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How to crack CAT Quants  ( CAT Quantitative Aptitude Lectures ) ( For CAT Toppers , IIM A , IIM B )

Ek hi sawal mujhe aa raha hai sir quants ka kya kare aur ek hi sawal mujhe niche se bhi aa raha hai ki quants ka kya kare Aur ek hi sawal mujhe iss side se bhi aa raha hai sir quants ka kya kare Aur ek hi sawaal mujhe itne door se bhi aa raha hai sir quants ka kya kare all right party people let’s get started I have been asked one question by so many people after seeing the last two videos that schedule and every think is okay but But How to study Quants? thats the biggest problem that people are asking me sir quad gets a burden come and get
support and he came up with a point gets every penny vault opening up to someone
who snakes I’ll kill 70 but up me up engineer okay known engineer so by a
coda engineering category I got that no one ingenuity non-generic EIC fertility
in cool October you are engineer Gordon engineer recorder engineer what’s up
which other maybe engineer you judo engine tricks your brain but every
agreement if k-8 Fido or the engineering college kinder
you look mats now first you Robert secondary birthday 30 River then Kyle up
Toro que paso de kado passport ebony but if not engineer which option do you know
how are you but I bought at me trust me people who are listening to me all the
integrals in go pass out by electron volt event carro que by engineer guanaco
a body Bosnia is commands we need strong Goga but yes Chi engineers I I think
even she and I attic ever chase vgt IKEA chair a chichi colleges que você topper
College cubed shapes yeah but you go through love Nats irani coffee Echota
yes funky but I’m told there kappahd carry but they are only one to two
percent of her entire cat topper category Paquito birch a
would normal Draghi between Cody Qatar Macon I had known engineers in code a
guitar maker named obscure the planning drink you look at dynamic cook Barbara
key cheese bulldoze through segregate Kyrgyz syllabus office labor some rules
number one kita devotional can’t can the 34 he can
I repeat 34 question Hank at candor out of 100 the approximately one third
question to Matt ski I wish I could Earl except to Darla September miracle
to use it those laws establish good worker get tackled curse it be cut off
get me telling the wage a bleep about cutting your life candor plus infinity
maker or minus infinity plus infinity plus India or choo-choo or the lab your
marathon Breanna plus infinity mod love AutoCAD cut top urban man agar aapko CAD
can the ninety nine point nine seven nine six nine eighty a quad cleanser
how many questions you need to do right you need to do somewhere on 26 to 27
questions right to be a topper of CAD because the iid and idk but sure the out
of 34 which everyone gather number one a bath Kurt a minus infinity minus
infinity K Jean Kuno I am in a John Cage in co2 I am am the bath Bangalore
Calcutta actually some kobuichi away saying Barcelona say you didn’t go near
to buy your up Monica sectional Rhoda give er the answer is no forgive you –
in Brady about Karami or di LR or verbal Nefario overall after 92 93 percentile
our jatha head you are good to go how maritime Makaha key to paper juggle
Carson got come on TV case appointment the spoke another whatever questions on
key origami give baggage into section cut
off key tension be over 90% they’ll say wizard call him in JK assume I am which
I call him Isabel incre which they call him in the for School of Management
Yun Kelly ticket Oh vodka the beach one zero zero zero which were anyway / 0
plus infinity I’m Nakia top urban Nikolai aku 26 27 person’s rank under 30
for 30 self persona and nab a percentile lakeyanna cat cancer whose tender quad
total both be correctly either upon the spirit which be other way di lr4 aquella
Donna but up section company cursor seriously I was a great debate time
spent can I buy a bucket is 0 key 0 much chicken he have over changing cook
cut-offs me clear cutting above the cutoff technically our company 34 may
say agar aapke arts a discussion T Qaddafi to be on the safer side 33
percent marks ticket 32 car sorry purchase percent marks huh 25% not other
32 manga telling was got 25% oh that art
question 34 month is Rachel approximately 200 us question mark is
telling me I put this question taker may hang we have put scorecard because of
Tom who people who have got 10 questions right in cat and they have been – I’m
amped about they are sitting inside I am Bangalore jegos le I’m a bee smoker they
are you a book Jayco celeea or Bihar Authority I am am the waka Paul Tibbets
then she will do some I think some some quality new cue for the other so this
question right a bath kurta baby boo believe the Celtic a second man
the salty curly Glee up to Carnac a dungeon amoeba aku cetera eternal
question to attempt to calculate again half paper attempt occur Kiana half
paper attempt economy of number lines would say exams to do is okay up mock
the debate you younger people keep Erica Rio Manske 34 we say subtle emotional
temperature me butler 50% Pella pushin Kia loser surely what a guide image our
teeth Rapala Java permutation combination surely ok para setup for
them suppose she near empty army or cetera
Michigan up with the Sahara question t kirk a our guy a ticket the Sierra Bush
Antigua the sediment of negative monkey children a somewhere on Daphne
Tara an empty a doe question Lilith curvy a though number up it would be J
equating SHINee but overall up 30 marks 10 into 3 30 marks organ optically you
are good to go – even I am M the bath okay
even a but the caveat is chaotic our verbal or a DNR sorry kion I for Keanu
become 8 min ninety-nine point nine nine million 30 question 30 marks thus
Christian Right is equal to 85 point something cut off something percentile
marks which means our key cut off clear ruler even for a man the bomb take a of
30 or buddy Martin servidio cut off here only but through or burn up kappa yes 34
