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How to Easily Repair Holes, Cracks, or Chips in Marble and Natural Stone in 3 Minutes

Hello. My name is Kevin
with MK Products and today I’m going to demonstrate
how to use our MK Hole Repair Kit
for marble and natural stone. Occasionally, holes, cracks or
chips may occur in natural stone and many people are unaware of which
products to use to repair them. Our kit contains the essential products for
multiple repairs, including an epoxy filler and tint to best blend the color
of the stone to be repaired. The kit’s available one of three type of fillers; buff,
white and transparent, with multiple tint options. When considering a repair kit, you’d select a kit that is best suited
for your natural stone’s color and type. For today’s demonstration I’ll be
using the kit containing the buff filler to fill the holes of this travertine tile. The buff filler easily blends with
most earth tone, natural stones. To begin, with the opener, remove the lid from
the tin being careful not to damage the edges. With the large stirring stick, place
enough filler to perform your repair. As the buff filler blends with most
earth tone, natural stones a small amount of brown tint may be desired
to match the stone shade it’s closest. This would be done prior
going to the next step. With the small stirring stick, just
place a dab at the end of the stick; the tint is highly concentrated
and the color changes very quickly. Blend the tint thoroughly with the filler, until it is completely blended in. Then remove the lid from the hardener
and with the medium stirring stick blend the hardener just a little
bit to get it thoroughly blended, and place a small amount
at the end of the stick. You want the ratio to be: one part
hardener to 30 parts filler. Thoroughly blend the hardener into
the filler; this activates the hardener. You got approximately one and a half to two minutes
to do your repair before it completely sets up. Place enough filler in the area
to perform your repair. And then using a straight edge razor, carefully remove any excess
filler from the area. Allow this to stand for two to three minutes,
or until it’s completely set up. Then, with the fine steel wool, gently clean the surrounding area
removing any excess residue. And your repair is complete.

8 thoughts on “How to Easily Repair Holes, Cracks, or Chips in Marble and Natural Stone in 3 Minutes

  1. Nice, but I have a 3 inch crack and the kit is $60 plus 12.75 for shipping. That's about $24 per inch for the repair!

  2. I have a chipped side table with fossilized clam shell top. I have the pieces that chipped out. Can this kit bond the pieces and seal the cracks you think?

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