Laughter is the Best Medicine

100 thoughts on “How tall am I really? *big reveal* LWIAY – #0074

  1. pewdiepies body is like the ones from papas restraunt series but no legs, all legs seen on felix are cropped in.

  2. Who else is both a 9 year old and a fourteen year old XD 8:27 (I first started watching him when I was 7 or 8 and my parents thought I was crazy for watching some dude who cusses every 2 minutes and yells barrels) Alot of people say they like the old you but I say do whatever content that truly makes you happy because if your always doing stuff you dont like just to make people happy it shows

  3. After two months this channel will become a minecraft channel ..I can predict the future ..mark my words @pewdiepie

  4. Ээх , знал бы он что ивангай полностью его плагиатит , даже стиль названия…ರ╭╮ರ

  5. Imagine if we develop a way to travel 65 million light years away from earth fast, and then use a powerful telescope to look back at the earth so we could see the dinosaurs.

  6. 8:35–8:45 pewds that was a weird period where there was just no memes me here watching it back in 2019…little did he know that weird period of no memes is back from 2019 till forever but with nothing but minecraft

  7. Are we just going to forget the deadpool play through. Wouldn’t be watching him if it wasn’t for that time

  8. I got a Pewdiepie tuber simulator ad in the middle of a Pewdiepie video….

    What are you trying to do

  9. What sucks is I can’t get my old account back for Tuber Simulator. Which is fine since I basically cheated 100% of the time. Set device time and what’s great is that it’s fixed.

  10. Man I came here to see the man in legend. Hecs pretty normal from what people have said about him on the internet. But back to my sciwnxe videos i watch.

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