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How To Become a Comedian : How to Get Paid as a Beginning Comedian

CHRIS MURPHY: Hi. On behalf of Expert Village,
this is Chris Murphy. I’m here at the New York Comedy Club in New York City. Today we’re
going to talk about how to have a career in comedy. All right, here’s what you’ve been
waiting for, getting paid to work. Well, in the beginning, getting paid is probably the
least of your worries; getting good is your priority. But once you have gotten good, what
you want to do–well, you want to use those open mics to your advantage; you want to emcee
the open mics as much as possible because on the road, the emcee is usually the low
man on the totem pole. So, that’s where you’re going to start out. So, emcee open mics. Also,
ask the manager, “Hey, I’m out of friends on these pre-shows. Can I emcee a pre-show?”
You’ll gain valuable experience. So, what you’ll do from the pre-shows, you’ll have
that DVD all waiting for the booker. Then you’ll have your experience as an emcee by,
once again, doing open mics and doing the pre-shows, so you’ll have all your skills
down pat. And that’s how you’ll start to get your work as a comic.

7 thoughts on “How To Become a Comedian : How to Get Paid as a Beginning Comedian

  1. How to have a career in comedy! Huge financial investment. Tip the staff. Please. Stand-up comedy is a good resume builder and auditioning technique. You have to go to open mics frequently to keep your jokes fresh in your head and work on newer material. Edit your jokes, and re-edit, and re-re-edit. It helps tremendously to know how to work a crowd and adlib, not to mention it's importance in a club setting. Be original and unique. Have some charisma, if it'll help. Network. That's sufficient.

  2. Yeah, your timing's great. You're welcome in Cleveland. Our scene has blown up in the last couple years. Mics are everywhere, every day of the week it's great. By the way, do you know Bill Fienberg?

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