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How to Boil an Egg PERFECTLY every time, without cracking #Ad – Warren Nash

Hi, I’m Warren Nash and here’s how to make
boiled eggs. I’m using Heritage Breeds, blue, Royal Legbar
eggs from hens free to roam for great taste. Begin by bringing a saucepan up to boiling
point on the stove. Then take the number of eggs you want to cook
and turn the heat down slightly on the stove until the water is at a gentle boil. Gradually lower in the eggs. Leave to cook for between 3 and a half and
4 minutes for soft boiled, about 7 minutes for medium, and about 10 minutes for a hard
boiled egg. What’s great about these Royal Legbar eggs
is the rich tasting, deep coloured yolk, thanks to the hens high welfare standards. Once the eggs are cooked to your liking, carefully
remove them from the boiling water using a slotted utensil, briefly rinse under cold
water to prevent any further cooking. Then serve straight away – going best with
breaded soldiers. You can see more of my recipes using Heritage
Breeds eggs by clicking on one of the videos on-screen.

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