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How to Crack the LLB/Law Entrance Exam & CLAT Exam 2019 (Part – 1 of 2) #ChetChat

Hey there You’re not going to want to miss this show because today we’re going to tell you everything You want to know about cracking that law entrance exam? So with me on the show is Gejo Srinivasan who called himself a teacher But he’s been a mentor, student mentor at Career Launcher, and he’s from IIT IIM calcutta and he’s been in the education field for over 16 years, so let me quickly welcome Gejo to the show Thank you, so much, Hi and thank you so much for being here because all those people there want to know everything about the law entrance exam so tell us We’ve got these top law schools in India and increasingly I am seeing a lot of demand from students to get into law so tell us How do we actually crack that exam, which are the exams to get into these law schools? So when you look at Law education in India, there is an LLB which which is done for three years, right , which someone can take after Their graduation, okay. After their 12th people can get into the integrated five year programs The quality is slightly better in the five years one, okay, when they get on straight after 12th, right Almost all the ranking says, it is these five it integrated programs are the ones Which is slightly better So the point is, let’s discuss about the five years program. Right because these are probably kids who are very Certain from an early age they wanted to do law and straight after 12 they get into this program, correct So if you look at the top schools in the five year category, they are all the National law University /National Law Schools I Think at this point in time there are 20, and I also believe that there are about four to five schools coming up So other set of schools which offer this five year integrated program, some of them, there is in Maharashtra, Government law college in Bombay is also a reputed school which offers, right, there is Symbiosis law school in Pune There is also ILS in Pune There is Jindal law school and there are a lot of private universities, government universities And the National law schools that offer this program, okay, anyone who is looking at the five year integrated program as an option is definitely looking at the National Law schools And the dream of most of the students is to get into the top three which is getting into Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kolkata So we are right now making your dream come true of getting into the top three law schools the national law school at Bangalore, At Kolkata and Hyderabad, so some of the people from Bhopal may not like what I am saying so Bhopal is also a top school Jodhpur is there, Gandhinagar, Mumbai, Symbiosis I think if you made it to the top ten. But I think the dream per se is to get into the top 3 Top three, and you’re gonna help us today to get there. So I’ll make sense of how one can go about getting the top three Obviously, I can’t guarantee anything. So the process, the eligibility is like You just have to manage to clear your 12th, like 60% or something? Like 45%, Oh okay! Please study in the 12th okay. So and eventually the selection is pure based on the test score Oh Okay! which is why this is so important, but anyone making any inference that therefore, I will not study for my 12th Std Think absolutely twice, tomorrow after getting into Bangalore you might want to do your LLM from let’s say Harvard and you’re eventually gonna look at consistency in your performance, right, there is a scenario today that IIM Is now considering 10th and 12th score as well, okay? So please study for your 12th,okay While we’ve established that now let’s talk about this. Let’s talk about, there is, and the admission is solely based on the CLATscore If you get a high score in the CLAT, you’ll make it, okay. Now the second thing is, there are I think there are about forty five to fifty thousand students who take this test every year right all over, India all over the India One thing that I must also add, out of these 20 national law schools The national law university in Delhi conducts their own test, right, and the one that is started recently Shimla they are also conducting their own test, okay. so the common law admission test is for the 18 national law schools, which is common for them Okay, so the total number of seats available in all these I’m including all category seats are about 1,400 Oh Okay, maybe 1500. And the general Category seats is about 1000. That’s it? So literally 40-plus thousand students. So when I’m talking about the top three schools. that we discussed earlier so that will be probably around 200, oh Boy, so when you have 40,000 people taking the test, all wanting to be in that 200, even if you wanna be in the top 10 schools You’re looking at a rank of about five hundred a Percentage, isn’t it, yeah So you have to be the top one percent of the test takers. People say believe that that is unfair even in let’s say JD, Juris doctor in the US and someone wants to get into the ivy league school You still have to be in the top two percent, right? Obviously the next question is, what is the test? The test has got 200 questions. Each question is one mark okay, and there is negative marking. Ok so one mark and minus point of a negative marking 200 Questions, 200 marks, that is the maximum and what is a good score? What is a good score okay? Good score in 2008 was 140, good score in 2011 was about 130, good score in 2014 was about 105, good score in 2015 I think was 50 was 2015 and 2016 was 155. Oh, so There’s no sort of, what you need to understand is a good score is based on what the best students are getting in the test and when the test becomes difficult Then naturally the scores comes down and when the tests become easy the score goes up From what I can see good score top 1% then you’re barely getting a hundred and five on a total of it’s really really difficult Exam, there are these years when the exam was easy so getting a score about 160 – 170 would have given you that Bangalore and there were years when the exam was difficult, but let’s average it out for the sake of discussion Okay Let’s say they need 140 145 okay. Majority of