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How to Crack IELTS Exam – MBA or MS (UK/USA)

Alright Hi guys today we are going to be talking about how to crack your IELTS exam which is one of the most important exam for for all of you guys who are planning to go and study abroad in Canada, Australia Newzeland, UK. Most of all the universities it is mandatory to give IELTS. Its essential your English language test which people take it very lightly. Ke without studying I can just go and clear because its just English. But that’s not how it is. Lets understand entire exam structure and what come to it. You have four parts to the exam. First and the most important is going to be your reading section where you are going to have three passages and alot of questions based on those passages which could be match the columns True or False, Not Given very common to make mistakes usually in True or False section. Then you have couple of inference based questions and fill in the blank Fill in the blank is usually the most easiest out of all the different type of questions come in your reading section The Second section which we have is your writing section, which needs a little bit practice because I think the last time you wrote an essay was in school so we have get back to it start writing, practicing. You know if you do it for next fifteen twenty day. Everyday write one of the reports and essays you will be able to do it. What comes inside the reports is basically you have a bar graph or a pie chart or in very rare cases a geographical map given. You have to write you understanding and analysis what do you interpret from those particular pictorial graphs which is given for which you have to write 150 words alright. The second one essay is usually either a problem or some kind of a situation is given & you have to give the solution to the problem or take a particular side on the situation. Where do you stand. Like maybe some kind of problem situation where you agree disagree So make sure you take one particular stand don’t be dangling between different things. That I can be in all the areas. Don’t have any grey section on to it alright! so that’s about your writing section. Then comes the two most important section, because essentially guys you objective of giving English language test case to go abroad, you should be able to understand them and they should be able to understand you. Which is going to be tested in these two sections i.e Speaking and Listening Speaking is very good, if you are fluent in talking in English. You have been used to talking to people, if not then start practicing today, start talking in front of the mirror okay. Three parts to your speaking test. First which is going to be a generic interview where they will ask you to know more about you, your family, your culture, your goals, why do you wanna go to which ever county you have chosen and understand more about why are you writing IELTS exam to know you as a as a person. Second thing is the task card which is basically like a where you going to given a random topic and you have to talk for 2-5 minutes on that topic. The topic could be as generic and as easy as who is your role model So you can talk at length about the same. How fluently you talk that’s more important and the kind of language that you use okay. The third part is there will be a discussion on the topic which you spoke and what you spoke. So they kind of counter question you to see how… whatever you spoke you still stand by it So discussion based on that. That what is your speaking thing Many of time your speaking exam will be before rest of the exams. So like a day or two prior to..upto a week it can be before or afterwords Reading writing and listening is essentially on the same day itself alright. The Listening section is a very interesting section. Good thing you already have all your questions in hand The audio is going to be played. You will be having two to three sets of audio which are been played. It could be a dialogue, it could be a speech, it could be a random conversation between two people. But if you know particular kind of questions which come. See its about understanding that ascent. So to understand that you need to make sure you are listening to all of those things. If you are being some one watching all the series like “Friends, Suits” all of these all through out you would be able to understand, because you are used to that ascent but just practice that more. And the questions are usually in and around based on you know numbers. Because you should not be missing out any of their numbers. Especially like it could be a credit card number, social security number, mobile number all of those things or may use of places, people, important land marks because you make mistakes in pronunciation based on their pronunciation in the spelling. Spelling mistake cost you your marks. So that’s what listening is all about. So just keep practicing give a few mock test and focus on making profile and everything really strong. Because just a good IELTS score will not fetch you a good college. It is a combination of your score and over all application. For more detail you can always drop by in any of the CATKing centers where we can have the mentors make you understand the importance of profile and how do you start filling in you application for any of the universities abroad. ALL THE BEST take care Press the bell icon on YouTube app and never miss another update from CATKing

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