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How to Crack Someone’s Lower Back Spine ( Extreme Loud Pop ) Be Like a Chiropractor

Hello Rico the Wedding Singer here. I’m
here to teach you guys how to crack someone else’s lower back before I go
further this is my little cousin. Hello. I would like to introduce her channel and give her credit. She’s been
on here for two three three four times. And here she is. Hello.
My name is Maisie Pham. And she loves to sing and love to listen to music.
That’s what her channel is about. And oh yeah let me introduce you to my
cameraman. She’s been recording my video a few times so
let’s give her some credit. Here she is… Hello everyone
I have a Slime YouTube channel. And if you guys want to watch ASMR slime video,
then check me out in the description box below, and please subscribe to my channel.
Yeah. Yeah. Her channel is very good. It is called Nanaboba: na na bo ba. So let’s get to
it – back cracking. First of all I’ll have
my assistant lay down on her side. That’s step number one. And then put the pillow
right here. I’m gonna put the microphone right here, so you guys can hear the
crack. And the second step is to bring her foot underneath her knee like so…
right here so she’s on her side. And to create leverage, you pull the arm like so.
And then with this hand you hold right here. And then with this hand you put it
on her butt. And then you push. There we go.
For other side… okay same thing. Put the microphone right
here. Pull her arm forward create some leverage. And then place your hand or
your palm right on the upper cheek of the butt. And then push. There you go
and that’s how you do it. Please consult your physician or chiropractor.
I’m just a wedding singer. Peace out

45 thoughts on “How to Crack Someone’s Lower Back Spine ( Extreme Loud Pop ) Be Like a Chiropractor

  1. Great job Rico. Those were great pops lol. I wish it was me you were popping. Your guests are lovely. Cool shirt BTW

  2. You should TRADEMARK your catch phrase " let me show you how IT'S DONE!!!" It's what I wait to hear from you in every video lol.

  3. hey if I'm doing this to someone do I have to pull their arm out to extend it? or can they put their arm into the right position?

    just clarifying that pulling the arm straight isn't necessary by the person who is doing the cracking. the person getting their back cracked can just straighten their own arm out, correct?

  4. Nanaboba is adorable
    Thanks for sharing her and your cousin's channels, too
    Will check them out
    When are you going to sing, tho'?

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