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How the Internet Is Ruining Comedy

– Hey guys, Sam here, I’m
going to talk to you about CollegeHumor, the YouTube
channel and comedy “empire” that’s really just the
people you see here. This is TJ, he does VFX. Quit showing off buddy. I started running
CollegeHumor’s video team ten years ago when I looked like this. Gross. Those were the weirder,
humbler days of the internet. Remember Yvonne’s World? – [Director] And action. – Making internet videos is
challenging, mostly because it pays dick and dick doesn’t
pay for internet videos. – I don’t understand, this script calls for a knight, castle and a dragon. – Would you settle for me, the
conference room, and my dog? – I can’t say no to that. – Sure we get advertisers on
CollegeHumor but advertisers rarely wanna make the same stuff we do, like for instance, the
new season of Troopers. – I’ve returned to destroy your planet. – Instead, they wanna
make branded content. – With a blast of flavor
from Chompsky’s Potato Chips. Now eat the chips. – I can’t eat through the mask. – That’s why we got into T.V.,
to make bigger, better shows. But on T.V. we answer to the
Networks, and the Networks answer to, you guessed it,
Chompsky’s Potato Chips. So we can’t make anything as
R rated as say, Precious Plum. – So he’s sayin’ T.V. ain’t want us? – Fuck a bag. – Oh, can’t say that, we suggest eat a bag of Chompsky’s that is. – I can’t stay mad at you. Hey, don’t be a sell out! – Nowadays, many of our YouTube videos are deemed controversial
and don’t make any money. Controversial can mean anything as small as say, implied nudity. – For the record he is completely naked. – Well the script called for it, so. – It actually called for implied nudity, you heard him, right?
– We’re already here. – Didn’t you Uber here, by the way? – We’ll blur it on the day. – Which is why you
didn’t need to be naked. – So what do we do; how
do we produce the shows we want and you want,
without watering them down for advertisers or networks? The answer is, by going straight to you. Today we’re announcing Dropout, our new subscription service. With Dropout you’ll get
access to new, bigger, better, longer uncensored shows from
the people behind CollegeHumor. (whip cracking) – Faster minions, faster! – No it’s upside down, I don’t like that. Too large, too easy. – Look, I get it, a lot of
you aren’t gonna wanna pay for this and that’s fine,
we’ll still be releasing all of the free videos we normally do. In fact, we’ll be releasing more, many free episodes of our
new shows for instance, so this should be a win-win for everyone. But for those of you who do subscribe, we’ll be working tirelessly
to make it worth your while and we’ll be doing that with shows from this guy, and that guy, and her and her and him and this guy
and I don’t know who this is and digital comics and funny
chat stories and, Chompsky’s?! (crowd booing, yelling) – You can leave the chips though! (robust music) – Yeah, jesus man. – Hug me. – This might sting a lil’. – It stings a lot. – Um, actually, and I
hate that I know this. – They’ve got a real
good like, ‘rrmm’ face. – (laughs) ‘rrmm’. – That 20. – Who’s the coolest guy in the world? – I am. (screaming) – Do I have to do the whole thing? (laughs) – You look like American Psycho. – Tattoo of genital sores and cuts. – Oh my god.
– Jesus. – Well that’s just awesome. (robust music)

100 thoughts on “How the Internet Is Ruining Comedy

  1. Guys my parents still pay my bills (I live in India that's how it works here) so I can't sign up just yet, but I swear as soon as I start working and making my own money, I'll sign up for Dropout. I'm serious. This channel really deserves it.
    Much love.

  2. More like how someone can have the word humour in their YouTube title yet completely fail at the premise of comedy.

  3. Yeah, don't take this the wrong way, but I don't really trust you guys to not have a demonitization problem of your own

  4. Whoa! … Dunno about the subscription (most probably, not in my country) … baaaaaaat …. great music though! ….
    And P.S: I like collegehumour anyway!! (and yes, I spell as I please)

  5. Dang, if only there was another streaming program on the internet that I've been subscribed to for years that I could cancel because they keep increasing their prices despite having consistently shit shows.

    (Yeah screw Netflix this is what I want)

  6. Well if humour wasnt so political it would be funny . CH's skits are long drawn out shit and the article are policital taking jabs at others. The others are fine. Yes I knoe its off topic

  7. College Humour were good before now its good only sometimes… Almost all are bad… What happened. Did commercial bought college humour?

  8. Really? From the people who make Adam Ruins Everything which is almost 100% leftist propaganda you are going to sit there and tell me with a straight face that the internet is ruining comedy? Comedy was ruined the day far left ideologues like yourself got together and decided that 1. people(women and minorities but not white men) have a some god given right to not be offended, and 2. A mentally unstable trans person's(god forbid i say [email protected]) "right" to not be offended trumps my right to free speech. Since it is becoming more and more clear the American people don't want far left nonsense with their entertainment advertisers will pull away from your propaganda disguised as comedy. I have seen clips of Adam where he outright lies and/or severely distorts historical events to promote leftist politics so lets not even pretend you are a non-partisan organization.

  9. Stop advertising this all over Dorkly videos
    It covers up like 24 percent of the screen and ruins the last skit

  10. Great initiative, more youtubers should have a better platform that allows them to be more creative and make better content. Youtube has got its monopoly for too long. time for some new and better platforms that are more invested in content, rather than just money. Because sadly, nowadays cringy clickbait youtube channels get rewarded.

  11. Funny Anna I read the title how to internet ruining comedy ironic enough it's posted on the internet so you can't tell me dip about how it is ruining comedy I love comedy movies and yea

  12. Except…. you guys sold out already. Seriously, I'm not stupid. I know you don't have control anymore. You're owned by holding companies and Electus, aka NBC. So stfu, enough lying.

    (You can cry partnered all you want. Yeah, and I'm partners with machinima. You POS. Here's question: Can you do ANYTHING without their position? Here, I'll answer for you. No. You're nothing but sellouts who were only legit years ago, trying to squeeze even more $ out of your fans).

  13. Dude. Totally worth the money. I've been watching college humor for ever and I'm glad to see its growing

  14. sometimes i come back to this video just to watch Caldwell and Nathan pretend to be excited in the background

  15. Yup I'm good you already make money and there is plenty to watch elsewhere. Not about to spend money here when I can get content for free.

  16. Then tell me over and over that I get access to the exclusive Discord to chat with the cast but
    Um…actually as an "International" customer in the homeland of Siobhan I don't get that. I don't discover that until signed up. Yet I am still signed up…. Because I know my place.

  17. Yey! will defititely think about putting this to use for when most 3A services go. (Also, I am thinking of working with you guys if I get interested in making some online shows)

  18. You nkow I Don t blame theme at all I would of done it if I had 2 choices drop out or we'll no more college humor

  19. A list. One category that has all dropout shows listed a-z, not just the featured stuff. The content is great and I get CH is still a TV infant, but I'm sick of having to search for each D20 episode by name in order to watch it on xbox

  20. lol nope, the pixelation is on his panty-line, he's wearing a NUDE PANTY! AH HAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! also Dropout is bomb, everyone subscribe, they even have a Roku app, it's sweet.

  21. hey just looked at site and it said if you are in us canada new zealand or australia but can sign up if you live in britan just asking

  22. Probably still ridiculously PC. The “I’m looking for something to be offended by” crowd is what has ruined comedy. Have you been to a standup show lately. Everything is crass sexual humor because comics feel that’s all that is left.

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