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How To Crack a Whip

Hey, what’s up guys it’s Grant here I know, some of you have been wondering where I’ve gone Well I’ve got an update video coming out in the next week or two that’ll explain all the answers to your questions. I’ve got a big announcement to make so keep your eyes out for that video in the next week or two and i’ll see you there. Hey guys, I’m Nate, welcome back to the workshop, not too long ago, we showed you how to build your very own bullwhip Using parracord bb’s, athletic tape, and some PVC piping Well today we’re gonna go over a couple of quick lessons on how to get your bullwhip to crack well, without hurting yourself. First is the cattleman’s crack. To do the cattleman’s crack you need to start out with the whip lying out straight behind you What i’m going to do is bring My arm up into the 12 o’clock position and the whole whip will flip up in the air around And behind me. Once the whip is pointing behind me, not when it’s above me, but when it’s behind me, I’ll then bring My arm back down to the 6 o’clock position the whole whip will curl Along, and then at the end when the fall straightens out that’s where it cracks the other type of crack I was doing is called the overhead crack This, type of crack is actually a reversal of which direction, you’re, swinging the whip Above your head so to start out I swing counterclockwise If you’re, practicing this you, want to make sure that you can, easily swing it without it touching the ground anywhere around you, and then when I get to about here and the whip is pointing straight behind me, I will reverse direction in a clockwise way, and the whip, which will be swinging above my Head will get that same curl in it that it does from the cattleman’s crack and Then this last one which again I don’t know if it has a name i just sort of figured it out it probably does have a name but i’m pretty new at this sport All i’m going to do is very quickly bring My arm forward like i’m throwing a baseball sort of sidearm and then once i’m near the front i snap My wrist to give it a little extra flick to it. Whip cracking 101! There you have it that’s three beginning, whip cracks There are ways that you can go in routines from one crack into another and there are probably a dozen different Ways to crack the whip that i don’t know yet I’m just learning this myself, we also had one viewer who directed me to another video that suggested a faster way The polish it uses some ball chain Instead of bb’s fit down inside the paracord so we’re gonna try throwing one of those together and see how, well it works *Saw cutting Just like in the other video, my first piece of paracord is going to be long enough that it can Stick out the back by about a foot You’ll go the length of the handle and then it will have eight feet of paracord in front of the handle There’s our eight-foot mark Use some tape to mark, where the back of our long piece of paracord Leaves the handle of our whip now, i need nine, more pieces of paracord, which will get progressively shorter as they go down The length of the whip We want our second piece of paracord to be 18 inches shorter than our longest piece and After that every piece will shrink by, about eight inches Images shorter cut the tape. “10” There, we go we’ve got our 10 strands of paracord so let’s add some ball chain for weight Now the ball chain is clearly, not gonna have the same amount of weight per strand, as bb’s inside of paracord so we’re gonna try doubling the amount of chains, that, we have Maybe more I don’t want to go as long as our? Longest or even our second longest cord but i am gonna measure out our third longest piece of cord to make a. Chain, that length Now, that piece of chain, is about six feet long and this roll of chain, comes with 30 feet on it i’m going to add another piece but to make sure We keep the taper of the whip nice and natural i’m gonna shorten this one by about four inches I’m just gonna keep going adding Pieces of chain, shortening it by, about 4 inches every time i have two rolls of this metal chain and you’ll probably, use all of it That’s 10 strands i think that’s gonna be a pretty good weight? We now have 10 strands of paracord and 10 strands of our ball chain let’s bundle them together Tape them up attach them to our handle and see if this whip will work Before i tape the paracord strands together i’m gonna tape all of the ball chain strands together, hopefully they’ll Make sort of one chord and i can kind of put that in the middle of the paracord we’ll see if that works at all Start by just laying, them all flat on a piece of tape Sticking it down and roll that up Kind of gonna, do the same thing with the paracord strands because i think that might help me wrap the ball chain up inside of it Not really worrying About what order these strands are it’s not necessarily from longest to shortest it’s all going to be a. Bundle in the end might, be the trickiest part of the whole build it’s getting, this little piece of paracord end Through, the little hole that’s been drilled That wasn’t so hard All right, we have our many strands of paracord kind of surrounding the ball chain Next step is to secure this end of everything to the handle with a, whole lot of electrical tape As soon as i wrap this in athletic tape it’ll be good to go but before i do that i like to go around And use a little bit of electrical tape every foot and a half or so just to hold it all together There, we have it our whip is all wrapped up it’s nice and flexible which is what We want we do still have the fall, which is exposed? And that’s the part that moves around really fast So i think we’re just about ready to test this out but there is one little addition we’re gonna make Youtube where calibur, whips Suggested that if we added a cracker to our whip instead of just having it end in a fall it would work 50 times better i think We were getting a pretty good whip crack when We just had the fall without a cracker on it but i figure if we can get any improvement on it let’s try it Before i was leaving the end of the paracord unfused so that as it Unraveled a little bit it would act as a cracker a little bit on its own Now, because i’m going to add dedicated cracker to it i am gonna, fuse it shut as The calibur, whips channel, suggests in their video showing, how to
