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How to Crack GATE with College –  हिन्दी में (English Subtitles)

Hello everyone, This video is specifically for the college-going GATE aspirants who are parallelly preparing in their college. So I would like to make it clear before starting this video that if you are a pass out aspirant or you are in some job or you are doing full-time preparation. Then this video is not of much relevance for you, so it will be your choice to watch the video but still, I will make sure that even if you are a pass out student even if you are not preparing for GATE, But if you watch this video till the end, you will be getting some excellent tips for time management. which will be applicable in all the domains of your life for getting good results. but specifically, this video is for the college-going aspirants who are parallelly preparing for GATE and are facing problems in managing the time for both college and GATE. So I will give you some concrete useful tips for you. So before getting any tips from me, it is important for you to know why you should follow the guidelines of mine. I was the topper of my university My CGPA was highest not only in the mechanical branch but throughout all the branches and parallelly I prepared for GATE in my 3rd & 4th year and cleared it in the first attempt with AIR-37 in the year 2014. So I already have the experience to handle this situation. as how to manage college studies and GATE preparation at a time. So if watch this video till the end, you will observe that I will give you some very concrete tips Which will fetch you instant results and you will be able to prepare effectively for GATE with your college stuff. I am NOT at going to talk about hard work or perseverance or determination like things Which you yourself do not know how to apply I will get you what is actually required for you to crack GATE so let’s start The very first thing I will say is the time you have in your college is surplus enough to prepare for any of the examinations. I am not telling this for “GATE ONLY” . If you are pursuing ‘ENGINEERING’ from any college, then you have ample amount of time to prepare for any examination you want to clear. I generally used to interact with final year college students I have noticed that they don’t prepare for GATE or other exams. He/she is just relaxing and wasting his/her time in movies, assignments and chilling out with friends Sleeping with his cozy blanket whenever he finds nothing to waste time on. but he/she has not started his/her preparation He/She is thinking of preparing after college by taking a break of 1 year The common mindset among them is that preparation along with college and getting a good rank is not possible It is because of this many students have started believing it an inferior option to prepare for GATE while they are in college They started thinking that College + GATE will not have a fruitful conclusion It is because of the lack of much-needed confidence and planning that even many bright students are not performing well in GATE Even those who are preparing do not take the exam seriously thinking of taking the exam just to get the idea of the examination pattern If you just have to know the exam pattern, just go through the previous year question, It will get you the idea about the exam So, in spite of wasting your time in getting the idea of examination, you should be preparing for it sincerely And as a matter of fact, it is comparatively easy to prepare for GATE while you are in college Preparation will be more difficult in the situation when you are in a job which is very time-consuming with a heavy workload and an annoying boss and many other situations like that which will be even more difficult So, first of all, make a belief that it is possible to crack GATE while you are in college, many students are doing it every year. Many students prepare for it while they are in college and they get a good rank I myself is an example in front you and many others like me are doing it every year And as you are having an ample amount of time available for preparation which I will tell you about later so, first of all, you should prioritize the multiple things that take place in the college parallel A lot of distractions in the college as well as hostels like friend-circle, movies, seasons, laptop games, is available for you 24/7 Which can make your preparation difficult if you have not decided your priority So the very first thing I will tell is you should be confident that it is quite possible to prepare for GATE while you are in college Many students are preparing every year like that and they are getting success in that as well The second important thing is that you should set your priority as you are having a lot of time and a lot of distractions as well in your college while you are preparing So you should be clear with your priority You should be clear about weather to study in the evening OR going for a walk with your friend during your study time Similarly you should be able to decide weather you should go out with friends who are inviting you for a movie during your study time or you should say ‘NO’ to them clearly for the sake of your preparation So it is very important for you to set your priority first that GATE is your top priority And it is valid not only when it comes to choose between friends & GATE but also it is valid for college works like assignments, classes and even semester exams Even when it comes to prioritize between semester exams and GATE if you prioritize college grades over GATE during semester exams then again you are not having your GATE on the front seat which is totally unfair for a serious aspirant I will be discussing with you in detail regarding how to prepare for GATE during semester exam in a separate video So, overall I would like to say that you should compare all the things like friends, college