the exams barring a few up and downs Majority of exams in the range of 145 to make it to the top, okay So Gejo, now now let’s take a look at these 200 awesome questions. I know Once we establish that we need to get 145, and what is the composition of the 200 questions? At the start, five areas, okay, English, okay? General Knowledge and General awareness, Mathematics, yes Math is there Then there is logical reasoning and legal reasoning, okay, English forty questions General Knowledge a huge chunk of 50 questions Mathematics Little bit of 20 questions, okay, and then you have logical reasoning. Which is 40 questions And legal reasoning is 50 questions So you want to put the highest number of question are Legal reasoning and GK, 50, 50, that is hundred, half the paper and then comes is forty forty it is English and logical reasoning and twenty of maths. Let’s look at how do we reach a score of 140 – 145. There are five sections If you want to score of let’s say 145 with negative marking, we can safely say that let me look at 150 50 questions I should not be doing, right, so 50 divided by five is ten Let’s remove 10 from each section, which that’s a good way to look at it, okay So therefore my target is, in English. I have to look at 30 out of 40. Okay. Now Let’s get a little deeper into what kind of English questions are typically asked One should take this with caution, because at the end of the day we are looking at what happened in the past We still have to figure out whether, but by and large these are the questions, okay. One type of question that has always been there is reading comprehension Reading comprehension, so you get a passage, okay? You get ten questions and everything there is in the passage, so it’s like knowledge is not required The second kind of question, which is also, knowledge is not required is what is known as paragraph jumble So they take a paragraph they take the four sentences from the paragraph jumble it and you’re kind of given four options and you figure out the right order. So this is about fifteen questions which is based on Logic. Now typically the remaining 35 is what is based on your knowledge, this would be grammar, vocabulary spelling And there’s some time they are foreign words. Oh yeah, yes In law there is a lot of foreign words that get used. What you need to understand So one is depending upon when you’re starting your prep If somebody has to decide there is vocabulary, should I start studying vocabulary, and the worst way to study vocabulary is actually mug words. Yeah Then you have a six thousand word list. It will probably take about ten minutes per word for three four different rounds of prep That is sixty thousand minutes requred, that is a thousand hours. We’ve learnt the worst way of learning vocabulary, so it’s like 1000 divided by 2 is like 500 days, two hours per day, That is the worst way of learning. So what you expect is, you read a lot I’m sure that out of these words will be something that you will remember Grammar, I am hoping that your teacher in your school has done a good job Which is why we need to study in school. So it is the 15 logic based questions that are crucial Because that is logic, it will come with practice. And then you can get about 15 from the remaining 35 manage about 20. But if they want to practice let’s say they’ve done their grammar and school They’ve done their reading but would you suggest any techniques to them in terms of the English component. So I will not recommend Techniques in the beginning, so there are techniques available a lot of people, I think, train techniques with respect to reading comprehension], I am of a different opinion. The question says Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow We simply read the passage. And for example a lot of people talk about skimming techniques I really don’t understand if I don’t understand the passage, what do I skim I think if you look at paragraph jumble, it is eventually understanding a paragraph, okay? And so you have to start reading everyday, reading a lot reading as a habit is what is gonna help, right? You do really well So if you are in your 11th standard pick up the habit now. If you are in your 12th standard And then therefore you cannot wake up after your 12 board and then fight for one month and then try and get into a school If you look at the second section which is general knowledge that I discussed, fifty The last couple of years most of the questions are current affairs Okay about 35 or even 40 questions out of 50 is typically current affairs, though there have been CLAT’s where General Static knowledge has been asked but then the scores would have come down, so again you have to be aware of what is happening around you Right and that again starts early, so the bad way of Doing this thing is mugging right, okay so who got, let’s say the best footballer award, Ronaldo, Christiano Ronaldo Because of negative marking you run the risk of actually getting it wrong, No what I’m saying is that I think GK General knowledge will work if it comes from your heart, so you’ve to get your story and so you are involved. so it’s about making those simple habits Reading habit is what they have to do with respect to general knowledge There are a lot of websites available, especially for the UPSC exam a lot of them, you just have to type current affairs. A whole lot of websites are available, okay? And then they give daily updates and stuff that is also something they can do. Simple thing obviously is to enroll into a Training partner. And then they provide all these facilities okay, so that’s with respect to GK And we should we should aim for something like a 35 to 40 out of 50 These are all multiple choice questions? All these are multiple choice questions, so there are four answers, choices One of them is there the other three get you the minus points So if you analyze the previous years’ papers one thing that comes out with respect to G K Majority of the question are on Indian affairs. Majority of the questions are either when Indians did something great, okay Interesting. Any state took any initiative, any new scheme that came out. A few international affairs, some summit happens a few books that Authors have picked up, okay