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How to Crack SNAP Strategy with SNAP 98.5%iler

hi guys this is Anisha here back again
with the snap strategy for you guys now so snap is an important exam which you
will be having after your cat coming up next okay it’s basically for all the
colleges for symbiosis majorly based out of pune so it’s a very interesting
exam so let’s understand how and what you should be studying for your snap
particularly to make sure you’re aiming for good scores and going ahead so I
give you guys just a brief introduction about me for people who don’t know me or
haven’t yet checked out any video as yet so I’m Anisha who’s been guiding you
guys Lots these days for your NMAT preparation I’ve done mine be from NMIMS and while the preparations I was also a giving snap and I was a 98.5%
tiler and snap so I’ll be taking care of your snap strategy an approach what will
ensure you guys to pin what in the top colleges of symbiosis
so as usual first let’s try to understand the exam pattern of the paper
so 2016 we had seen a change in the snap paper so let’s make sure we know very
well which are the most important sections the marks and weighted is given
to each one of them so you can see that the verbal ability you had 40 questions
40 marks and this was a fairly easy section not too complex very basic a
couple of RC questions as smaller C’s we’ve talked in detail about each
section further ahead as well also but overall a very easy section so that you
guys can easily score in that right the second was your quantitative ability
which also has your data interpretation and data sufficiency questions within
that itself again another 40 questions for 40 marks this was a moderate
difficulty level questions because there were a couple of questions from quants
as well as di which was difficult you would have noticed this change across
all the exams they are moving towards making logical reasoning and data
interpretation section to come on the difficult side because the industry
demands number crunching so that is what you need to be also good with your
skills to have number crunching skills all right then the general awareness
section is no more a general awareness section it has been
change to current FS which is why you need to focus only and only on current
affairs of the past to yours so make sure you guys are doing to yours current
affairs which is there available for you guys on Kat King’s dashboard and studied
really well for that you have 30 marks 30 questions and this is an easy to
score area provided you have studied the right to contact the last section is a
logical reasoning section this is the most favorite and the most important
section when it comes to snap symbiosis used to earlier have each question of
this section having two marks last year it has changed to come down to one mark
but yes this is the section which to Casswell will surprise where you had
different of beat questions in terms of puzzle syllogisms functions coming up in
the reasoning section so we prepared to having some amount of surprises in your
reasoning because that’s the our favorite area so overall this was a
moderate difficulty level section great so totally you have 150 questions 150
marks and 120 minutes time so it is very important to you to understand that you
have to balance your time the number of questions and the attempts very well for
this exam because there is one foot negative marking so don’t lose out on
that there is one fourth negative marking so you need not attempt all 150
questions be judicious in when you choose the answers and move ahead with
questions which you are not able to do like I just mentioned we have to be very
strong with our strategy so our strategy should be set right at the beginning
itself so let’s balance out for start time and the attempts what we are
looking at okay so talking about each section when we talk about the verbal
ability section out of the 40 questions your target should be I will spend 30
minutes time looking for 35 attempts why we are being higher aside of the
attempts because all the cat King students you would have noticed you are
much better in your bubble as compared to the rest
so that’s your best foot forward let’s maximize the scores from it because it’s
a fairly easy section out of 35 easily you can get 28 to 30 questions correct
all right then comes our second section which is a quantitative ability here you
have 40 questions give yourselves 40 minutes time because Kwan’s and di is
going to be calculation intensive you’ll need some time here as well we will look
forward to having 30 questions attempted and a good score would be somewhere
around 18 to 20 all right the general awareness section you did not attempt a
lot because they don’t have sectional cut-offs per se usually it’s very bare
minimum sectional cutoff so give yourself ten minutes time either you
know it or you don’t know it ten questions you should mark correct 10 to
20 you can keep it as a range for you to look forward to okay 10 to 20 questions
you can attempt and that should be more than enough for you guys as an attempt
to go ahead somewhere around 14 to 16 is a very good score here in this
particular section okay last is your logical reasoning which is