and all others with GATE and decide weather your top priority is GATE or not I must say that these small things will have a big contribution in deciding your final result It will not be like you have to do something extraordinary for your success in GATE It will be decided by the small decisions that you take on a daily basis like what you are preferring on a daily basis, movie or GATE, chilling out with friends or GATE these small decisions will decide weather you get a success in GATE or not So making GATE as your top priority is the introductory point. The upcoming points are going to be very helpful and will tell you how you can use your college hours for your GATE preparation. The next important thing is you should use the attendance margin available in your college judiciously Every college/university provides a margin of 20-25% in the student’s attendance where you can manage to skip your classes So, you are getting that extra 25% college time and you should use that time effectively Generally, students use that time in relaxing and chilling out This is a foolish idea and you ended up wasting your 20-25% of valuable time in just non-worth activities by not going to college and relaxing all day in your room It’s not like everyone is doing this, some students are using this time wisely by studying in hostel or library but majority of students are wasting their time in having a great sleep and completing GOT in a stretch So you must not waste that time You should use that time margin of
leaves effectively. Use this time when you have to prepare for some test or you have to read some important topic where you are required to sit for long hours while keeping yourself fresh and active Take your leave that day and complete the topics/tests you decided. Don’t just take leave for a good night sleep I am again repeating that you have to prioritize things for you If you have to choose between relaxing sleep and GATE “after few hours of study” just think about the activity chosen to be done today by you and its effect 3 years from now For sure after 3 years, it will not be going to matter where you had a sleep on that day or not. But it will definitely matter weather you prepared that day for GATE or not… For sure you will not feel refreshed after 3 years of the sleep you are having today. Do you? But it will surely matter a lot if you choose to prepare for your GATE over sleeping then for sure the rank which you will get will keep you rejuvenating throughout your lifetime So I will suggest you that whenever you find it difficult to choose between GATE and some other thing just check it’s consequences in the horizon of 2-3 years Getting a good rank by preparing for GATE will surely give you happiness which you probably share with your next generation also So basically I will suggest you to use your attendance margin judiciously to prepare for GATE and not wasting it for some non-GATE activities. I will now be sharing with you the tips on how you can manage your college-time effectively for your GATE I receive many queries from students and I noticed them dividing their time as college-time and free-time The students used to claim that I have only 4-5 hrs after my college This is not an appropriate statement The students are having a mind-set that that they cannot prepare for GATE in their college hours This is a blunder they used to create As a matter of fact, the level of strictness in any private/government college is more or less similar and if any college is somehow very strict, then not all the faculties will roam around you and looking at your class note weather you are doing the class work with 100 % perfection or not So most of the students waste that time in miscellaneous activities. You are required to use your college-hours very effectively Take-off the idea from your mind that you cannot prepare for GATE while you are in college-hours You should think every morning that you are going to college to prepare for GATE you should not think you have to study for your semester exams because most of the semester stuffs are common to GATE syllabus for the things that is extra in semester you can refer to it 10 days before your semester If you focus on concept-building which you can surely accomplish by preparing for GATE it will then be a cakewalk to handle semester exams at least for technical subjects You can create an essay even on the minor technical topics asked in college If you are sincerely preparing for GATE. I will also tell you the strategy for the subjects which are not relevant to GATE in this video also. But for the subjects relevant to GATE, semester exams will not be a worry for you For those subjects if you are preparing on your own and the same thing is going on in the class and if you are not getting the topic delivered by the class faculty because of any reason you need not to follow the lecture then and you can use that time for your GATE again. I will tell you “HOW”? The very first thing is you should surround yourself by the people who can cooperate with you in your preparation. They should be knowing that you are preparing for GATE so that they can warn you about the things that could be problematic like ” faculty approaching your row” This is a minor point to consider but yeah it is very effective You might find trouble, in the beginning, to find such people if you do not have a fair image in academics Finding that group was easy for me due to my image. But, if you recently started your preparation, then it might be troublesome for you in the beginning. It might be surprising for them looking at you preparing for GATE It will be a few day phase and after you have to make sure that they should be supporting you in your preparation then only you can manage to prepare well during class time You can use your college time in many ways the very first thing is revision you must be knowing how important is the revision