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How to fix a ceiling crack, ceiling seam, wall seam. Easy! Home Mender!

Hello this is Dustin with Home Mender and
today were going to be doing something that scares a lot of people. We’re going to be. … crack in the ceiling seem is coming down
but these aren’t as hard as they seem. Looks like we got a little joint here we’re
going to get this buttoned up. I’m going to show you how. Let’s get to it. So the first thing we’re going to do is
scrape down the loose texture looks like we’ve got… It’s just coming apart here. You just keep going. Once we get all of our loose stuff off we’re
going to take some mesh tape fiberglass. And we’re going to tape the seam. Now this is self adhesive so it’s going
to save you a step. Between using this or the paper tape now I’m going to try to get this tape right along the same seem as I had before because it’s just going to cover better, it’s going to hide better. Looking good. Now we are going to mix up some easy sand. Five minute mud. I’m just gonna go with about this much. And you’re going to want to add water to
this mix it up to about the consistency of mayo. Nice gentle swirl into you can start controlling it in the pan otherwise it’s going to slosh out. And try to get all the powder packets out. Make it nice and smooth you go to work quick
you only have five minutes before it hardens. Nice smooth coat over the whole thing all One Direction a nice smooth coat. Then you can go to angle your knife to the
ceiling on either side like so to kind of close off that lip. Get all the tape covered. That’s a good first coat we’re gonna let
that sit. It’s been about 30 minutes. Looking good.
Looking pretty dry. I’m going to go ahead and give it a light sand. I’m just knocking down where the edge of
my mud line and the edge of my mud line over here uh where it’s a little thicker and
feathering it into the ceiling. All right. It’s looking good. I’m gonna
mix up a little more five a little thinner than mayonnaise this time about sour cream
and we’re going to put a light skim on it to cover up the little ripples of the tape.
Everything else looks like it’s blended well so I think it’s going to tie in nice. Let’s just do one more smooth coat to cover
the tape. All right looking good. We’re going to give that another 30. We will be ready to paint. Looking awesome. Now we’ve got our color matched ceiling
paint. This is out of the same can as the ceiling was painted with. I would suggest you not color matching a ceiling paint. There’s million different whites. More than likely you’re going to have to
paint the whole ceiling. This one came out of the same can so we are
good to go. So that’s it. We just rocked that ceiling seam repair and
now it’s like it never happened. Now you can start inviting people over to
your house again. So for Home Mender Inc. This is Dustin. I hope you learned something today and if you did, don’t forget to click subscribe. Thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “How to fix a ceiling crack, ceiling seam, wall seam. Easy! Home Mender!

  1. You mention absolutely nothing about using primer over that new mud seam!
    And you must know that you will see that big space of repair every time you see the ceiling; in fact your eye will be drawn to it
    Do not do this without using proper primer before painting!
    The ceiling will flash (look darker) and it will look ridiculous.

  2. Don't pay attention to these haters!!!! Obviously, a bunch of old men wishing they had some hair!! I really appreciate your videos. My husband and I are in the middle of remodeling our house and almost everyone of your videos pertains to stuff we are doing. Thank you so much for the help and videos!! They are very helpful.. Dont you dare cut off your hair!! Keep rockin it!!

  3. Looked to me like the tape just popped off from poor adhesion, so everyone's comments about screws/pre-filling are pretty irrelevant here. I used to have long hair, but I also wear a hat! That didn't stop me from getting jobs, because I'm good at what I do. I also have a big beard too, if anyone wants to hate on that I'll just assume you can't grow one!!!

  4. Is this doable if you have textured ceiling? I'd just have to add the step of finding a small can of spray texture to put on there?

  5. You missed the most important first step! You need to rescrew the ceiling or it will crack again! Absolutely necessary

  6. So much negativity from angry elitist "handymen" and "contractors" who just hate on these pages because it teaches people how to do something themselves as opposed to paying said "handymen" or "contractors" some bloated hourly rate to do the same job. You all know it's true. You're just mad because every person that watches this is one more person that you won't be able to price gouge. Even if he had done this with screws, or plaster or primer or whatever "professional" method you use, you'd still be on here criticizing something.

    I love videos like this. Good, informative and to the point. Anytime something gets people to roll up their sleeves and put some sweat equity back into their homes I'm in support of it.

  7. Someone who knows what they are doing doesn’t sand between coats. This ass hat has no idea what he’s doing. Don’t listen to him.

  8. Kind of weird. One second a guy is doing a ceiling repair, then all of a sudden it’s a girl doing a repair, then a second later it’s a guy again.

  9. Reading these replies is what's wrong with America. So many hate filled posts and negative comments.

    Thanks for explaining something that most homeowners don't know how to do.

  10. a crook contractor did a very poor job on my ceiling, damaged from neighbor above hot water tank leak. paid 3k for repair but original popcorn pattern does not match and ceiling looks like a bad surgery with very visible scars :(. please help.

  11. I demo'd a small guest bathroom that had at least half a ton of concrete in it (thank you 1950's). No idea if it's directly related but I now have the ceiling tape issue in my living room and dining room and a back hall. I just needed to know the basic steps on how to fix it myself because it does seem daunting. I'll check to make sure the drywall is still well attached to the joists (I don't see any sagging). Knowing about that tape is really helpful. I had no interest in using paper tape (done it before and it just sucks) but didn't really want to hire someone for what seems like something I could do myself. I have to repaint the ceilings any way.

