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How to Crack MICAT: Section wise Strategy

hi friends this is Anisha here I just
briefed before we start to hear talking about the my cat exam let me introduce
myself to you so I’ve done my MBA from NM-IMS Mumbai in 2015
posted I was working with Marico and Henkle Hinkle for the digital marketing and
I’ve been a short executive course from very short course from Harvard Business
School on executive management and have been guiding and mentoring students for
NMAT and MICA specifically for the past three years in fact last year we
had 35 out of 180 students who have made it to you know MICA from the
MICA Super 30 batch where we get in the entire guidance is provided by Rahul
sir me and we loop in a lot of actual MICA’ns all the previous matches from
you know senior years come in and make sure you guys are gearing up for the
entire exam so today’s session you’re I’m going to be talking about you know
the sectional strategy which you need to follow for each and every section
because that’s one of the reasons like you know the objective section why
people are not able to score so we will be focusing on your MICA strategy for
every section in today’s workshop okay so just a quick overview of the entire
MICAT paper pattern, here we are going to be talking about is various
sections which it has so MICA specifically has got three sections where
you have the first section which is called as your psychometric
section which is going to be a qualifier with what do you mean by a qualifier is
if you are not able to clear this section then the rest of the paper is
not have any evaluated so it’s of no significance what you do ahead so make
sure this is really well we’ll have a detailed session on each type of
questions of psychometric coming up further ahead but make sure you would
remember that you have to clear it completely to make sure you are moving
further ahead then comes your second section which is your objective section
which is the second section here where you have 105 minutes time 105 questions
coming in from four sections that’s your logical reasoning general awareness
quantitative and an ally ability and your verbal ability section
one thing to remember is that this section has got 0.25 negative marking as
well so make sure you attempt only the questions which are very very sure of
otherwise you lose out marks for random guesswork and attempting for no reason
last and final section which makes the entire MICAT paper different as
compared to all the rest of the exams is the third section called as the
descriptive section where you have two types of questions one being the for and
against which is called as your argument writing and the second which is your
creative story writing where you are given a set of four images and you have
to write the story on the basis of those images connecting them together moving
on ahead let’s deep dive into you know each and every section to understand
what comes in the exam from all of them okay so if I talk to you about your
quantitative ability section one thing you should remember is this is a very
easy section so as compared to cat or the other exams your MICAT quants
is fairly easy and easy to score so out of the 25 questions the good thing is
the majority of the chunk of questions come in from arithmetic so when we talk
about arithmetic what you can get is direct questions based on percentages
ratios averages mixtures allegations something that they really love this
time speed distance time and work you know and these kind of questions so make
sure you are done with arithmetic I think every exam you look at arithmetic
is something which you should definitely focus on making your strong point for
people who hate maths this is the place where you can score by doing just
arithmetic and data interpretation even if you leave the rest of it by doing
these two you are easily able to get in around 17 to 18 questions which is good
enough for because they do not have any sectional cutoff per se but a good
approach would be that in each section you should have at least 8 to 10 correct
so your target should be every section I should get 8 to 10 correct at a minimum
so that I can make sure I reach an overall score of 50 Plus which is an
advisable thing to make sure you get a call from MICA. Okay
so apart from this points and data interpretation what else comes in the
quant section is your algebra based questions like your equations number
systems HCF LCM not very difficult lot of geometry and mensuration which is
formula based moreover the questions usually lie around the areas and volume
based questions so that it’s easy to visualize and solves the same last but
not the least you have modern maths where you have questions majorly coming from a
permutation combination or probability rather than your functions or graphs or
logs and everything then it’s more focuses on pnc and probability so
cutting the story shot if I have to say out of the 25 questions a good attempt
would be 13 to 15 questions and you should give yourself a good amount of 30
minutes that is two minutes per question solve it so you’re accurate but don’t be
hell-bent that I have to only solve it because if you’re not getting something
leave and move on ahead let’s not waste too much time on to it okay so I hope
all of you guys are clear with the quants section now let’s move on to the
next section the next section we are going to be talking about is your
verbal ability section which I think for all CATKing students would definitely
be there are strongest point and easy to score because this is a very
easy section here you get majority of the questions from your vocab based
sections now what do I mean by vocab based is you have questions coming from
synonyms antonyms direct vocab usage you have questions of sentence correction or
phrase meaning now this sentence correction is not of GMAT level or
so this is very basic based on the correct usage of punctuation or the
gender and the number singularity pluralities has been checked so that is
what you have to focus on in your sentences correction aspects then you have
fill in the blanks which could be either single or double fill in the blanks
which is moderate not very difficult you just read the sentence twice you’ll be
able to get it then comes your reading comprehension and para jumbles now the
good thing is for people who have been practicing for CAT you have done with 24
questions of RCS we’ve done a hell lot of practice that of higher level here it
will be a moderate level it’s not going to be
difficult plus the advantage you have here is para jumbles you have answer
options so you need not do T the type of questions so here you can bridge the two
options and see what is rule of elimination like you know needs to make
a pair this doesn’t make a pair so and so forth so this will easy to score out
of the overall 25 questions 20 questions should be easily doable for you so if