may say so therapist should be focused for they’ll give us the cat inky basic
books a variable books per year vaca guru chapter number chase a guarantee
must email link in order that Chaplin watch a ciggy our
mocha percentages Nicola why not kuru but pause carbonate Pendley Allroad
karate can deal to be Leonard can go number one
percentages averages ratios mixed relation you just subtopic enough yipper
APR apparent origin time speed distance time and work scope was there erect
melting so yeah arithmetic pagalava are automatic make Godwin job as a bad
heroic strike each chapter Glogau harbor your Ozma bodega boots and maybe or the
board going upstream between ohk maybe several solitary goes Kendricks of
another shot a boy both ever experience of our or that both it me speed say
average Cooper that if this bits in each other
who’s got some great / – he can now say 2 V 1 V 2 1 V 1 plus V 2 formula unit
put up for the macabre all right boat scene cameo I’d be savants on current k
b7 through boosts Cavalia unsolved exam so I repeat chapter number J say chapter
number Yara okay yup arithmetic obeah who skipper this case up a cauchy sad
Carlo which is my favorite it is called as geometry geometry we kata earth again
circles of it triangles are they Jumma tree and mensuration math below go
conquer he can which is the circle of paper and lie stirring it there were a
time of maritime method number system of geometry are low G Veda para para be
geometrical value come move your head agar of do other soul another pan raja
baath karenge JC art questions remain tricky I think to her Sol
those which are question a paunch quotient minimum geometric yari the who
Robert on earth medic earlier hey you rotten each metric earlier hey you are
good to go these are 17 questions out of 34
questions in your pond I repeat for the N it times 17 questions out of 34
questions for your cat competitive exam so bitter juice a toxicity of me sir
model might sneer the permutation combination the other sort of function
the anthem maximum any money autographs me author so many happy to do game
theory kneecap game theory cat cat is not going to be asking you anything
about game theory and all right now cat is gonna be very basic when it comes
to what he gets so Jim coupon million that I repeat let
me summarize summary data wrong I may go by a process very top Urbanek one kind
jr. also put other known engineer Oh max both Berea ITV exam yeah didn’t bring
coming up to look at their match mother check the way a Chubby’s question of
cooker name sub piranha Barrera he came times with the system it work mixed
relegation automatic modern match function basically Maxima graphs up part
number a up up to 99 personnel plus asset that’s a big question right that
sir target do that up minus infinity then colonic a soma have a linker
finally give up conjugate please are very but give up my Karma Mira come and
support some quit Madonna to me ripple I would think a kinkajou long merely
channel to subscribe Korea video then please hit 0 L minus infinity Valley
category but Jarrah will be are you willing to give up Kirby a case assume I
have a link a chick on his name hot body ID but a chick origin say I am
discipline to to be head to upload Kalka okay
ornithology anodic e di Dharma’s are they on DJ Berber nigga be analytical
each for national DJ for a cunt about overtime spend karna padega or curcuit
DNR or verbal Porter or Haryana overall numbers mean are they equal disk in this
section cut off name happy birthday achievement to be 0 which
plus infinity or minus infinity oh yeah zero zero matches you know what check
yeah you got a 50 was not the category getting a solution D they are occurring
out of 30 for questions time to discuss time into except number J Sagara or
pandas etcetera are kinky Biscay Boojum que pase
movie a sip revolutionary means a more thematic basic guitar voice attribution
oginski bottom geography and a mask you could walk didn’t give an advance book
name will be IC kitab religious can the cat keep you on a paper soil who how
many to subset Kirky baby i mother sorry to make three keep is little soggy oh
shit together convenient number system get together curvy what advanced books
page i advanced poopy shake the soggy cat given hey what’s up segregate here a
movie song for me number three level of proportion jump
into mock that you marry both close 20 booked a car fisher 99.9 endpoint
engineer the movie non nit not iit but was the crack
earlier book ever dick and our very favorite diary of the
diagonal it’s easy question many are GA times will the system will work earlier
arithmetic mates who requested walks a bad camera person like TV was cursed
solution dignity was too short cuddling TV and then she used to move on the next
chapter so her egg Maki under Georgia question are today
boo boo quality every time speed it’s just it though so on i you maybe book
manage up came walking but nothing basic Morgan are they’d mass Morgan are they
so hard a different curve a hard walk in the same time times P decent person any
other herb ocular questionable gooseneck book banana hockey a very basic eat away
you may advance photography each name walks too many times with the same
person K would go Vinod curvature you know that helped her to get 99.9 percent
that was my time sweetie sorry captain chica guys parting thoughts for the day
of may we do one carnival off very much of you general is the channel to
subscribe D th and was subscribed carry me poor sorry we do scummy belong up
Tilly but I hope you guys are enjoying the whole thing for sure the odd up bath
caring you or music comments candidly cubed I get your cut target target guy a
plus infinity marks name as a Theo – a friend Elena and shot Theo k0 kita of
Vienna to 0zc the be romantic knob cuz you know will not carry on that but it
comment curriculum middle dignity can the plus infinity Renison or school plan
querque preparation carry and all the best but show me Dobie in a pot my a
target there you go

