the Diamond Industry

  1. Of course the businesses know this and probably are buying whatever other businesses that young folk are buying stuff in. To think that these people are sitting around not doing anything about it may be a bit foolish. Of course there are probably some old timers not keeping up with change.

  2. Even if i could afford them why would i? I could get like, a beefy sound system, or a new guitar(nvm those prices are also jacked. fuck off fender)maybe some steam sales.

  3. Mgtow! Pump and dump, marrying bum woman who'll take your kids and half your shit is sooo 20 yrs ago 😂. Do yourself a favor, protect yourself and keep your money instead of wasting it on a worthless stone that she won't appreciate.

  4. My generation and a few before it got screwed by De Beers into thinking diamonds are valuable. Hopefully millenials will put an end to that scam. If your girl needs a $1000+ diamond ring to marry you, find a different girl who isn't mental.

  5. They are earning 20% less because they don't want to work for what they earn. Health care should be the individuals problem once they become an adult and up until they become elderly or disabled.

  6. Diamonds are a monopoly controlled by a handful of governments in order to artificially increase price. I’m so sympathetic

  7. Tired of being accused that I expect the government to provide healthcare and college on the taxpayer’s back. I want government out of everything… education, loans, the economy, food stamps, welfare, and even social security. Your Ponzi schemes are no one’s problem but your own

  8. I don't even like diamonds anyway. They aren't that pretty, they're stupidly overpriced, and the're overhyped. I'd much rather buy a semi-precious colored stone and use man made diamonds to enhance the setting. Cheaper, prettier, and more unique! Tourmaline is my favorite gemstone! It's gorgeous, not very expensive, and comes in pretty much every color imaginable! Fuck the diamond industry!

  9. I live in a fairly small town. There are 3 jewelry stores in our mall chocked full. Diamonds are also sold at 4 Walmarts, a Target, Sams Club, and about a dozen pawn shops around town. There are also 2 old mom&pop jewelry stores in town. Diamonds are not rare.

  10. Im gen z but HELL YEAH MILLENIALS! You are blamed for EVERYTHING especially stuff like global warming which leaders STILL refuse to do anything about. Time to fight back!

  11. Businesses are people, correct! A person is an entity, human or otherwise, that has the legal permission to engage in commerce… Instead of being mad, in my humble opinion, maybe we should educate ourselves properly of the control tactics of our broken system… Just a random thought….

  12. Millennials are not the only customers. I fucking hate diamond industry for life, but they are here to stay thanks to old ass nibbas never learn a thing or two

  13. After looking up the prices of most engagement rings, I’ll just tell anyone who proposes to me not to get any diamonds and to not bother spending more than 1k. That money could go to something better like a honeymoon abroad.

  14. the diamond industry is dying because guys are not dumb enough to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on a ring for some stupid ass woman who eventually divorce your ass anyway. #mgtow

  15. yeah it's pretty hilarious how expensive they are…theres TENS OF THOUSANDS of diamond jewelry stores worldwide, yet they market it to us as being "rare"….they do the same shit for gold…there's hundreds of tons of gold everywhere…hell venezuela is a bunch and they're BROKE

  16. Corporations want to be treated like human beings, but they behave like rabid animals devoid of any instinct other than to consume.

  17. The only diamonds I buy are the cheapest diamond cutting and grinding discs made in china 🤣🤣🤣 Seriously, when it's a tool it can easily cost 2 or 3$ but when you call it "jewellery" it costs 200 or 300$ and you still think that someone would fall for this? 😂

  18. Diamnds were invented by a corporation. They were never anything important in our history. they were invented to be sold. That was all.

  19. Mellenials are killing the diamond industry!!!!
    Mellenials: we can't buy them. If you give us money may-
    Mellenials are not working for no pay in exchange for job experiance, those greedy lazy millenials are evil!!!
    Millenials: I need money, not a job experience.
    These millennials are asking for better wages, who do they think they are thinking they have this privilege.
    Millenials: this is why your industry is dying.

  20. Maybe millennials should kill the federal reserve instead of looking for handouts from the government….. Then they might be able to make there own money

  21. Can’t afford them, everyone just hooks up anyway so no point in getting married, we know they’re really overpriced but pretty garbage. That’s my reasons

  22. I thought I hated diamonds and the idea of buying a woman a ring because I hated it. I guess it's because of my generation somehow. Lol

  23. Don’t buy me diamonds. Buy me citizenship in a non Christian, non western country that still has a strong Pagan community.

  24. I’m Gen X and I don’t want a stupid rock! I just want quality healthcare for my kids – I don’t even care about myself I just want my little Gen Z babies to have a fighting chance.

  25. Shopping for an engagement ring today- NO diamonds. Because a "regular" ring (aka not an engagement ring that is no different from any other ring except it costs more… a LOT more) is the same, probably prettier, and I have a LOT more style choices for me and the future wife.

  26. Diamonds are pricey, And the fact we know no about they are not that rare. and the price is set by the dealers. They are setting the bar to high. Most women would happyily have a diamond if given,. So its not the diamond itself. its the price.