time-consuming and could be tricky so let’s give it 40 minutes again and 30
attempt from which expect 18 to 20 correct overall if I have to sum up 120
minutes which you are having divided judiciously with verbal 25 to 30 minutes
40 minutes for Kwan’s 40 minutes for LR and 10 minutes for your general
awareness you can shuffle between your sections so you all can keep changing
the order in which you are solving but make sure you are able to understand
what and how you are doing I go to stamped would be somewhere
around 105 out of these 105 73 to 75 should be your correct questions which
ensures you two are enables you to get a call from aside the impunity laws is off
at 98 to 99 percentage all right so that’s what your target number is to get
a 75 score overall now that we have a clear understanding about the entire
paper let’s deep dive into each section what and how to study so that you guys
can utilize the couple of weeks that you have in hand post catch to make sure you
are doing justice towards it you’ve studied all of this before you just have
to focus on revising concepts now that’s it so if you see the
snap paper is predominated with arithmetic and your geometry so you have
lot of questions coming in from this area so make sure you are doing your
formulas pretty well yeah arithmetic is nothing but your profit
and loss time speed distance permit and your ratios mixtures those kind of
questions algebra is where you have your equations
and inequalities coming in and your maximum minima kind of questions six
questions come in from number system as well also with your HCF LCM and time and
work is again very important apart from this you will also have miscellaneous
questions which could be from your modern maths like your PNC and
probability usually there are at least one or two questions from this coming in
which could be clubbed in your miscellaneous or in your algebra section
based on the equations concept alright you have not too many questions of data
interpretation six to eight questions of di and D s which are not very taxing
like in math or how cat has been made it taxing but still since the trend is
going towards making it difficult be mentally prepared for having a difficult
data interpretation set overall if this paper I have to attempt I would first do
all the easiest questions get myself maximum scores and then move to the
difficult questions for each of the sections keep that as
your psychological approach towards always give sections moving ahead to the
verbal ability section like you can see you do not have too many of our C based
questions here you can expect at max one or two small our C’s here which could be
clubbed in with your critical reasoning also there like shot our C’s inference
based questions which are there coming up here you have a couple of questions
from Parrish angles and the maximum chunk is based on your vocab base where
you have vocabulary synonyms idioms phrases analogies and fill in the blanks
kind of questions so utilize your time where you fell because you can save a
lot of time here either you know these questions or you don’t so students who
have done well with their English vocabulary and stuff before can easily
finish the entire Wabble section in five minutes and save the time to
utilize those five minutes in your course and Ella which is a very
strategic and a good approach so try doing that overall this has always been
an easy section when it comes to snap coming through the snaps most favorite
section that’s your logical reasoning this is one section where they love
experimenting trying out new things because they love analytical skills all
right so be prepared to have some tricky questions coming in here the most
favorite area are the puzzle seating arrangements and those kind of questions
another tricky area but a lot of clothes options is your voice verbal reasoning
which is less safe in conclusion cause and effect or your inference based kind
of questions that comes in your this could be tricky rest of them are very
easy cakewalk for you guys to score in your coding blood relations number
series syllogisms kinds of questions very easy to score so half of this
section would be on the tricky side half on the easy side overall it would be a
moderate difficulty level but give do justice to it with the time and make
sure you are doing a good amount of attempts up here somewhere around thirty
is a good attempt to make sure you’re doing well in the logical reasoning
section coming to the last section the channel awareness section which has now
become in the Current Affair section remember this focuses on two years
current affairs so make sure you study to yours recent happenings which have
come in the questions vary from various categories of current affairs which is
similar to all of these you could have questions based on politics in terms of
the various new elections or CMS and ministers changes which is coming in
business perspective who is the company CEOs or the latest mergers and
acquisitions based on your history in terms of the new laws your neethiyin or
your various franchise laws which keep coming in here in there those kind of
questions finance in terms of the various new
financial policies your GS TS or the bank repo rate or any major changes onto
the entire financial economical system of it then your geography based
