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How to Draw Cartoon Expressions : Drawing Cartoon Expressions: Laughing

OK folks. In this clip I’m going to teach
you how to draw someone with sort of a yeah, laughing expression. Mouth wide open, clearly
laughing hard. We’re going to draw him right down here. And the key to this guy will obviously
be the mouth. So actually for once I’m going to start with that first. Come in and draw
it big and wide open. Draw a lot of attention to the tongue. And that, it starts your, your
look off pretty good right there. Then what we do is we’ll come up here and we’ll draw
the nose. And this guy’s head’ll be kind of like tilted back, so. We’ll draw the eyes
kind of up like that. Now this is like a full, full mouth laugh. This is not like a little
chuckle. This a very hearty laugh. We’ll draw sort of the ears kind of off to the side like
that. This is sort of like, this is sort of different than we normally would draw these
guys, I know, but. This is really the best way to show you how. Draw their hair kind
of coming up like this. Kind of draw them around the eyebrows. Ears like that. And it
always, you know, helps to draw a few ha ha’s in there, just to show that this guy is definitely
find something quite funny. So, there you go. The key to this expression is the big
wide open mouth and the head sort of tilted back. This is like uproarious laughter. The
mouth is the key and it calls the most attention to itself with this expression.

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