So you need to understand what each state has been doing any scheme, any initiative any state has got any award? And when the government is very active like it is now quite a bit of information to study, so Quickly going to Maths Maths is all eighth, ninth, tenth level maths, okay most of the chapters will be arithmetic, okay? Profit and loss, simple interest, compound interest If you ignore maths in the beginning, it is going to be a problem, right. Because that is 20 questions gone, ya That guy gave you 200, you said I don’t need 20, I’ll pick 180 But you’re saying that in eleventh and twelfth standard they don’t necessarily need to have math as a subject in their school at all. No They don’t need to have maths as a subject in school, all they have to do is decide that they have to do something about math, right And that should do And then you have logic, this would be something that is completely new, right unless, until you like doing a lot of puzzles Logic is something that you it’s fun Yeah, but this is one of the questions people ask me is that, you know, how do we prepare for logic? So there are two types of logical questions. One is you have you have what is known as analytical reasoning So they ask you ‘brother and sister have a nun’ This man’s father is my father son who he to me. And then use any kind of start with my father son would be me? And this man’s father is me so that will be one type of question that is the family tree, sometimes they ask about series But sometimes they ask you questions where, there are these 10 people sitting around a circle arrangements and stuff, right Though this is an aptitude test, which is a natural ability test, but yeah, I mean Familiarity with the pattern makes,, ya so you just ,, and the second type of question that they ask is verbal ability questions, in fact an exam called LSAT India which is taken for Jindal Law school, right, has a whole two sections of logical reasoning Which is this one that I’m Gonna explain [ok] so the verbal reasoning questions in the CLAT especially ask Expect students to evaluate arguments, okay The first problem is that people don’t understand what an argument is, now if I say God exists And you say God does not exist This is not an argument. A logical argument, if someone gives a reason justifying the claim, okay? Let me take a simple example if someone says the crime rate In a city has doubled, right. Reason Justifying the conclusion, but let’s say the state government is not doing a good job. Okay, the crime rate has increased therefore this government has to be blamed, right, which is probably the argument given to Delhi today as a city. if you understand assumption right we’re talking about crimes reported, right, so the assumption is all crimes are being reported [right] and if I give you situation, last year there were 100 crimes Only one crime was reported and this year there was ten crimes and all ten crimes were reported We’ll say crime rate has gone up Understanding the assumptions of the argument is crucial okay, and let me give you one more example It’s a simple one. If I say some A are not B. Can I conclude that some B are not A? Okay, well people will say that,, I can do that, but if I say some women are not mothers yeah Some A are not B, some women are not mothers Then I cannot say that some mothers are not women. A lot of people feel that Logic is something that has to be genetically predisposed sort of thing Right, but actually logic comes under the subject philosophy and it can be learned Okay, okay, one of the biggest myths that people say that a lawyer is someone who is a verbal bully, yeah Because we’ve often heard this and I said this in my previous interview of parents tell their child that you argue very well. So that that’s not what an argument is So which means and therefore the most common quality that even a lawyer would need is the ability to listen and understand What argument people are making so that is and that can be trained. So the only thing is that this is something that people would not have done Right, because our schooling system doesn’t comprise studies in logic, absolutely and it won’t take much time So, but you have to study so that is challenging, you have different areas, but it can be done And the last section is legal Reasoning which typically has two types of question, okay one is Legal G.K. When did the constitution get formed, okay So that will be like a legal GK, okay, but the majority of the questions are what is known as legal reasoning okay Where a rule of a law is given, right? It could be anything, If you intentionally kill someone, it is murder Okay, and then the fact is given, it could be any simple fact, A out of provocation kills Z, right, is it murder. You’ll say, then you apply that to the rule right okay and then answer the question Legal language could be confusing right, but the skill set required is one that of reasoning okay, one of those problem that sometimes happens is because the Principle given is a rule of law and the language is something kind of difficult to understand the sentence keeps on going with a lot of commas And goes for about three four lines and then that becomes an issue But say with a little bit of practice should be done. So these are the five areas that one needs to Study for the CLAT. Hey, I hope you enjoyed this first part of our two-part series called ‘How to Crack the law entrance exams in India’ do look out for part two Which is solely dedicated to how to prepare for the law entrance exams, where we talk about? scheduling your study hours How many hours to devote to each section and how many practice tests to take? we also talk about some of the other law entrance exams like LSAT and AILET with a detailed discussion on the logical reasoning section of lSAT and Don’t miss the end where we bring you the top strategies of successful students year on year and if you have any questions or comments or any Clarifications that you want from either me or from Career Launcher? Put all of that down in the comments section and we will get a response to you as soon as possible [and] Press that subscribe button to get a new video every week and happy watching

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