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How to download Bandicam and Crack Free Full Version 2018

hey guys farblaze here I’m back after a
long time I didn’t upload any video on this channel
I think it’s been over a year I did not upload videos so today I’m not going to
a game or reaction video because one I have shitty PC right now so I can’t
play any games like Fornite, Call of Duty the shitty game no one playing but some
of them battleground second of all doesn’t have camera to
record myself because my camera lens were broke.It sad for me that
i cant create new content or reaction video for you guys but in future with you guys
support on this channel I will do awesome an
enjoyable content if you guys want to support this channel please subscribe
and leave a comment down below what you guys think about the video or give me
idea to make a new contact so enough about me on this channel today I’m going
to show you guys how to download bandicam and crack the bandicam so
you don’t have to purchase to get the full version of it the link that I give
you in the description below is not virus so you guys don’t have to worry
about that first of all you guys need to download the bandicam and
install just follow my steps just type on bandicam click on the first link click the free download and then click
the download button and yeah you have to wait until it’s done down with click the
save file and then it will download okay minimize…
select your language I’m going to select English click OK
click Next I agree,next ,install now you have to wait until it’s done install they now run the Bandicam okay this pop out you don’t have to worry
about that just say install complete successfully it’s just saying that you
installed the bandicam so you don’t have to worry about that that’s it close okay now you get the unregistered and
not full version bandicam so now I want to show you the crack and you get the
full version of it close this bandicam okay now click the
link the second link in the description below is the crack okay now wait until okay now click Ok….u can close that extract to dekstop* okay now I finish download the crack right-click on it,right click on
keymaker run as administrator I do not open on in administrator it
won’t continue the process you need to click administrator and then type on what
do you want…..register application okay now it say bandicam
register successfully….now I want to show you okay guys now you get the register and
full version of the bandicam as you can see the license information
the email address that I type and then the serial number it means
that you already get the full version and yeah that’s all the tutorial
okay guys please leave a like and subscribe for more future video and yeah

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  1. Registered machine detected virus

  2. ORRRR what you can do instead of getting a porn virus etc guess what you can just crop out the logo in your editing software

  3. Wow great video :))
    I have 1 questions for you:
    If i create new YouTube account and reach 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours will i must wait 12 months before I get paid?

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