Laughter is the Best Medicine

How to be Funny in Any Conversation

Adding humor as you’re talking with people
can be a risky business, but they can also add interest and sparkle to your conversations. People like, listen to, and trust more to
those who make them laugh. A study conducted by Jeffery Hall, who’s
a researcher from the University of Kansas, observed two different men having conversations
with people out in public and afterwards, he interviewed the people about how they felt
about those 2 men. The first man, who was considered extremely
smart, had a poor performance in trying to be funny and the second man, actually had
an average intelligence, demonstrated he had a great ability to make people laugh in his
conversations. Surprisingly, at the end, he discovered that
many of the people that talked with these two guys, all perceived that the second man,
who was funnier, came off as more intelligent than the first man. This could really a problem in many life situations
such as when you’re trying to talk with a girl who starts to feel that you have a
poor sense of humor, isn’t that right Jake? Absolutely Chris! Humor is perhaps one of the most important
ways to attract girls which is what my YouTube channel, Inner Game, specializes in. A really good reason for this is for example
when a girl laughs, she releases massive amounts of dopamine in her brain, which is known as
the feel good hormone and interestingly, women release more so than men do. So being funny is a huge important step in
building a stronger relationship between you and the girl you’re talking with. That’s awesome! Coming up, by the end of this video, you will
have learned 3 new styles of humor that you can use effectively so you can be the next
star of your future conversations. Let’s get started. Making people laugh really comes down to your
understanding how sense of humor works. You see, the sense of humor is essentially
how you connect different things together in an unexpected surprising way. But… After learning that, the only difference you
really need to know is how to adjust your style of humor to different kinds of people
and situations that requires different types of humor. So Jake, what’s a great start for beginners
to help them get started? The first type of humor I recommend for beginners
to start with is called Misdirection Humor. Misdirection is mainly based off the audience’s
assumption and you’ll realize it’s quite simple to use. The idea behind this humor is setting up an
expectation of whatever you’re talking about that’s going in one way and then saying
something that goes the other way. It can be as easy as setting expectations
in the first couple words or as you tell a story and then flip it to something unexpected. Doing this makes you look like you have great
situational awareness and the ability to come with a clever or comical observation. It also makes you look like you’re able
to think on your feet that shows to others that you be charming and earn other people’s
affection and interest. So first, before you end your talk with something
that the person expects you to say, you should start asking yourself, “What does my audience
expect me to say right now?” Once you figured it out in that moment what
they think you’ll say, it’s simple from here on out by just saying the exact opposite. Essentially, this is called the punchline
because its based on revealing that what we expected to happen — did not. In fact something completely different happened. And the less we expect what actually happened
— the funnier it becomes. Here’s a great example of misdirection… I heard an old wise man once said…. “Never follow anyone else’s path, “unless you’re in the woods and you’re
lost and you see a path. Then by all means follow that path.” You probably expected to hear more about why
you shouldn’t follow someone’s path, then when the punchline came in, it surprised you
enough for can result in a laugh. That’s basically misdirection. Definitely try it out. The next type of humor you can use is called
self-enhancing humor. This humor involves the ability to laugh at
yourself, such as making a joke when something bad has happened to you. It’s also trying to find the humor in everyday
situations, and making yourself the target of the humor in a good-natured way. Here’s an example that I personally did
that you could do: Whenever you make a mistake in public, you
can simply make a joke about it and laugh it off. Not only will your embarrassment lessen, but
it can also help you come off as fun to be with. Say that you slipped and fell on your butt
at a party. Instead of bawling in humiliation, you can
just get up, dust your pants, and joke, “No rips, no holes. Nothing to see here, people. Carry on.” In this situation, it similar to misdirection
humor because people anticipated you to say “Sorry about that” or something along
those lines. But instead, you misdirected them with something
surprisingly positive for yourself. Almost 100% of the time, you’ll find other
people laughing with you, not at you. And finally we have Affiliative Humor. This is a way of amusing others to facilitate
relationships and this is a powerful style to use when you meet people for the first
time because it is positive and inclusive. This can work very well in the workplace,
it work in team-building activities, and dance parties. Remember to make other people laugh, you need
to be relaxed or else your audience will not feel relaxed enough to laugh. Here are some examples that uses affiliative
humor that you can use for starting conversations! “Excuse me, but I do think it’s about time
we meet” This will put a smile on most people’s faces
without sounding too intimidating. “What kind of old person do you want to be?” This really intrigues people. Everyone hopes to get old and so they will
have an opinion. Also, though, it will make people smile because
you are taking old age as something positive – an unusual twist on any everyday topic will
make people interested. 3. “What present would you buy me if you won
the lottery tomorrow?” Of course, if you just met the person, this
is funny because they probably wouldn’t buy you a present! 4. “If you worked at a circus, which job would
you want to have?” This will test their sense of humor and light-heartedness. Here’s a few tips that we recommend that
you should know about as well… 1. Try to work the joke into the context of the
conversation 2. Don’t ask if they want to hear a joke, let
it be a surprise 3. Have a strategy to fall back on if they don’t
get the joke, for example: “I guess you had to be there…” 4. Breathe – take a breath and pause before
and after the punch line 5. Smile and wait for the joke to sink in That’s pretty much how you can start using
humor effectively into your future conversations! I hope you found value in this video! Special thanks to Jake from the Inner Game
Channel! Thank you so much Chris! It was a huge privilege for being here and
I am so grateful for the opportunity! Click on the card above Or in the link in the description to visit his channel! You’ll find so much value in many videos
about attraction psychology which I found them to be so interesting! And if you like this video, please give it
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  1. So privileged to be a part of this video! Thanks for the opportunity Chris and Thank you to all who watched, you're awesome 🙂

  2. Man, I really appreciate the style of your videos. Can you please upload a video tutorial on how you animate your videos ?