you are not very sure of were being like engineers hate verbal so they’re not
very good into this then example the lesser in terms of 15 to 20 and give
again 30 minutes of time so that you are able to score well and be more accurate
play on your accuracy here in this exam the next section that we have we are
going to be talking about is your reasoning section now Starmark this
section and keep because this is a very different section as compared to any
exam and a very very scoring one because here you have something called as the
word associations where you get 12 to 15 questions every year which is nothing
but set of words which are given as clues you have to match it to the answer
options people who are a part of the super 30 course would have this 500 word
docket questions of word associations if you read that twice you are sorted
you’re going to make sure you get at least and correct in this out of the 15
questions of word associations okay then you have the verbal reasoning kind of
questions where you have statement conclusion statement assumptions some
time you can have an argument or a course of action also giving which is
again usage of you know your reasoning skills a couple of questions will be
difficult leave them don’t attempt all of them but
out of the 30 overall and 18 to 22 is a good attempt not bad then apart along
with that you could also get some basic logical reasoning questions like number
series blood relations letter series coding decoding one or two questions
from that a couple of questions from visual reasoning sometimes you also see
the input/output which comes in NMAT coming in but that’s a one-off case the
easy to score make sure you are scoring is your word associations and your
verbal reasoning section last but not the least is your general
awareness section of the objective part of the paper which completes your 105
questions here there’s a huge focus on marketing awareness and branding GK
questions where it could be questions about ad agencies the brands the slogans
the tag lines or your top company CEOs which are the latest mergers and
acquisitions which have happened or the brand ambassador who was it or some kind
of awards in terms of not necessarily just sports or Noble Prize Awards but
also the basic ones like Oscar Awards and music Grammy Awards all of them can
be coming in that major chunk is from all of these based on your 20 questions
are there a couple of questions come from current affairs so the last six
months if you are well-read it’s good enough read the GK ebooks being shared
with everybody monthly basis six months is more than enough a little bit of
geography or social history based questions like for example the World
Bank where is it headquartered or in terms of history which particular Mughal
emperor was there so very rarely that comes in but you can you don’t just make
sure you’re a little bit read about all of them nevertheless it’s just a couple
of questions you can always leave it right then there’s a one question from
books and authors that definitely comes in every year so a little bit if you
have read the recent ones what is there you can do because that nice way of the
questions which they put is they give it a tabular format where a table is given
with four authors four books you have to match the columns even if you know one
you can eliminate the answer options and get it correct so that’s the advantage
of the general awareness section out of the 25,13 to 15 is a good attempt but
here don’t spend too much time 15 minutes and that’s it because you really
can’t derive the answer in GK’s you either know it or you don’t
so it’s like in a 30 seconds per question and you just move on further
ahead if you know then fine, else let’s leave let’s not fret over it okay so I hope
all of you guys have got a clearer understanding of the entire 105 marks
objective questions set where you have 105 questions hundred and five minutes
given with hundred and five marks towards it
remember there is one fourth negative marking so do not keep randomly
marking and guess working be smart enough to accurately choose what to answer and
what not to answer for people who have not yet started your preparation or were
very passionate about mica you can look forward to joining up a sign up for the
mica super 30 course where and this is just a quick overview of your dashboard
where you’ll have an entire in section wise study material provided with the
descriptive section where you have video strategy sessions on how to write
creative writing arguments writing with lot of practice tests and sample answers
provided by actual MICA’ns who are actually sitting inside mica what would
have they written on the stories or the argument writing so that you get an idea
of what actually Michael looks for the objective section you have recorded with
your sessions for each and every topic of each section along with lot of
practice tests so as to make sure you are you know able to practice and
improve on each and every section of this the psychometric test is where we
have a lot of techniques to make sure you crack psychometric because it’s not
just go there be yourself and you will be cracking it up so we will make sure
we give you a lot of practice for the same and finally you have a lot of
full-length mocks where you can understand get the feel of the whole
exam what and how it is so as to ensure the entire thing is done in your
objective you will also have in a lot of the word association dockets given to
you the mica gke books given to you specifically so as to make sure you
don’t have to read the entire Manorama book or the newspapers for the past one
year read the Q&A answers in your ebooks and that should be sufficing enough to
make sure you are cracking it up this is one thing which we’ve always had CATKing being really proud of so you guys can make sure you got you know the 100
plus MICA’ns who have been trained under the guidance of Rahul sir along with all
of these my kids who keep coming in and going for everybody and if you guys are
looking to be the next MICAN and trust me you’ll be interacting with a few of
these definitely likes Pranjali, Aniruddtha know Manisha, Biswadeep all of these
people are you know always up there to help you guys doing really well in
working in like Mirana is working for uber India we have rahul working at IBM
Sarundha working at Amazon a lot of these people who you know working across
the top notch companies who will be making sure they mentor you guide you to
crack not just MICAT but your GEPI as well also make sure you guys are excited
for the same and gear up to prepare for MICAT and last but not the least here’s
my favorite slide which comes in all the best guys you guys have any doubts any
questions that’s my number you guys can save it up contact me for the same and
for people who are really passionate of Micha go ahead and sign up to the course
right away so that you get access to the MICA Super 30 dashboard, okay all the best

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