questions which is very very important based on your world
health organization like where was the last UN summit conducted or who is the
president of W health world health organization the WH o all of these kind
of questions Jolie come in your general awareness one
of the most favorite areas for snap specially is your awards awards from any
category like sports or the Grammy Awards or the media industry awards
Music Awards so make sure you do sports and these awards
Ronni well literature per se books and authors make sure you know something
which has been in you know news for the past two years we would not ask you
books written by age old people but something will just come come up or
something which has been in the talk of the town so those kind of things along
with the various awards like pirate threats nine all of them so make sure
you’re well versed with it summarizing it two years make sure
you’ll know all the major events or happenings which have taken place be it
from the various industry perspective important gates important people
important occasions and events which is what you need to know all right so now
that you have already known what to study how to study it’s very important
to have your target set in place what’s the expected cutoff so that you make
sure you track all of them and I’m getting scores to get you the calls so
that you can start preparing for your Gd NPR yes you have GD P I after snap as
well also like all the other exams so let’s know what are the best colleges
and what could be the expected cut-offs for that so when you have si p.m. Puna
which is the best college from some biases the cutoff is usually around 73
to 75 then you have AC MHRD again based out of pune where the cutoff is around
68 we have a semi and Bangalore which is pretty well coming up where the cutoff
is around 58 for all media enthusiasts were excited about media marketing
communications advertising as I am seeing Pune is the place for it wear
cut-offs are around 50 to 55 for operations guys you have si om which is
that Nasik again 5255 men so people who are
interested in foreign trade imports exports trade and international business
you have SII be in pune again with a cut-off of 56 you have a couple of other
symbiosis colleges like SSB FX IHSS ITU and all of them keep them as your option
those cut-offs go pretty low has 1555 my target for the best one that’s always
good to do it from the best college when it comes to your MD all right so I spend
a lot of amount of time on your snap approach your strategy and how to go
about with that for people since you are starting with snap preparation now it’s
the time for GK you know GK is the most important thing for all the exams which
are coming up ahead to make sure you will start studying well for gk it right
from the beginning itself it’s the most taxing area to study because you can’t
remember so many dates so many things and of course you can’t study the
Manorama your book because it’s too overly extensive we are not used to
those kind of things so we’ve come up with this interesting comprised course
called as the GK Maximizer where you will have your ebooks for all of these
categories specially crafted to each example like for example this is social
chicken snap its current fest mica is all about branding advertising marketing
the top company CEOs mojo’s business that’s it is that and IFT are all about
economics finance business all of them all right so we will have this jika
Maximizer course which is crafted specifically for each one of them to
make sure that you are able to understand each and every section of the
exams what should your approach be towards it along with how you should go
ahead and study for it all right so that’s about the gk Maximizer course
you will have PDFs for ebooks for all of them make sure you are not doing well
it’s really helpful for you for example Specter because we had all questions
like who’s the CEO of Paytm and these questions which came in in the last
year’s exam all from the same booklet our students were able to get a
fifteen to twenty questions in snap and a lot more in gk when it comes to twenty
three to twenty four questions in this so if you are very passionate about
these colleges you are not fully aware that you know you are done with catch
you can’t make it through cat then this is your savior so for all the upcoming
exams gk is going to be the thing for you to go ahead so you can sign up for
the gk maximize a course by going into the website which is cat king dot in
just go to gk which will take you to attract cause give you access to daily
studying material along with what has to be done ahead for the courses if you
still have any doubts or questions you have my number you guys can drop in a
whatsapp and i shall connect with you so alright looking forward to having more
interactions with you guys and stay tuned for more strategy videos on what
and how to study and go about with your snap and other exams till then all the
best stay tuned stay glued and if you guys like the way we have been preparing
you guys please sign up and subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss out on any
new updates alright all the best see you soon guys you

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