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  1. Target CAT
    Quant- target 17 questions everyday time 3-4 hrs
    DILR- target 25-30 questions time 2½ hrs
    Verbal- 25-30 questions time 2 hrs

  2. Give 1 , 3 ,7 11 Mocks( closest to real CAT ) –
    Listen till end and tell me – What do you choose ?
    Plus Infinity ?
    Minus infinity ?
    Middle infinity ?

  3. Only section I'm strong with CAT is reading comprehension I'm getting average about 45-52 and rest I'm bad in all average mock score ranges between 65-75 please help SIR , should i take a drop

  4. Hello Sir, I request you to please make video on DILR and VARC… for the same… Having weaknesses their in those particular sections

  5. Engineer's are shit with maths and we don't even study all these topics in engg. It's wayyy too different. N whatever designing topics we had we used scientific calculator to solve n trust me most of us cleared the exams by copying. Whichever the clg may be.. We are just over hyped 🙃

  6. I'll be in the middle of this number line sir.. this was really motivating there's still hope and dilr varc phad k aana h 😁😁😁

  7. Thanx for yet another Awesome Video Sir 🙂
    Sir mera English me : 95+ aa raha hai , DILR me 85-90 aur QA me 90-95 tak .. Mocks me 90 ke niche nahi ata but 95 ke upar bhi nahi jaa raha hai Percentile .. Koi new IIM ka call possible hai itne pe ?!

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