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How to Fix Cracked Bumper Cover . Amazing Results

hey guys welcome back to other mechanics today we are going to attempt another bumper restoration right here guys as you can see this Ford c-max 2013 models being heated in the phone and there is a hole in the bumper as you can see it's right here it's on the side to it it's not good at all and replacement is pretty expensive and we'll show you how to fix you guys and make it like new without buying a new bumper cover it won't cost you too much the things that we've using probably were spent less than 40 bucks for for supplies so stay with us to see how we're going to do it and if you will like the results oh yeah as you can see we took all the grills off all the bumper inserts and now we can proceed by fixing the hole and actually make that beam like new again it's going to take some time but you'll save you all of money especially if you're in a country where this bumper car is pretty expensive even if it's in the United States it's still expensive very expensive because c-max are not as popular it works on any any vehicle guys any bumper repair you'll be able to do that doesn't matter what make model BMW Mercedes we have a one on the Mercedes how to fix it as well so what we are going to need is a torture beating you just hear about if you don't have a little torch you can use a here we are active to heat it up and we will show you why we need to do that do you need to go underneath the bumper okay and you need to start hitting it up but what you need to do you need to make sure is instead one spot for too long we need to be moving quickly back and forward so the plastic doesn't get you thought you just need to make it warm guys okay just warm not too hot you don't want to melt and once you do that okay we'll show you you can do that with a hair brush as well if you don't have a total yesterday your camera will work too okay okay now we got it on this side right here and you can push with something underneath okay get water and we're going to spray it now we need to spray cold water on it or just pour some water on it okay like that and it's going to make this crowd and once you get it cold like that guys the plastic will stay where where it's supposed to okay you need to apply pressure while you're applying cold water on it and needs to be too worried and touch it in stop walk and then you can proceed by doing the same to the rest of the bumper as we're been hitting this thing up as you can see right now that's what we got and you can see how much smoother is how the whole looks way small so stay with us to see what else you need to do now so now guys we need a small drill bit okay so what what they call that it's kind of like the the drifted stitch did they use that on bumper so on but we're going to do that just to fix the bumper while we're applying the other the other component so we can we can make sure it's fixed nothing is moving okay and you need to get the zip tie through the hole here and just get it time get it tight on the inside and post okay you can see when you pull you will get tight here and he will fix the bumper oh you guys that's what it looks like right now as you can see we put all the stitching now what we need to do now we need to get a little bit bigger drill bit like that and we need to make a few holes around the damaged area just go like that okay as you can see you need to hip holes around the hole damage that I hear another way the boxes are we are going to apply we were getting the course and will heal called really strong and it will not crack for vibrations because a plastic tends to vibrate and it's very flexible next we need to okay and you need to send the inside of the bumper cover as well then you need to get a yell acetone okay and we need to clean the area that we are going to fit you to make sure that there is no dark dust sending material anything he needs to be perfectly clean before we can proceed and it needs to be drier before we apply the compound okay clean the font as well now we need to get statement this cover is a bit cold without taste remove the applying the epoxy on the inside of the bumper first cover all the clothes like moving later hey guys how you can get something like that from the one body are that's for drywall repair or we can use quote okay and we are going to just apply a few of those on the inside okay I don't damage any and that way when we when we mix the epoxy it's going to make it really strong we're going to do a few layers that way will not crack and will be even even stronger than regional bumper now a lots of boxes were using as you can get this one pretty inexpensive especially especially powerful tools they sell this one okay and you need to apply an equal amount of both compounds okay we applied and now what we need to do we need to mix it pretty good and depending on which one you get one is fast setting this one means you have about two three minutes to mess with it before which it gets pretty hard okay just mix it good now it's going to change color when you mix it you you get why this instead of being clear and after that you need to start applying epoxy now you need to make sure that you apply it pretty good don't save it you need to have a good amount of it to cover the whole area okay and that part that we use as you can see the one for the drywall we can use quad it's going to make it super strong it's like what Eames used to build the balls okay it's like that you need to make sure that it's all scared oh you guys then you can get you can get some golf you know the one that if you're favored you put it on top of the world okay like that and you put it on the epoxy right now so it's going to hold it in it's not going to leak everywhere okay just like that and it will start setting faster that way because otherwise it can get pretty liquidy and amudhan everywhere okay we mix a little bit more because the first one said you need to work a little bit at a time and and now we're going to do the rest of it guys just do the holy paramount okay we're done with the backside now we're going to remove the tape of the phone and we will apply epoxy to the front as well you can see we leave some out but that's fine we will be sending in labor anyways okay so now we'll do the same procedure guys to the phone that we need to the back alright guys as you can see we apply a little bit to the front and now we will just let it dry and get the get really carved for about 24 hours you need to not mess with it just leave for about 24 hours alright guys we let it die it's been it's been almost 24 hours and now with the grinder or a sandpaper we can use the sandpaper but we will use the grinder we're going to grind it and make it you need to make it scratched up on top because if it smooth the bondo will not bond to it we'll show you will show how to do that now so go ahead and grind it okay alright guys that's what it should look like and now we need to clean it with acetone again and we'll be using bondo glass or you can get it from any part store Walmart bondo glass like that for repairing cars boats you can see then it comes with the carbon and so stay with us to see but first we need to clean it and make sure it's dry before we apply it so you need to make sure you mix it good when you open it ok like that and you need to be out of the Sun guys don't stay in the Sun because that carbon will activate really quick and you won't have almost any time to work with it ok you need to depending on how much you're fixing or bump on what the damage was you might need to go one or two times depending how much the damage is it's hard to tell but we will be using that much for now and we'll probably need more later after we send it will show you what you need to do now we need to apply carbonyl okay just the cream you put on top and then you mix it good but you need