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How to Crack an Egg (Perfectly)

So here’s how you crack an egg without the shell falling into the rest of what you’re making. Just take it–you want to crack it right along the side here… I don’t crack it up on the top I crack it on the side here and I’ll show you why. The top, generally, just pushes the shell right into the egg. But if you crack it on the side of the bowl what you’ll find happens is if you just give it a whack and you just keep turning it like this, you see already it’s got a nice crack halfway through it …and now you’re done.

100 thoughts on “How to Crack an Egg (Perfectly)

  1. Im making scrambled eggs right now, every fucking time I make em, The shell gets in. Thanks for the video.

  2. Another trick is to

    Just crack on the sides, if there are many small cracks, use your thumb and push the small cracks inside the eggs and open it, with the thumb still inside the egg.

  3. ive been trying to separate egg whites from the yolk and i havent cracked an egg in a long time so when i tried to crack the egg the whole thing just crumbled into pieces

  4. I made eggs today for the first time (I know lol) and part of the shell got in so I looked this up and hopefully it helps.

  5. I just binge-watched about twenty tutorial videos from edatlin and now every time I hear that royalty free piano clip I laugh
    I'll never not recognize it now

  6. Everything about this video is perfect. The egg cracking. The music. Your voice. Thank you Michael Paul. Truly, thank you.

  7. This is great,I always find it hard to crack eggs so no shell falls in with the eggs.I will give this a try.Thank you 🙂

  8. I prefer the two-handed method, where you give the egg shell a few gentle taps on the side against the edge of the bowl, then use your thumb to split the egg shell, then quickly deposit the yolk in the bowl. The residual yolk usually keeps the shell debris clinging long enough to prevent it from falling into the mixture.

  9. Ok this does work guys, I literally just got done using this technique. WARNING make sure the pointy end of the egg is facing upward before you start cracking it. Also make sure that your hitting the egg in the middle otherwise you might break the yoke.

    Eggs cracked: 13
    Egg yokes that broke: 2

  10. My man, that's all I had to know. All these other videos, 2, 3, 4, 5 minutes long telling me I need soap, water, and quarters. Best video I've ever seen in my entire life.

  11. I thought the point of doing it perfectly(for me) is to not get egg on your hands.Guess i cant have nice things…

  12. I don't cook often, as I am 17 and am sustained by microwavable meat and the ability to go out for food. So when I got eggs and tried to prepare myself some nice scrambled eggs for breakfast, I drastically overestimated the amount of force required to crack them. Hijinx ensued. It was the most violent of egg crime scenes. I'm eternally grateful for you showing me a brighter, more peaceful way.

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