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how to crack campus interview- IBM Job interview

Hello everyone, I’m Saahil Hingorani. And I would like to share my interview experience with IBM. First of all I would like to thank Placement Boat for giving me this opportunity to share my interview experience with you. IBM, that is International Business Machine Corporation is an American multinational technology and consulting firm It basically manufactures and markets computer hardware and software products. It also offers infrastructure hosting and consulting in the products ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology It was a 2-day process. The process started with the companies presentation. They told about the company, and what profile are they offering us. They told about what we are going to work there. And then we had a written test, the written test was of 1 hour and it basically comprised of 2 types of questions. One was of series questions, 20 questions on series. Like, various types of sequences were given and you have to, like, write down the next number in it. And the second type of question was on statements. 2 statements were given and you basically need to tell that if it can be answered using the.. question asked can be answered using the above 2 statements. After this test, a shortlist was announced, and the shortlisted students underwent another test on English. The test was of 20 minutes, and it was very simple test. I completed it within 10 minutes. And after that also, another shortlist was announced, and after that, basically the process for the day was over. And they did document verification of all the students. As the cutoff was 65%, they also refused many candidates whose percentage was not upto the mark. The next day we had interview. My interview lasted for about 10 minutes. As such he didn’t ask me any technical question. His main focus was, since I belonged to Electronics and Communication branch And IBM is an IT-consulting firm, so his main focus was that if I’m ready, if I’m willing to join an IT-consulting firm or not. So I told him that I have done a lot of programming stuff. My projects also include some programming So he was so far convinced. Then he asked me about many other languages like java, hadoop, etc. I told him that I don’t know all these languages but I’m willing to learn if given proper training. So he was also convinced with that. And then he asked me about my family background, and normal HR questions, thats it. And the interview process was done. After the interviews, like, in the evening, the final result was announced and I was one of the successful candidates. I would like to give the viewers a couple of suggestions to crack IBM interview. First of all, actually they give preference to circuital branches. So if you’re from one of the circuital branch, maybe electronics, electrical, computer, IT then you are definitely given a preference. You definitely have an edge over others. But if you belong to a non-circuital branch, then I would suggest you that you do some of the programming stuff. Maybe a couple of projects, you can take help from the circuital branches guys. And another suggestion that I would like to give all of you, that, maintain a decent percentage. Maybe above 70, because they give a lot of preference to the candidates who have a high percentage And ya, the third and the most important suggestion is be confident during the interview. That is the most important thing. Even if you are speaking something, that is not truth, speak with confidence. Then, like, when I convinced him that I belong to electronics branch, and I can work in a software company, I also spoke something that was not truth. So maybe you can like fake at that moment, but with confidence. So that’s it, about the interview process, and suggestions to all of you. Thanks a lot, everyone for your patience and if you have any queries, you can comment below And we will answer to the best of our knowledge as soon as possible. And you can also like and subscribe the channel..this channel Placement Boat. Thanks a lot everyone!

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  1. IBM is an awesome company! Tough to get a job there, but once you're in, you're pretty much made. The key is to prepare for your interview!*Version*=1&*entries*=0

  2. Thanks for sharing that interview experience. It will be really beneficial for every student who is having troubles with preparing for campus placements.

  3. Very good and insightful video. This really helps the students who are looking for information and the do's and dont's regarding the whole process. Thank you!

  4. IBM is one of the oldest and very famous company. Working with IBM will be a dream come true for many people like me. Thank you for providing the valid tips and suggestions for cracking the interview. Great video!

  5. Ibm the giant in it's area needs something special to keep it special and placement boat tells you exactly what you need to do

  6. Thank you so much placement boat for letting these peoples to share their experience, it is really going to help many.

  7. This video is help full for my job and how to speak to interview and how to approach in interviewer…………….

  8. Hi there!. Am a BCA graduate and my aggregate percentage of the sem is 56%. But I have scored 72%in 12th… So which marks will be considered? And am I eligible for this?

  9. Thanks for sharing ur experience that u faced. Tell me one thing I am a graduate in (economic) with the percentage of 56 on aggregate and in Hons just 60….may I eligible for any job of IBM

  10. Wipro management (I know it is not related to IBM) harassed me claiming that my previous employer had made a case on me. Wipro managers instructed multiple software engineers under them to harass me by passing threatening and provocative comments on me and by following me around both in company campus and outside in public places too while continuing to pass threatening and provocative comments on me. Because of Wipro management my engagement broke in December, 2016. I had joined Wipro a few months back then as software engineer and I was about to get married to my fiancee in January. It was arranged marriage. Wipro managers used to send their subordinates, mostly software engineers, to follow me around in public places on weekends when I used to go out to meet my fiancee. These people used to pass such comments as she will ruin him and she will run away on day of marriage. This gave me panic attack and I broke up with her just before marriage. However, Wipro managers still kept harassing me in the similar fashion even after that and passed such comments as we saved that girl's life from getting spoiled and we will never let him get married. I filed harassment complaint against Wipro managers with ombuds within company but this only made the matter worse. They started harassing me even more, both in company campus and outside too. It has been a few months that I left Wipro but they are still harassing me by paying people incentives to speak against me and to follow me around even though I have changed city from Pune to Delhi NCR. Several escalations to board of directors too have been futile. I am considering filing harassment complaint against Wipro management with police.

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