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How to Crack Sacroiliac Joint and My Tailbone ( Self Adjustment ) Sacrum Pop Alignment

Hello Rico The Wedding Singer here. And I’m here to teach you guys how to crack your tailbone and a part of the lower back spine. It’s a two-step process. Step number one is to tighten and relax your lower back muscles with the lift and drop method. And the second step is to drag your hip across your body with the lift. Let’s get to it, and let me show you how it’s done. All right. So you lay down like so and then you lift. This will turn your back muscle spine. And then you drop. Lift again. And then drop. Lift again and drop. and then you relax your muscles. There. Relax. Wiggle. Relax. And then with your hip, with your left hip, try to stick it to the floor as much as possible. And then with your right hand, you lift and you push forward, making a drag on your hip. So… Let’s do this and that will make a pop for your your back spine and your tailbone. Alright, so… your hip sticks to the floor. Your hand drags forward. Lift and then drag it to the right for the pop. Same for the other side. This hip to the floor. Left hand: push up and shift up, dragging the right hip forward. All right all got one side. So… Give it a try. Please consult your chiropractor physician or doctor. I’m just a wedding singer. Peace out

18 thoughts on “How to Crack Sacroiliac Joint and My Tailbone ( Self Adjustment ) Sacrum Pop Alignment

  1. Great video Ricotheweddingsinger thanks for showing us how it's done. I never would have thought of that. Can you show us more ways to do the hip socket joints?

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