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How to Crack Your Shoulders by Yourself

So does your shoulder feel locked up and
tight, and it just feels like it needs to be released? In this video, I’m going to
show you how in two easy movements. Hey everyone, Dr. Rowe here at SpineCare in St. Joseph, MI. I have a lot of patients that come in with minor
shoulder complaints and these movements I’m going to share with you have helped
many of them get more motion back in their shoulders and help eliminate
popping or cracking sounds in the shoulder joint. I just want to note that
these are for simple strains and sprains of the shoulder, such as having
tightness after a good workout or from work. They should not be used for
dislocated shoulders, rotator cuff tears, and other major injuries. Please consult
with your doctor if you are experiencing these issues. Why these exercises are so
effective is due to helping reset the ball and socket joint of the shoulder.
It’s a type of joint in which a ball shaped surface of one rounded bone fits
into a cup-like depression of another bone. This allows for a lot of movement
in many directions, but it also requires a strong support system of soft tissues
like cartilage, muscles, and tendons (this would include the rotator cuff). That’s
why a lot of shoulder issues are soft tissue injuries. Here’s a key point:
your shoulder range of motion depends on proper movement of the ball and socket
joint. If the soft tissue is strained, it can cause tightness and less range of
motion. Also the smooth glide of the shoulder can be impacted, leading to a
pop or crack sensation when you try to move it from a locked up position. So
again, think of these exercises as resetting the joint, helping to release
tension on the soft tissue supporting the shoulder, and re-positioning the ball
onto the socket. This should help you have more overall movement in the
shoulder, less tightness, and dull achy pain, and less of those popping crack
sounds. Let’s get started and get feeling better right now! The first movement
is very simple. I’m going to show it to you step by step. This is the movement: what
we’re going to do is take the hand (on the affected side) and place
it at the hip. We’re going to take the other hand and stabilize the shoulder.
From there, what we’re trying to do is wing the shoulder backwards like this
but we’re going to do it against resistance. So we’re going to walk up next to a doorframe, place the elbow on
the doorframe, and then press a little bit into the shoulder (with that other
hand) to build tension. It’s going to create a lever in there so when we do
that quick movement (that quick movement like that) against the doorframe it’s
going to cause a release into that shoulder capsule. You’re probably going to notice a loud pop or cracking sound which is completely normal. It’s just the
gases being released from that joint very rapidly. It’s very similar to that
knuckle crack sensation. The next movement is even easier. What we’re going
to do is take the hands and place them directly over each other (like this) in
the back. I lock my hands together like this. Then, with very
good upright posture, we’re going to lift the arms up and you can rotate the hands
too. With this one right here, what we’re doing is rotating the shoulders (just
like that) and this really is good for releasing a lot of tension into the
shoulders. Again, you’re probably going to get a lot of popping sensations which is
completely normal. You can also hold them for about five to ten seconds to
get a little bit of a stretch into the front of the shoulder capsule. It’s just a good way to release that tension and reset the
shoulder. Give them a try! If you liked the video and got some relief, please show us your
support by giving this video like and maybe subscribing too. Please let us
know in the comments section how they worked for you. We appreciate it!
Thank you for watching.

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