to be quick to mix it quick because otherwise you will activate okay that's enough in in or whatever you use less in colder weather we use a little bit more but right now it's about 75 degrees here so that's what we will be using and you just mix it good you need to make sure that it's it's you need one color or not green you need to make sure that there is no different shades of green then you start applying it on the bumper okay you can see this like that and this one is pretty rough but we will send it you will get a really smooth and after that we'll see what damages if it needs more or not and at the end we'll be using the really fine bond on top that will make it super smooth and the bumper will look great okay just just like that and you need to let it let it dry for probably probably at least 45 minutes before you start sending it to maybe an hour oh you guys we're going to send a little bit that I here because it still looks a little bit low and before we send everything we're going to apply a little bit more so as you can see right here it's still a little bit of a hole so we're going to send it so the new bondo sticks to the old one and we would we apply the second coat now to see what it looks like after bad it looks pretty smooth now so we'll just wait for it to to get hurt and Sandy as we're going to use a 60 cent paper now you can do it by hand but we'll use the machine so we can save us some time but you can do it by hand as well and just start sending it until it's smooth it should look something like that you can see how smooth is getting but that's just enough bondo right now we are going to apply a smooth layer that will make it look super nice and smooth but this one is really strong that glass border is the one they use for the body it's a good foundation it makes it super strong so we need to clean with a stone again so we can apply the smooth bondo on top of it there are so many different one on the market the cheapest one is that one right there it's made by bondo professional go there is cheaper ones and then that but the the gold one is pretty easy to work with but we'll be using what we have a 3m that we back down because we use it a wall at the shop so stay with us to see how we're going to mix it and apply it now to 3m one that we are using white light filled and this one this one works super nice we got a whole gallon for only 30 bucks on eBay and that we will last you a long time you can you can fix at least please notice a big over but 50/50 bumpers no problem so altogether you're not going to be spending too much if you get a small small can of gold bondo and glass and epoxy with the sand papers and everything you probably spend less than less than $40 for supplies and paint of course but even if you buy a new bumper you still need to paint it so okay stay with us we need to we need to apply a little bit of carbon matter now on top and they they come in different different colors but it's pretty much the same thing it doesn't matter so you just apply a little bit depending on the temperature again if it's too hot you apply lights and do not do that in the Sun you have to be in in shape because otherwise you activate you fast and you won't be able to work with it so you need to mix it and mix it really good and you it's it's one color and you know have different shades of white and blue so it needs to be this blue or already if you use that as other okay now you need to apply it smooth again it depends on how outfit is you might have to do it twice but in our case I think everything will come out from one time only you just applied and then we will send it again and when you send it you need to shape it the way the bumper should be so you just get the more we do the battery there with those things okay with sending it will make it really smooth so what we're going to do now we'll start sanding we already did a little bit with 120 sandpaper we can do it by hand or with the machine and just go ahead and make alright guys then you can get a Hamilton point you finish it by by hand then what are you going to do you need to start with your hands and see if you have any high spots if you do all you need to do like an idea we have a little bit of a high okay now it's pretty smooth and the way the way it's supposed to be so we have a crease right here that we're shaping now and we're we're done now but as you can see there is still a little bitty pin holes here and there okay so those holes now we need to clean it with us stop again and we're going to just apply a little bit in the house and you can see how much how much better it already looks compared to what it was oh yes we filled up the little holes now what you need to get is a 400 sandpaper wet sandpaper okay like that and you need to dip it in water you need to start sending the bumper we need to make sure that you send the whole thing we'll show you will show how much you need to send when it dries it needs to be tau and you should have no shiny spot at all on the bumper because you'll be fine and then painting because if you Chinese the primer and the paint will not stick to the bumper it will peel off later oh yeah that's what we going to do now we're going to use a primer you can bind a spike in if you want but a high build will be really really good one okay we're using this one really inexpensive one gallon you will last you a long time so you don't need a gallon for the bumper you you need probably less than half a code so you can buy really smoky and that's the activator some of them can premix they need to spray some come with activator we did one called already guys on the bumper right here and now we are going to do a second one you have to wait between the coats about 15 minutes 20 minutes depending on how hot it is we're also working on the field as well – saving instead of buying a five $600 here – we had a little bit of damage here so now we are going to apply a second go coating a little bit and after that we will let it be right and see what the result is we need to apply the second coat now and see what it looks like after that oh yeah so what we're going to do now we're going to get a 220 same paper and we're going to dip it in water and we're going to send the primer okay you don't need to send it all the way off but that way you'll make it really smooth you can keep pylon spots you'll be able to get them but you need to use a ball you can actually even use a wood board if you don't have any special ball but even if you need to buy one inside for the orders not very expensive and you can maybe use it for a long time and we'll show you how much we need to send you see we'll start getting low and high spots here and there as you can see like right here and now that's the bond is showing okay let me let me show you which means that was a high spot there and we have a low spot around it so it makes it really smooth and after that we are going to prime it one more time and we will just paint it are you guys here is the bumper we painted it today you can see we put it back together okay and if you paint that color just you need to get about enough pain for four coats okay for this bumper you need a little bit over half a quart and you can see we painted it and where we fixed it how good-looking it is now okay right here as you can see you cannot even tell where the damage is we have all the trim pockets and inside the bumper we can still see where the the bondo and the fiberglass is right there but nothing on the outside nobody will be able to tell what's inside the bumper and you can see we just saved four or five hundred bucks guys you cannot even tell that it's been repaired look how how clean it is how good-looking cannot tell where the crack was the hole hole right here that was in the bumper thank you guys for watching don't forget to subscribe and check out our main channel

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