    I'm surprised men are so catty about the hair. I have tats and purple hair and I'm a 52 year old woman who demo'd half a ton of concrete and tile out of a bathroom with a sledgehammer and pry bar. You do you.

  12. I will be taping and mudding a ceiling tomorrow and this is super helpful. I read some comments people said about screws and nailing it to reinforce it etc, and your response and I like how you’re chill and positive. You handle the constructive criticism well lol. obviously you did it right or it wouldn’t have come out like you said it did 👌🏻

  13. And in 3 years it will be back. The problem is the joist. Someone didnt crown it and its pushing down over that wall.

  14. Hey,,,,you wanted the attention,,,you should have realized there are people that really know how to do it,,,but don't need to show case…

  15. Great video. Do you have a video to repair a small crack in a texture ceiling and any tips on texturing to match an existing pattern? Thx

  16. Very nice work Dustin! Drywall is hard but you made it look nice and easy! Hey I will be replying to your email soon! Looking forward to collaborating with you!

  17. Question. Started painting a room red made the mistake of buying a non primer paint have two walls painted realize my mistake and going back with a one coat primer paint same color should there be a difference in color and are texture when dry

  18. Good video. But I thought you mentioned that it was a textured ceiling. Apparently not. Texture adds a whole new dynamic which is very hard to blend in. Keep it up.

  19. Open the crack with a knife , prefill crack with caulk – let dry over night . Use MH ready patch ( a super hard naphtha based patch ) to just fill the void and trowel flat with your putty knife or 6 inch drywall knife , making sure not to leave excess material -do not use any seam tape , paper or mesh -. Let dry over night . Repeat adding layers of patch as tight to the void as possible to avoid sanding excess material at the end . Once it’s full and cured then you can sand , then prime , then paint . Ask 10 pros and get 10 different methods – this is the way I do it and it’s cheap , and easy and doesn’t fix a broken bandaid with another bandaid .
    Over 20 years as a drywaller/ painter .
    The major mistake I see in your video is rushing the coats of patch and painting without primer , all in the same day . Products need to cure before they can be finished correctly .

  20. Excellent video man! What’s the best thing to do if you have a new house and are getting a few small cracks in the corners of the windowsill or the very corner of the ceiling, rather than a large one across a flat surface? Is it the same principle, but you just don’t use tape since it would be hard to cover the full corner?

    We’ve only moved in a month ago and I think the small cracks are due to the heat causing some parts to expand a little bit but I wanted to fix them asap before they get any bigger.

  21. I have this problem, 30 yo house and a crack right along the seam that passes through the AC canister. No amount of screws will prevent this- the entire joist system expands and contracts, it's kinda like getting wrinkles as you get older. Your explanation is perfect except 2 questions- the existing texture is rather thick and I'm having trouble getting the old tape out completely. Is it better to keep digging at it to get down to original sheetrock, or tape over the texture and try to build it out to match?

  22. Question? Will this work when it comes to bad patching and texture? Some handyman did on a kitchen ceiling and you can see it, it's bumpy.

  23. You made that look so easy. I have to tackle this at my parent's home. I will be remembering "mayo 1st….sour cream 2nd". I hate drywall with a passion, as I somewhat suck at it.

  24. Gonna subscribe for the man bun alone 😊 but seriously though, LOVE the simplicity of the vid and will subscribe. Thanks!

  25. Not everyone can achieve this even with the help of a video. Please leave repairs, such as these to the professionals. This may indicate a bigger problem than just a seem separting. Have it checked out first.

  26. I have several places in my house where the tape is coming down, similar to this, but on the edge between the ceiling and wall. Could I still use this technique to fix that?

  27. Hey there I bought a double wide mobile home and when it was moved the ceiling got a crack in it and now the crack is beginning to say. The crack is 48 in long it's quite large. I would like to repair it and I'm not concerned at all with how it looks because I intend on doing something artsy and creative with it so it will be camouflaged anyway.
    I live alone so the repair will be done by Me Myself and ☺️ I say that because I will not have an extra pair of hands to help me. The ceiling has some texture to it I noticed looking at this ceiling you're doing its smooth. But like I said I'm not concerned with how my ceiling looks afterwards. Is there some type of glue or caulking you would suggest I use? Something that would dry relatively quickly if I were to push it up in place?
    Thanks in advance to anybody that has suggestions. Have a beautiful day ❤️

  28. tried Quick set 5 minutes, it dried so fast — I just walked away to get a better scrapper for a minute, all the left over was hardened. Can't continue further. How do I work on another spot?

  29. Good video makes it easy for the "novice home owner" to follow and complete a small project like that. Keep up the good content and don't mind all construction critics.

  30. Say you did your plaster in gypsum and you chip it… can you apply the same kind of gypsum plaster or will it start to crack due to the added moisture? what's the good ratio of water to gypsum?

  31. LOVE YOUR CHANNEL! Super easy repairs…done simply. I can’t stand when people take stuff too deep, and the common person could never do it then. Thank you! You’ve got great personality too.

  32. Awesome job thank you! I'm going to ask you one important question? Have you received Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior yet, Hebrews 9:27

  33. I gave you a Thumbs Up because of your statement toward the end of your video "Now you can start inviting people over to your house again". This is exactly why I was watching the video to begin with.

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