Add a cracker instead of tying one on i’m actually going to put a small hole in the end of the fall and loop The cracker through that so it shouldn’t be able to come off at all i’m using a, nail to poke a hole right Through, the end of my fall here And then so it doesn’t close back up when i take the, nail out i’m just gonna hit it with the lighter, again Got a nice little eye hole, we should be able to fit a cracker through, there pretty easily the cracker itself i’m going to make out of one of the inside Strands from our paracord this piece is about 18 inches long and it’s definitely more than i’ll need but i’ll trim off any excess when I’m finished to start let’s just fold the piece of nylon string in half and we’ll hold it by, that folded point This, nylon string, is twisted together and you can see that if i twist it one direction it actually comes apart A little bit so what i’m going to try and do is using my, thumb, and one finger i’m going to roll the two strands apart, and Then once they’re nice and loose i’ll hold, them close together, and twist them back together You can, see that by twisting it apart first it makes it so that when they twist, back together, they hold Themselves that way a little bit i’m now Going to move my, grip up to where it’s already twisted And then i’m going to repeat that process for four or five inches down This piece of thread if you’ve seen our video on how to make rope this is a fairly similar idea We twist the individual strands so that they’re under a little bit of tension, and then when they twist together They, stay wound very nicely Alright you can, now see that the two separate strands have Become wound together for maybe five inches so now i’m just going to tie a figure eight knot Right, where they’re finished winding together as I predicted i have a little bit of extra cord, so i’m just gonna slice that off and now What i want to do is sort of the opposite of when i was twisting up i want to? Untwist these strands all the way, so they just kind of turned into individual fibers or fluff There we go? we have our cracker So now let’s take the end of our cracker and fit it through the eye hole in the bottom of our fall now We want to unravel the loop in one end of the cracker so that we can, fit the other end of the cracker through, the hole Now, when we pull this tight? Our cracker is tied in a knot around the end of our fall and should never be able to come off unless it breaks There, we go we’ve got our ball and chain Whip we’ve added a cracker onto it let’s decorate the handle and then go test it out Beautiful let’s go test it out Here we go we’ve got the ball chain, whip first impression, is that this definitely is lighter weight than the whip with The, bb’s in it but we’re. Gonna see how. It works it does have the cracker on it maybe that’ll make it easier to whip Keep your eyes safe whoa, there it goes That is pretty easy? It’s a little bit quieter of a sound i think alright let’s try the other one as a comparison i Don’t know. They both crack pretty easily With just a little bit of practice i think, we can, definitely say that the ball chain Whip is working and i do feel that the cracker, is making it a little bit easier to crack i don’t know If it’s the whole weight of the whip or just the difference in having the cracker but i think, we have a slightly higher pitched sound with the cracker on this whip either way it cracks I don’t know if i can pull this off That was both there you have it a few techniques on how to crack a Whip and a way to build your bullwhip A little bit faster than filling paracord with bee bees the bee bees in the paracord whip has a little bit more weight to it Which i enjoy and it costs a little bit less to build the ball chain Whip is definitely faster to put together because you don’t have to fill any paracord with bee bees Which can, be pretty time-consuming and of course if you, want to add a cracker onto the end of your whip it can Make it work a little bit better i wouldn’t necessarily Say that it’s a 50 times improvement over where i was before but i think it’s probably, about 20 percent easier to crack with The cracker on it a big shout out to adam cwm, for the inspiration, we got from his 15 minute bulwark, tutorial he’s a Whip tracking professional and we’ve put a link in the description so you can go check him out and tell him We sent you again if you’re, gonna be making a Bullwhip, make sure you, take safety precautions wearing, eyewear and long sleeves so that if something goes wrong You, don’t injure yourself other than that this is a really fun build, that doesn’t take too long especially if you Use the chain rather than the bee bees thanks for joining us for this project Today, and we’ll see you in the next one talk to you then? This, video, like most of our videos is brought to you, by electrical tape, electrical tape it holds the world together Quit grabbing, each other, my cracker is tied itself in a knot around the fall I Don’t know if there was something i was supposed to do to avoid, that probably even with the cracker around it like that yep Hey, guys it’s grant here i’m not in a position to be in these videos right, now but that’s exactly, why nate’s here nate is the man he’s got some incredible talent and i think he could pretty much build anything so let him know in The comments, what you, want to see and he can probably make it happen

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