Laughter is the Best Medicine

how to crack a crab

>>I am Kevin Rohr, chef at Chandler’s crab house. You want a fresh crab and you want to know that it’s fresh, you got to buy it live. So I’m going to show you how to prepare to get this ready for good eating. When you go to buy a crab, of course, you want it to be alive. The other thing is the crab legs are where all the meat is. So you want to make sure it has all of its legs. He’s got these pinchers and they hurt when they get you. The best way to hold him is to have your four fingers on the shell and underneath on the tail. The good thing about buying a live crab is it’s fresh. The bad thing is that you do have to kill it. The best way is to smack it against the side of your sink, right down the middle, you’re trying to knock him out, so don’t be nice about it. [banging] One hit. Right behind the eyes. You’ll hear it. You can take the tail off. Then we take the spoon, clean it out, it comes out really easy. Nobody likes to eat the gills, they do not taste good at all. So we’re going to take those off. And then you can split them in half. And I like to just give them a little shake. That’s it. You’ve got a clean crab. Ready for cooking. The good thing about eating crab is you got to get into it. It’s finger food, you want to just break it up and have fun with it.

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