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How to Crack Open a Coconut

How to Crack Open a Coconut. Release this tropical treat from its hard-as-a-rock
shell without needing a machete. You will need An ice pick or clean nail A
large bowl A hammer or a large butcher knife A cookie sheet and a spoon. Step 1. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Step 2. Pierce the three indentations on the top of
the coconut using either an ice pick or a long, clean nail. Do this over a bowl in the sink so you can
catch the coconut water. Drink the coconut water or save it and use
it for cooking. Step 3. Hit the middle of the coconut with a hammer
or with the blunt side of the knife blade. Hit it firmly, but don’t whack it. Rotate the coconut, continuing to hit it at
the equator with the hammer or the knife. Eventually, it’ll split in two at the center. Step 4. Put the two halves on a cookie sheet in the
oven for about 10 minutes. This will help the meat separate more easily
from the shell. Use a spoon to scoop out the meat. Step 5. Shred it, grate it, or just pop it in your
mouth and enjoy! Did you know Coconut water was used as a substitute
for saline drip on injured soldiers in World War II.

100 thoughts on “How to Crack Open a Coconut

  1. You will need: a coconut and a microwave. Step 1) Buy a coconut at a supermarket. Step 2) Put the coconut in the microwave. Warning: Dont do it to 1 hour or it will melt! Step 3) Do it to 10 minutes. Step 4) Turn on the microwave. Watch the coconut crack up! Step 5) Get it out of the microwave. Done! You can eat it! Did you know? Coconuts are yummy.

  2. Step 1: get a Sc.D. in Gamma Radiation studies
    Step 2: conduct a Gamma Ray study that goes horribly wrong, turning yourself into Hulk
    Step 3: Buy a coconut
    Step 4: watch this video and get angry, turning yourself into Hulk
    Step 5: Hulk smash the coconut
    Step 6: go to Anger management

  3. Step 1 crack open cocoanut Step 2 eat cocoanut Step 3 prank call 911 Step 4 run and hide Did you know: prank calling police is illegal

  4. 2 steps is a lot of preparation? doesn't sound like you take much time into making meals lol, step 1 and 4 is just something to make it easier, and step 5 is eating it -_-;

  5. Did you even watch the video? There's 5 steps. Heating, piercing, cracking, more heating, then scooping out the insides, THEN finally you can eat it.
    Rather than the conventional way of cracking it open with a machete in three swift cuts, and in doing so, you can drink the water, and with one more cut you can eat the insides with a spoon fashioned out of the shell itself.

  6. I'm in a desert Island. I have no oven, nail, spoon or cookie sheet. If you're gonna give me fake hope on a good way to open it, then end up using these manufactured tools in the end, why not just crack opening it with a chainsaw?

  7. Step 1: get a sledge hammer
    Step 2: hit the hammer against thee coconut as hard as you can

    Did you know unicorns shit rainbows?

  8. If you are on a desert isalnd and you need to open a coconut. Find a rock, knock the coconut against the rock until it cracks open. To remove the flesh get a sturdy piece of stick and used the rock to help flatten one side, then used the flattened side to help pry the meat from the coconut.

  9. how to crack open a coconut
    step 1: find a hard flat surface.
    step 2: drop the coconut as hard as you can.
    did you know: birds can fly

  10. howcast It you really dont need COMPLICATED rules. So derps out there, I am going to show YOU how to REALLY open a coconut.
    step 1. Ge a sledge hammer……

    step 2 "I think you guys can guess this one.

    step 3 enjoy coconut.

    Did you know? howcast make simple things complicated enough?

  11. I was dumb when i was a kid the first time i see a coconut i washed it then bite it thank god i didn't loss my teeth lol dont try it

  12. tis is tooo much funny cause my mom does tat wit one blow …………. and cooks in seconds . tis is so much funny

  13. But you have a computer and working internet?

    Try taking the RAM out a splitting it into a sharp point and using your computer as a hammer.

  14. it really IS gently! coz another video says – keep it on the floor and LITERALLY whack it. my hand still pains πŸ˜›

  15. Wow!! This worked perfectly. πŸ™‚ Though i didnt keep it in the oven. Thanks a ton Howcast! πŸ˜€

  16. We knew no method of how to seperate the meat of a coconut from it's shell so whenever we were out of apples but had a coconut, my parents would send me to school with chopped peices of coconut, with the shell and hair and everything.

  17. why would i be racist i am even he says oh white people i say oh black people whats racist about that ?

  18. Guess what? You can freeze it for the same amount of time, about 15 minutes. This will loosen the shell from the flesh inside πŸ™‚

  19. That coconut opened too easy with such lite taps! I've been slamming a coconut against a solid wall and only managed to remove wall paint (and leave craters), and it hasn't cracked a bit. I'll need to repaint.

  20. step one: get coconut
    step 2: bash coconut with blunt object or hard surface.

  21. step 4: kick a baby off a coconut

    step 5: hide an egg near a head

    step 6: put coconut on top of egg

    step 7: karate chop a watermelon until the coconut cracks

  22. DO NOT put it in the oven or expose it to any heat or form of cooking. You are depleting the nutrients by doing that. Don't.

  23. Thank you so very much! At last, a safe way to crack a coconut, no need to whack that increases the risk of an accident.

  24. pretty soon this world will drown in its own moronic shite (here's fkn hope)… — ''pre heat your oven to 400 degrees and then jump on your electric scooter and swish on down to the anti global warming protest where you can scream blue murder at any who doesn't share your total lack of insight. Net video, how to peel an orange with a power saw and centrifuge them in your washing machine, total expenditure just one ton of carbon .. etc ..

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