    If it was the way people are expoilted to get them, low cost clothes males like Primark wouldnt sell. but they are doing well. Its cost

  27. I bet it was the same discussion when they stopped using the telegraph… People are scared of change and guess who it's easier to blame, the new generation, that's who.

  28. Usually I like and agree with these vids. But no one needs college unless you are going into specialized fields, medicine, sciences, engineering etc. HR No, black-asian-russian studies no, the rest are for trade, tech, schools.
    No one is making you take out huge loans! Here is some economics/accounting for you. $30,000+ A semester × 8 =?
    It's $240,000+ Stupid! 240K+ in debt after 4 years to get a job making $30,000. That's sounds like a good deal.
    Arbitrary value of diamonds. Just like the arbitrary value of Gold, Dollars the pound etc. We as humans have allowed ourselves to believe these material objects have value.

  29. People are earning 30% less when compared to what the last generation earned at the same ages. That's because there are 40-50% more people in the population base than the previous generation. More people taking up and needing resources less to go around!

  30. I'm not a millennial and I never wasted money on them. They can be produced in a lab and are only good for saw blades.
    Gold & silver is a different matter, great hedge against inflation and currency crash and very cheap at the moment.

    Student debt makes me laugh, I mean having aspirations is a lot different to actually achieving them. Acquiring debt for those that are unrealistic about their actual capabilities is becoming less trying to be more. Still there will always be people willing to take a mugs money, blame your parents for not teaching you better.

    My parents let me know I was useless early on so I grew up under no illusions. I've perfected the art of doing minimal work for maximum gain while spending the least amount of money. Just got to order a new pair of Pirelli P Zero's for the 3 litre bimmer I just bought in cash, I literally smoked the rears it came with. Well you've got to splash out sometimes and live a little.

    My advice, get a personal loan to pay off the student debt then default and go bankrupt. Your credit will be miles better in about 10 years than it will be struggling to keep paying it off. Old people, banks and the government don't care about you!!

    Never borrow money again, if you can't afford it, don't buy it!!

  31. Millennials have actually helped prop up the economy if you look at how much debt they have created and how many jobs they have created within the education industry. That tax money lost from people giving up smoking had to come from somewhere, hammering the young who don't know any better until it is too late is a logical solution.
    Society and the government doesn't care, i'm not condoning using credit cards or loans to pay student loans off and defaulting but sometimes you have to break bad to get what you want.
    Obviously this will have a knock on effect of causing a global financial market crash which will transfer yet more wealth to the top 1% but they will get it anyway. They have all bases covered.

    Check ITM Trading, The Money GPS, BULL BOOM BEAR BUST, jeremiah babe & The silver report uncut for in depth economic analysis and advice. The economy has gone past a tipping point and not looking good which ever way you look at it, long term damage limitation is what everyone especially millennials should be looking at. Expect total loss across all generations in the next couple of years when it all finally winds up.

  32. I'm all against diamonds, but also against millenial bullshit. And also millenials don't buy diamonds because they are working from home and make $0.00034 per click.

  33. People complain about millennials but we are a really conscious group of people that are shirking off a lot of useless and harmful traditions from our parents/grandparents generation.

  34. Diamonds aren't going away it's just that millennials take longer to grow up and mature so many 30 year olds still sponging off mommy and daddy in there bedrooms eventually they will all succumb to the dreaded engagement ring it's basically fake news put out by the diamond industry to encourage people to buy diamonds at a discounted rate I'm part of generation x and I can tell while these times we live in are great with all its modern technology it we also be the down fall of it as well this is a new nation of lazy entitled children what happens when know one gets up for work anymore

  35. Gen X definitely kicked them to the curb as well.. we're just too small a demographic for them to care about!

  36. Why aren't the rest of you dumb sh1ts doing something about the international banks and putting an end to fractional reserve lending? No, you just wait until everything is unreasonable, no one has prosperity, and then blame everything on "millenials"

  37. We're the first generation that's worse off than previous generations economically. As well don't have the economic confidence because of recessions and downturns where pay hasn't kept up with the cost of living. Same why we're not buying vehicles. Can't afford it after trying to pay for a higher cost of living with less.

  38. We only love ROGER !!! . Not you “ Young’un’s “ need to vanish, so King President. God , Roger Horton-Awesomeness can give us his “ Royal Presidential, but most divine of all , his “ GOD” wisdom about life and all things worldly that prove to us we’re being lied to and treated like babies , The Rog’ God is our leader and supreme being we can see before we either go to Rogerville ( Heaven ) or Reger’s twin brother’s domain- “ Hell-Hortonville . But , knowing God Rog’ he has probably tricked us and he’s actually God & the Devil in one 😂🤣👍

  39. Of course Millenials can afford diamonds! They just choose to spend their money on craft beer that is $15 for a 4-Pack!

  40. I'm not a millennial and I never bought a fucking diamond once in my life for SOME of the very same reasons given in this vid. As for millennials killing the diamond industry I say who fucking cares? P.S If you're looking for someone to blame it is not us but the babyboomers that fucked everything up by sucking the system dry and leaving YOU with a huge debt that sounds like you want to increase and leave it to the next generation.

  41. Yeah Right ….. I'd like to see you face when your future husband gets down on his knee and offers you a cheap rhinestone ring.

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