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how to get a boyfriend: ODSS comedy sketches by rosa fairfield

Hi, I’m Rosa Fairfield, please hit the
subscribe button, please hit it, it would make my lifetime and watch the video,
watch it until the end. I will know who hasn’t watched this video until the end…
so watch it until the end. Oh Ducky Sketch Show. Hi again, you feeling better? Okay, see the problem earlier was I was
very hungry. Cool, well great speaking, I’m gonna head
to class now. No, Drew, no you mustn’t leave your waiting damsel in distress. No,
see you’re hungry too and as a treat you can eat me later.
No, I’ve already had lunch. Oh… Rosa… are you okay. Hey,
look, I think you’re having one of those fits again. Oh, okay, no I was trying to… you
know… blink… wink. Yeah, no see I have a very important question that I have to
ask of you. Right, okay. My hat fell off. Um, I’m just gonna put this on. So, Drew, we have been seeing each other
around school a lot lately. I like you. Thanks. No, no, no, will you go and tell me the time. Oh, it’s 1:30,
I mean there was a clock right there so if you wanted it. Rosa.
Rosa. Hi, Drew. See, no, see I forgot that I had a very
important test to revise. Oh but that book says a Five Step Guide to Asking
Out a Guy. It’s for social studies class. We don’t
have a social studies class. I moved school. What are you doing here then? I’m not
here anymore Hi Rosa, Hi Drew.
what are you doing? Uh, I’m touching your shoulders. Yeah, why? Um no I just dropped
something on the floor. Do you want to get it? See it’s a little… it’s… I can’t… I
can’t. I thought um, no I came here specifically, Drew, to ask you something.
Okay? See, Drew, will you go on a date with me? Date? Yes? Yeah, yeah okay. Oh, no I’m… see
my phone number is right on the floor down there, if you to… So you dropped
your phone number. Thank you for watching this video
um please give it a thumbs up and please hit the subscribe button if you liked
what you saw and this sketch is brought to you by the wonderful life of Rosa
Fairfield who has actually attempted to hide behind chairs when someone has
asked her on a date and has also run away from situations like that.

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  1. Thank-you so much for watching this 🙂 There's a couple of editing mistakes, I know, but I hope you got some enjoyment out of it. Please like and subscribe. I'll be back next Friday.

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