  3. Here’s something you could say about yourself like I said to some people I pointed to a trash bin and said that’s my house now excuse me I have to clean my room outside in the dumpster

  4. Why there's no people like my comments

    Cuz you don't read it right!

    (Apologize bad jokes
    Cuz I like my own joke)

  5. Look if u wanna be funny practice it on someone who ur less nervous around and u don’t give a ful wat u say

  6. This is a great video but I feel like its lacking with a few other types of humor, you should make another video similar to this including dark humor, and sarcasm.

  7. No one understands my dark sarcastic humour, they take everything I say seriously and it really annoys me omg help

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  9. I went up to my kindergarten crush (i’m totally in first grade) and i said after a long, heartfelt conversation of death and existentialism, i said ‘And that’s why i’ll never eat a hotdog again’

  10. It’s not fair to turn someone down all because they lack humor if they, like say, have autism. Autism causes one to lack social skills and even miss social cues, including knowing when someone has made a joke, and knowing how to make a joke.
    The prejudice against such people is completely unfair. You can’t hold it against them, that they struggle with these things. One may lack humor if they have this condition, most likely they do, but at the same time every Autistic condition is different, as there are over 200 types of Autism. For that reason, Autism is very hard to understand. But still: if one is autistic, and they therefore happen to struggle with humor, a girl can’t hold it against him if that’s how he is, and vise versa. It’s a problem when people put way too much value into socializational skills in this way, as that leads to becoming prejudice and unfair towards autistic individuals.
    Oh, autistic individuals shouldn’t get married? If that’s what you think, you’re wrong! They have as much of the right to experience things in life as much as all of those who can!
    Humor is a good thing to have, but it shouldn’t be held against someone if they struggle with it, even in dating and marital relationships! Women shouldn’t look for the humor in men as the reason to find the guy attractive. I say that because women do that all the time, and it doesn’t make it fair to those who struggle with social skills and picking up on social cues. Just because a man lacks social skills and struggles picking up on social cues, that doesn’t make him any more less qualified for dating or marital relationships, any more than other men out there! Those who think it does are prejudice of Autism itself.
    I mean, yes, one should try to become humorous, but it is not ok to hold it against them if they are just not able to get it right, no matter how hard they try and practice! A lot of women do though, and same with men but maybe not as much. Idk, maybe not as much. I also say all of this because so many men with Autism don’t get married, and it’s all for unfair reasons such as these. It’s not ok to say, “It is what it is” or “deal with it” or especially “they didn’t deserve romance anyways” because you are no better than them! No one is better than another! If you think Autism is one of those severe disabilities in the world where people are unable to get married with it being severe, think again: depending on the individual’s case of Autism, it is either severe or it isn’t. As I’ve said before, there are over 200 types of Autism, ranging from very severe, to somewhere in the middle and also to not severe at all. Low functioning, to high functioning. And yes there are such things as those different types of Autism, and Aspergers is one of them!
    A lot of people with Autism are pressured to be humorous but are so to the point of being made nervous and/or feeling out of place. It leads them to having a hard time being funny, and instead coming of as “weird”, “awkward” or even saying the most random things ever that make no sense. People are generally able to be funny because that’s how their brains are wired. People with Autism don’t have that wiring in their brains. Their brains are developed differently. The whole brain functions differently. They don’t understand social situations the same way every time, because of this. Nor can they grasp upon the art of humor or even simple humor all the time.
    In dating situations, not only are they rejected, but also resented, and many other things. It’s where prejudice comes from. Fear of what one doesn’t understand.
    In the dating community, it’s ok to value humor, but not too much to where it leads to casting off people such as those who struggle with social skills. People with Autism can understand another’s jokes most of the time, and even laugh when another is being funny, but they struggle with knowing how to be funny in return. It’s not fair to hold such things against them. I mention this because so many do hold these things against them!
    It’s also not fair to say that you refuse to have anything to do with them all because of this, and because you’re “not obligated to”. I mean, sure, you’re not, but it’s still your loss! Like how bullies refuse to be friends with someone they’d normally bully, all because they are “not obligated to”, it’s the same thing!
    People can be just as worthy of another’s friendship and even more than friendship, regardless of what they struggle with. Belle was willing to fall in love with the beast. When Belle decided that she felt that way, she developed the right attitude. She didn’t care if he was a beast, but instead if he was kind and gentle. At first he wasn’t, but he ended coming around.

  11. i've think of posting videos with psychedelic humor on Youtube,i have lot of killingly good ideas and scenes in my head,but i don't speak English so well that i start

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