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How to CRACK AN EGG WITH ONE HAND – Like A Boss, Simple Trick Explained – Inspire To Cook

What’s up guys! Welcome to Inspire to Cook! Today, I am going to show you how to crack eggs with one hand like a boss First we need to learn the grip These two fingers go right here along with the thumb and the bottom two fingers go toward the bottom of the egg So we have these three fingers holding the front part of the egg, and the other two fingers holding the second half of the egg And we basically going to hit it in the middle and crack it. And it doesn’t matter, you can go as dip as you want to And pick it up while holding it together, carry it to where you need to drop it And separate the two parts of the egg. Let’s check it out! Just like that It is much easier to practice with larger eggs, especially if you have big fingers But if you have smaller egg, you can just use one finger to hold the back part And these two fingers will hold the front part Let’s try it again So again, I have my two fingers right over here with the thumb And just one finger on the back end, because my fingers are too big And I am going to crack the egg ANd just hold it, carry it out and let the egg out It’s not going to spill most of the time So you have a little bit of time So let’s review the technique with the cracked egg in our hand Imagine that you have this one part And the other part And when you break it, don’t think about doing anything else Just break it and pick it up It’s not going to spill Or anything like that, and if it spill a little, it doesn’t matter ANd then you simply going to separate the two parts of the egg just like that very simple Well I hope you guys enjoyed this video, this is the simple project you can try at home So let me know how that goes And also, let me know what you want me to do with those eggs I have a bunch of eggs So let me know what kind of recipe you’d like to see with those egg And as always, see you next time Speaks mixed Russian/English: come on, I need your advice, I NEED YOUR ADVICE YEAH RIGHT! whatch next by inspire to cook: How to make Russian caramel in a can, How to make simplified crème brulee in microwave in a mug, mini caramel apples

62 thoughts on “How to CRACK AN EGG WITH ONE HAND – Like A Boss, Simple Trick Explained – Inspire To Cook

  1. PLEASE DO THIS!!!!!!!!AND MENTION MY NAME(Andrew noronha)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLZ DO IT PLEASEMake a machine gun egg maker by putting multiple eggs in the muffin moulds and put it in oven

  2. Already know how to crack eggs and open them with one hand…watches video anyway to support inspiretocook and all those who are trying to learn how to one hand crack eggs….sounds like a good guy greg moment.

  3. This is a great tip.
    And I love your videos,
    But not to be rude… But I thought this was a cooking channel.. Not a tip channel..

  4. Nice channel, cool yet simple ideas. Keep up the good work. Just one thing I have to complain about is the audio quality, invest in a simple clip on mic, it will make the quite annoying empty room reverb go away.

  5. I really like your videos you make my day every day! And also I like your brother crazyrussianhacker video too thanks for the videos !

  6. Nice, now it's easy to cook eggs while busy with another thing! But Howtobasic would disagree with how to open the egg.

  7. When you first learned how to do this how many times did you smash your fingers before successfully cracking an egg? Lpl had to ask

  8. I realized after 1 minute of watching this video I always used to crack eggs with one hand.. How does one crack an egg with two hands??

  9. What should you do if you get some shell fragments from cracking in the eggs? just toss it away and start over , or is there a way to get the shell fragments out?

  10. I have never seen someone with as much dedication as you. this channel is awesome! thank you for making these videos

  11. I'm making Nick Malgieri's flourless chocolate cake…. But these eggs don't want to open cleanly. 12oz. chocolate, 6 eggs, 1/3 cup of favorite liqueur (like Irish cream, Chambord, Disaronno, Grand Marnier, Kailua, etc.), 1/2 cup sugar, 1/2 cup water, 1 stick of butter. Damn good if you do it right, and I've made this cake for years. Heavily dependent on chocolate choices. Use Callebaut if Irish cream is desired.

  12. I underestimate how hard I need to crack the eggs, that's my only problem with using one hand. I don't crack it hard enough so it doesn't work

  13. I cracked an egg with one hand PERFECTLY one when I was, like, seven and haven't been able to replicate it since.

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