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How to crack CAT for freshers. ( CAT / CET / NMAT / XAT )

Hi everyone!! Today we will talk about How to Crack CAT
for Freshers this video!! Oh sorry, I said all this in Punjabi!! Lets talk in hindi! Today we will be discussing how to crack cat
for freshers! This much Punjabi is understandable for all
of you!!! I want to do one full video in Punjabi lets
see will do that later! Okay! How to Crack CAT for freshers Number 1 This
is your final year this is the most important year many of them start in the second year
itself the 2nd year of engineering and some of them even start in the 3rd year of engineering
pre-final year. According to me, it is the best time for starting
your preparation your mind gets glued to the entire process because what is CAT? CAT is aptitude it is a test which you have
to give and then what you have to target and how to do that I will tell you. Number 1 makes your habit that you will do
one RC every day one DI daily and atleast 20 questions of quants to be solved daily. If nothing then solve the solved examples
atleast don’t take a toll of it because they are pretty chill they have a lot of support
from their families so if someone’s mother asks them whatsup with your boy he is chilling
here in Mumbai BMS Bcom colleges hardly 3-4 hours of college it starts in the 7 in the
morning then back by 10 am after that roaming around chilling so for them 1 RC 1 DI and
20 quant questions daily for sure! Will do one video for non-engineers as well
Why RC, because there are 24 questions of RC in CAT-DI, has 16 questions and 24 for
Quants. Now whether you are able to understand quant
or not if you want a coach or a mentor then ask him if someone doesn’t have the access
to the dashboards then take that Sit at your home and wear your headphones we have videos
of the NMAT toppers for all the important topics do all of them and you will get through. Am attaching the link below
Now number 2 advantage freshers you are in study mode you are studying now even the work
experience people are watching this video to get something out of it so please comment
below if I am correct. Once you start working you enjoy a lot salary
is credited on the 30th of every month [Ting ting ting] SMS pop ups till now you have to
ask your mom for 200 rs but then the problem occurs in the 2nd year now you join in the
2nd year Accenture Wipro TCS startup etc and then you see your boss coming that boss is
normally of your college and your same age group. He has finished his MBA after 2 years and
came here as a fresher maybe your batchmate. He becomes your boss you have a package of
3-4 lac he has a package of 20 lacs then you go mad Holy shit what the hell am I doing
I should have been doing an MBA then people start crying no sir I have to go for an MBA
my boss is here I am predicting your future you are in the study mode in your final year
you just have to target 33% marks I repeat just 33% marks
for non-engineers 1/3rd. you have scored 1/3rd always till yet passed all your exams? Yes you have always you have scored 33% marks
11 LRDI to be solved 11 from Quants and 11 from Verbal do your preparation accordingly
and trust me and give your CAT in your final year are sitting far from me and watching
my videos Verbal Wednesdays are there some are free some are paid I have put those links
too join those and have fun. And score these 33% marks. You are in your study mode going to your colleges
studying after that you will excel in your job then also there is a problem you got placed
got a package for 8 6 or 3 lacs even if you excel there, there will be a problem if you
are doing good your boss will promote you and then will stop you from going for an MBA
he himself is an MBA because he wants you to stay in the same thing. Now the Fresh Factor, DISCLAIMER many companies
come to the MBA colleges for freshers because they are looking for the fresh factor Big
companies if you are a topper McKinsey and Co. they even hire freshers 0 work experience
and very hefty packages like 30 lacs I know this because recently my friend in IIM Banglore
Jay Gusaliya although he is a CA he into big fresher he is. Fresh factor works why? Because all the big companies what do they
want? If you are a big company they have the best
bakery in the world they know how to bake? they know the baking stuff if you are the
best bakery in the world then what do you need? Fresh flour fresh dough or half bakes cake?
or 2 years cooked cake have roamed around and stuff . They want Freshers!! so 0-2 years
is the hot selling cake. In India, if it takes more than 2 years for
your MBA then you won’t be placed. Now freshers cant do an MBA! now 20-30% people
are freshers now how can I compete with those people very good all of you are getting 2
points extra if everyone is getting 2 points extra then very good they are competing among
themselves and you are competing within yourselves this is fixed in the business school’s head
that how many freshers do they want before they even start the entire process are you
with me? So if they are getting 2-5 marks extra let
it be but if you are a fresher your profile should be good you should have done some extra
activities and stuff will be a video for that too how to build your profile Understood? We are not competing for no job pressure if
you are getting a package of 8 lacs then you will be working really hard for that company’s
protocol is if you bring in 10% company’s business then you will be paid 8 lacs. Then you have to work late without sleeping
going on sights people working in ONGC so I had a friend where he was assigned to take
care of the pipelines with a support staff how would you study with this kind of role? Join a library or classroom for all the people
in Mumbai you can come and meet me join me. I am not telling that coaching is really important
without coaching too people get through but in the classroom, you will get peers meet
them every week giving mock test constant check will be there if you are studying or
not faculties are amazing IIT Kharagpur people are here sitting with them motivates you. Although everything is available on youtube
these days physical presence does have a great impact whatever it is 30-40k or a library
3-5k join it. It should be your time you should study. Last, Plan your final year what all do you
have in your final year internships black books it is the most important and last year
for your undergraduate after that there is the final year for the 2nd year too then don’t
party please friends and all. So your CAT will be in November and your exam
will be in June. I know that you won’t be studying for your
exams chilling and roaming is much more preferred so it’s like a gym every day one hour and
at last if you have your bodybuilding competition in November then you don’t have to study at
the last. Do your black book and everything. All the freshers on the house my recommendations
is this go and give CAT this year. There will be a lot of hearing and say. I am gonna give you the links for the mocks
as well as for those who don’t want to study doesn’t want to join any coaching you can
give mocks and basics will be prepared but you have to keep your motivation level high
don’t get lost in your college life plan your final year this is the investment for the
next 40 years of your life. MBA is the highest degree you are trying to
get on this planet. No one would do a Ph.D. after an MBA. So whatever you wanna study do that in a single
go. I hope you guys enjoyed the video. If yes do comment and give me your feedback. If any feedback you have been more than happy
to accomplish. All the best!!

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  1. Dear sir,
    Great video.
    I have a query. Is it okay for a person who has passed out recently to not go for job and give his full time only to CAT preparation?

  2. sir..I am junior engineer in CPWD in government sector. lekin mai cat ki tyari krna chahta kya mere liye government job chorna thik rhega…ya risky h I m confuse….plz suggest…what I do.

  3. Sir ,I am a non engineer ,general category student,81-class 10and 76- class 12th ,8.36 cgpa in college ,which college should i target.

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