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How to Crack M2Bob || By TheCruZ

Hi people today I will explain how to
crack M2Bob please this is only for learning and if you want
use it please pay for it is so cheap let’s start it to start crack M2Bob
we need a account with no premium in it and I will start some client, wait
moment, okay I have the hack loaded in metin and if you can see I don’t have
any function and if I click here it show this and I can’t run fast or something, okay
what we need is cheat engine, randomized cheat engine why randomized because M2Bob detect the title of the cheat engine and it close you can do
it easily can search in Internet a how to randomize it
sorry for my English because not is my mather language but i will try speak
good okay what we need to do is click one function and show this, now
open the process answer for this string in UTF okay, we found seven results this one can be deleted or remove
and we have this result okay we need to know who use these strings, we see that
these can be remove we need to know we’ll use these things okay then down to
here put here and now search for every one in four bytes at excessive mud
nothing found pellet a yes nice confuse nothing foam next nothing found one
result okay we found some address that point of
this string then if we click in the dissambly this memory we can see one code but
if you read this code instructions don’t have any logic then if we browse
this memory it don’t have any logic not ir an array not is nothing we can discard
this address to search for this new scan one result okay dissambly this
memory again this memory don’t have any logic but in this case we can see
pointing to another strings if we browse this memory region we can see
something strange we have multiple points of memory with the strings okay
if we follow every of one we can found some strings okay this is an array
of strings after ??? ????? this is the
right we need to know what use this position of the array then we will add
to the address list copy it and then we will search will use it like
the last one put in here first scan and found five results okay in this five
result we have the code that use this exactly string then if we dissambly this
memory region you can ?? for example ??? okay this is a fuckton push EBP
and mov ebp,esp this is for clear stack then this is a function start we can see
here a read of the function ???? you can check every one but I know
that this is the correct function because I already have the crack if I
read this we can see continually something adding
more and more and doing something this function is some like ??¿¿¿?¿¿??¿? is making unions with the strings okay
then if this returns a string this is a string fifteen and we won’t see will use
this stream okay if we copy this address and surf in assembly code and then
normally you will see you will sell for Cal and the others because this is a
victim within this case this can be constants truck tool or something to
abuse like this directly using like parameter effective okay when you use
push is to send to the start and use another function with parameter we will
share with for fiddles and scum okay we have one result
I own that is the correct result if we go here we can see that this seed three
more low position that the photo okay is so near if we see this yellow line we
can see that this victim that if we found with this is colored by this
anodic photo okay then we know that this was terms of the premium circuit of em
to Bob now we want to know whoa call this RS then like with another
but in this case knows it put not is because this is these buti’m or don’t do
nothing or I don’t know then I will put Cal and put this address on Sept again
we’ll put four cities okay we have a big amount of cult or disruption because I’m
to Bob for every foot for every hug that we have called this this foot okay if we
go to anyone here we have this structure this structure is the premium tag of em
– Bob what is this is so simple we have here on East and we have here some cult
of some food on them that check the premium of em – Bob this is a simple
electron pair it’s compiled a result of this with with one and then if we
interpret eco to normal call it’s like if premium the swampthing
Buddhist this guy is if not equal is something like this okay then if we cut
this victim we have empty what target would have a problem this foot term are
producted by M – Bob get second by something that better points
modification ATC okay what we can do simply but did directly we mob
X 0 1 Y X is where Windows normally stored the result of one Foxton um if
you set to one is like set to true and is the function check or check the
premium and result true if the premium is correct one is like say to say yes I
am premium I will restore the call then we know whoa use this fact
Oh fin assembly code passed here the instruction 5 zeroes for example and
scan it will close the last scan and then we have here the full amount of tag
of if I in premium of mm – Bob okay then we need to make a parliament that but
every one of this with the code that I already say if we but this I will
demonstrate that it works why with my own crack I have here I need to put in
the empty folder ok you can see here it that meeting those profits search for
the food team and then but it if we go now to a memory we can see here that is
a husband but if we go to every food they are already budget okay
and now my client can’t enable every fortune that I want but I recommend rest
our meeting because this have some box books I recommend bastard my macragge
will cried the new process before they check anything you can see here
everything pattern and now you can see that all is completely unlocked I can
put anyone that I want pick up with rank if they see a change everything the
sharp potions anything please if you like this hug buiit don’t eat this is
early for lamb happiness day bye you

43 thoughts on “How to Crack M2Bob || By TheCruZ

  1. hey boss, can u send me this randomized ce? I tried several programs and the same, so i cant find how to find ce in memory in win10, the m2bob has beeing closing

  2. you are right about detecting your channel . Guys If you create randomize cheat engine just be carrefull and download the video with IDM and don't keep the tab opened

  3. I think they patched it on version 9.13 . found the adress with no sense but not the one were are the functions. maybe I'm not doing something right but I proceed very carrefully.

  4. does this still work?
    can you point me to the right direction so i can study on this?
    I understand that I have to randomize idm of the cheat engine and i will see the video through my phone, I understand that you find the premium "strings-values" and "patch them" into the new exe.
    I'm curious if this method still works 👍
    I'm very interested, do you have email or discord?

  5. Ey bro, ayudame explicando en español jajaja y dime, aun funciona? Otra cosa, m2bob te sirve a dia de hoy? Cuando quiero usarlo me abre el cliente, pero me dice que hay un error al conectar el servidor, como si estuviese en mantenimiento (cuando logicamente no está en mantenimiento) ayudaaa

  6. This guy is a Legend^^ guys if you watchef the video at least like and subscribe to support him.

    I would love to see a video where you show how you made crack.exe file^^

  7. could you share your patcher's source code on github? the addresses always change when i startup m2bob and I don't know how to make it find the correct addresses can you give a hint?

  8. Pero hazlo en españolllll que se busquen la vida igual que nosotros hacemos para aprender olly etc
    por cierto tio elitepvpers es de slait y banjo siempre te van a borrar los hacks de m2bob ya que ese programa es suyo

  9. no se entiende nada cuando encuentras la region buena…que tienes que buscar hay???? añado esos addres y no encuentra nada

  10. vale e perdido 2 dias de mi vida al ver este video.DESPUES DE ANALIZAR A FONDO HAN PROTEGIDO ESTE METODO ahora slait ha puesto cadenas cambiantes despues de buscar y buscar cada vez que lanza el texto da un rango de adrress las cuales cambian continuamente.asi que este metodo is OUTDATED

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