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How to easily repair Italian marble cracks and hole must match,

Welcome to marble flooring jitendra sharma Today in this video , i will tell you how to repair the crak itlian marble How did you make this pigment i told you in previous video You will not believe this, but it is absolutely real Whatever you are seeing this pigment, let’s fill into a joint Cheak my video=How to make italian marble joint chemical When the cheical is dry, we will see it grinding I will make you more like this a video so that you can belive Now after adding some water, we will check that the creaks are showing that If you liked my video then please subscribe and like

30 thoughts on “How to easily repair Italian marble cracks and hole must match,

  1. Sir i have a question , i have small holes in my marble flooring ,how can i fill it , tell me other than white cement..iam tensed

  2. It looks too good to be true. In the beginning, I noticed the left edges of the pieces don't line up due to the gap, but then the finished piece is perfectly straight on the left edge.

    Are you sure you did not polish then pour water onto the piece before you break it into pieces then make the repair?

  3. Sir ek solution bataye ki wall hung ka kuch part alag ho gya h to use kis se chipkaye taki wo majbuti se chipak jaye. ??????

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