for GATE I used to repeat this thing in every EXERGIC’S free-webinars as well as premium webinars that revision is very important and revision has to be done using short notes, not long notes so whatever if have in the form of short notes you can revise them during college time It will be a very effective use try not to do things that require your higher concentration there might be chances you have to switch subjects looking at the faculty passing by This will break your concentration for studying fresh topics so prefer revision over studying fresh topics in the class You can pause and resume your revision anytime as per the requirement in the class so revision is the best thing a sincere GATE aspirant should do during classes The other option for you in the class is the study of subjects like manufacturing processes which are theoretical in nature and do not requires much learning You have a lot of things there which you just have to mug up without applying much brains to it such concepts in other subjects as well could be covered when you are in the class To tell you how, you can have everything available on your mobile screen now If I take the example of EXERGIC all its courses like video course, study material, tests and even doubt solving is available on the mobile which you can access anywhere when required, even in classroom I used to clicks the pics and study with them when I was a student when there were limited online resources Mobile phones also at that time were of smaller screen size Comparing that time, you can manage it now-a-days very easily So what I am actually suggesting is you should complete the things that do not requires much of your attention in the class itself You should be sorting the topics for class , after class and during leaves You have to plan for this on your own So the two important things I have shared with you is the revision from short notes and covering the theory topics in the college class itself which do not requires much of your attention So these are the two things you can focus on during classes. Other than preparing for GATE, there are a lot of things which you can use your college time for Its not like preparing for GATE is the only way of effective class-time management You can complete the college related tasks you have to do after college Take an example when you have to submit an assignment and if you are the student who follow time routine for assignment submission then there might be some trouble for you But if you can manage it by a delay of a day or two, you can copy-paste and submit it during college hours itself As the vibes after class in library or in the hostel in much better for quality study so completing tasks like revision, theoretical subjects and assignments will surely clear a huge burden of your head And will create more cream time for covering important technical GATE oriented topics after college Assignments are also a thing that you can cover in your college itself if you manage carefully. For covering non-GATE subjects, you should have some comprehension of what actually is going on in those subjects Irrespective of how the faculty is explaining the topic in the class, you should attend their lectures sincerely You should follow the company of those students who are attentive in that class Not necessarily always, but follow those lectures as regularly as you can just to get the idea of what is going on in that subject Generally faculties teach only exam oriented things in the class, so try to complete the related tasks there itself or in the college time atleast I will not recommend to devote even a single minute to non-GATE subjects after college hours So attend those classes carefully Faculty generally used to highlight things that are important for semester exam.So keep your eyes and ears open Try to interact with the faculty so that you get to know what is more IMPORTANT in that subject and just get the idea of the subject Trust me …if you just have the comprehension of the subject, you will get a lot of ideas for filling the sheets. You are an adult now and you should know the art of manipulation when it comes to the semester exams So if just have the idea of the subject,you will be on the safe side in that subject There are some students who will go with the idea of one-night stand where they flip the notes a day before or two I not saying this is not a good idea but I have also scored well in those subjects as have some reasons to focus on my CGPA as well So if the college grades is not a big deal for you, then you prepare for GATE in those classes as well So I have discussed five things which I am summarizing now. 1. Judicious use of attendance margin for GATE. 2. Engage yourself for GATE revision during college hours 3. Complete theoretical and less numerical intensive topics in the class itself. 4. Try to complete the college assignments during college time itself. 5. Complete the non-GATE subjects during their lectures by attending them sincerely I am repeating my words again It is very possible to crack GATE with college Don’t Just go to the relax mode with the plan of taking a break of 1 year for the preparation Because preparing after college creates an immense pressure as you are not having any B option in your hand other than GATE This can have adverse effect on your GATE/chances of increasing your silly mistakes will increase. Due to which you may not be able to give your best. That’s why irrespective of which college you are or exam you are preparing for. It is very possible to crack any competitive exam parallelly with your academics. I will suggest you implement all the tips I shared with you. If you any other relevant query, you can ask me in the comment box. or you can mail me at [email protected] and share your experience with me when you apply these tips during your preparation. ALL THE BEST

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