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How to crack GRE in 10 days with GRE 334.

Hi everyone today we are gonna do a video
which is really close to my heart. I remember searching it on my youtube it was
HOW TO CRACK GRE IN 10 DAYS I know all those people looking at me today we have a topper
with us hey kshitij Great! So kshitij you are 334 yes great! So there are some people listening to me they
are a little bit afraid their youtube doubt how to crack gre in 10 days they found us
so let’s save them so save there arse so let’s talk to Kshitij this is a 5 step approach
plan for you so kshitij what do you recommend them how to plan right now okay so basic first
step should be mocks so mocks is the most important preparation which I did like the
main pillar of my preparation so I would suggest at least 10 mocks because you do not have
base you haven’t started preparing so mocks are groomed to serve as your base okay! So give at least 10 mocks!! Okay! So there are multiple sources to give the
mocks but the first and the most important one is the ETS so when you register for GRE
you get three tests so these are the two mock tests so the CATKing Mock test series which
sir will mention this is by Manhattan. Manhattan is a paid test series but we can
get one test for free and this is Kaptan which is a similar concept where one of the tests
is free so in the combination, you have 10 mocks and you don’t have more than 10 days
so you have to attempt at least 10 mocks so you should utilize this entire time you cannot
just take break before exam and you cannot afford all of that because you have only 10
days left. So you have to work each day and you have
to work hard. So that’s lovely! So for example, if you are starting from here
so I would recommend you watch this video on Sunday night your plan should be from Monday
so Monday Tuesday Wed Thurs Fri Sat and Sun adding three Mon Tues and Wed so 7 and 3 10
days so mon you should write I am gonna give ETS that is number one and followed by I am
gonna give CATKing mocks 1 2 3 4 5 6 and in between maybe you guys can give Manhattan
free mock and then you can plug in one more Kaptan Mock don’t buy those for sure and on
the last day you can give ETS mock 2 this should be the plan of action so plugin 6 mocks
of CATking which I am giving you the link follow them up start solving they are in a
set of 20-20 after Kshitij said so spend time on analyzing the mocks for the same these
10 Days! I don’t want you to have any other focus okay! Disclaimer!! You guys can still Crack GRE but I don’t want
you guys to watch movies chillout relax NO NO NO every time I remember my Orkut’s status
was that was like 2005 2008 2009 that was about I still remember to EAT SLEEP STUDY
you will say repeat but I would say repeat was not that common so EAT SLEEP STUDY not
necessarily in the same order you know what I mean Down the status so These 10 Days daily
you have to solve one mock in the morning for sure number 2 Formula book so basically
for quants most of the questions can be solved by formulas and it takes only fractions of
seconds to solve if you know the formulas so while attempting the mocks write down the
most used formulas or new ones you encounter after analyzing them you can write them in
a book so that when it is your revision time or you are looking through the other questions
solved examples which we will mention later so there you can refer to the formula book
instantly you know the formula you can solve the question and in the exam also it helps
you to remember the formula better thats,, lovely guys! So pick up the formula start writing in the
book while giving mocks so in we are gonna give 10 mocks then 20+20 40 ques plus the
experimental section. So the experimental section is generally not
there in the mock tests but its gonna be 40 questions each 40*10 400 odd questions we
have. 400 questions which are I would say about
100+ formula based directly pulling in the answers great! Number 3 what is the number? Number 3 is the vocabulary section so here
for the verbal section you need to know a lot of words so these words are not a part
of general vocabulary so if you haven’t read these words until now or you do not have a
good reading speed so you may have some problems in the verbal section so these apps included
here oh this is not an app but this is the list of most of the words you may encounter
in GRE! A lot of people use the Maghoosh App that’s
also good so if you wanna have a good chart I would say go down take the print out start
mugging these words for sure some of them can do by root words too like I still remember
altruist alt means other a person who thinks about others he is a good guy this is again
a root word so these words are gonna be a part of 555 so if we have got less time 55
words a day if you can plug in there that’s gonna be good enough for your exam. These are actually one of the most repeated
words tried to collaborate as CATKing also you can just download the CATKing Vocabulary
app it’s an amazing app you guys can go to different examination we have a combined app
for all the Indian examinations GRE then pick this up go to GRE section and solve all those
words will be 100-200 words in GRE section. Crack those that are more than sufficient
don’t go HAYWIRE in the last 10 days very focused approach and get things going. Whats number 4 kshitij? So this is again stressing on the vocabulary
as I mentioned the vocab section tends to be difficult mostly for engineering students
as the words you encounter there they are not a part of general vocabulary so vocab
needs a lot of practice with synonyms and antonyms as well because directly their questions
ask you to give synonyms and antonyms of various words. Lovely! So when you take a mock you can take an nb
for that maybe make another formula book or anything. And you can also note down the words you are
having trouble remembering in So there are few words I tried to remember the meaning
I get it and then if you ask me after a couple of hours I have already forgotten so for this
is a similar concept Vocabulary Book write the difficult words. Lovely! So I call it the bucketing of the words. So you can bucket synonyms and antonyms together
because time is fewer guys 10 days to go!! Also, the people who got the mocks the CATKing
mocks also go the vocabulary section all those words are there keep adding to this beautiful
list which we have already prepared for you its an amazing amalgamation of the best possible
and the most repeated words the students have given us hey you know what sir this word was
in GRE. So what’s number 5? before moving on I would
like to add on so only include the words you find trouble remembering in don’t include
words you know that you are confident about because when you revise it will waste your
time reading them again and again. Okay okay, so that’s good so revising all
the words you are having trouble remembering. So revising is the key! People revise everything that they already
know they keep revising whatever they know already ya ya I remember so what I did was
I used to call it the circle theory say for example I solved 20 problems today I would
make one circle which I was doing wrong. So the next day

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