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How to FIX a broken/ cracked tablet screen- CHEAP!!!

Hey what’s up everybody this is Roy And welcome to another brand-new fixing video on this channel so today in this video we’re going to fix a broken screen of our Windows 10 tablet so this is iBall Slide Windows 10 tablet with a Which I bought near about three years ago and it’s a pretty good tablet it’s just so cheap it’s around three thousand Indian
rupees near about $40 I ordered two of this tablet from As you see the price was Rs 2999 two thousand nine hundred ninety-nine rupees and now the price is around five thousand two hundred rupees and it’s sold out so many people commented that I told them a fake price but reality’s
the price was two thousand nine hundred ninety-nine rupees and few months back I
dropped the tablet from my hand on the floor and it shattered the screen
and as you see that as the screen is not working right now so in this video I’ll
show you guys how can you fix any tablet broken LCD screen or broken front panel
or broken touch or charge doesn’t working this kind of problem at your home with
some tips and tricks so first thing we need to do we need to open the tablet
and figure out the model number of the broken parts so here we have the model
number of the broken touchscreen PB70A8872 next go to aliexpress or any other e-commerce website like ebay calm and
search for the part number here P b70 is when you ovulate seven to search so here
is the touch screen and from my experience I can say that Aliexpress
price is little bit cheaper than any other website in this planet so go ahead
order from Aliexpress or if you want order from ebay you can do that but
their price is little bit on the higher side on the lowest price is $7.5 and on Aliexpress is around $7 so I’ve ordered it from Aliexpress and
three weeks later it arrived on my doorstep so let’s unbox it and find out
what’s inside the box I love the fact that sellers shipped in
well protected package so that the digitizer did not get damaged while
shaping so now here is the brand new digitizer and we need to replace the Old on with this new one so first we’re going to remove the back cover of
the tablet so for removing the cover we’re going to use our pray tools and
insert the pair tools and remove the back cover
so and here is the part on our button next we’re going to need a plastic like
this to remove the front glass of this tablet so insert the plastic below the
glass as you see the front glass is addressed with the tablet using some
kind of glue so using this kind of plastic you can easily remove the front
glass from the tablet so as you see guys I able to remove the front glass and
disconnect the digitizer connected cable from the motherboard
now remove the broken touch panel from the tablet next we’re going to clean the
LCD screen so there will be no dust we also use isopropyl alcohol so that is
skin will be 100% neat and clean after killing the LCD we will remove the
protective plastic cover from the touches field and attach it front of the
LCD using provided 3m adhesive next you will probably allow the digitizer with
the LCD screen so that touch works perfectly and put some pressure so that
the adhesive properly attached with the tablet next connect the digitizer we
won’t feed the motherboard now let’s power on the tablet and check
the touch screen is it working check it ok as you see guys now the
touch is clean is our King 7 successfully repaired the touch screen
and if you guys want to replace the whole LCD screen that also possible just
find the model number of your LCD screen google it and you will find some purses link I also provided some parts is link in the description below so if you
want to check it check it guys so guys thanks for watching the video hope you
learned something from the video I’ll see you on my next video till then bye

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  1. I sprayed my cracked I phone with artist lacquer. It is clear and filled in all the cracks and my screen is smooth! Don't forget to protect bottons on phone with tape because the lacquer will glue them shut. This method worked beautifully for me! Good Luck!

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